candy warhol


Candy Warhol told us the story before Stefani was famous. She wants to be sure that she is gone, that Stefani is gone, just to let Gaga play the “fame game”.FAME ate Stefani’s heart and brain. Stefani was a little girl form New York City and she was lonely on the streets, until she found the FAME. The guy who is talking to her asks “Where is it?” referring to Stefani (where is Stefani), and in the end the man says “You’ve really done it Candy”. He means that the FAME (maybe Candy Warhol) has removed Stefani’s traces. Now she can be famous under her big alter ego, Lady Gaga. - If not, please kill me.

I think that Gaga wants to make her new brunette alter ego, Dorothy as we know her, to be the new Gaga. Now Gaga is Stefani, and Dorothy the next Gaga. Just what I think. Also, I think Candy Warhol is the conection between Gaga and Stef, the alter ego of the transition from Stefani to Lady Gaga. Is because of that she tells the story how Stefani got persuaded by the FAME and then how she lost her heart and brain in order to be famous. So, in fact, when Candy is burshing her hair, she’s is throwing off the last traces of Stefani. And about “The Heart”, she says she feels free after FAME ate her heart, and I thinks it’s because after this she has no compromisses with anyone, so she can do whatever, whwnever and however, without hurting anyon.