candy tea party

It had looked like a Pikachu. Granted, a faded, misshapen Pikachu, but a Pikachu nonetheless. That’s why it’d caught the young trainer’s eye. Upon further inspection, after being taken by surprise and captured for training, it was probably the furthest thing from a Pikachu.

“You mimic another Pokemon?” the trainer asked, peering down at the trembling doll head with the rosy cheeks, “Then what to name you…?” After much deliberation and repeated murmurings of “you mimic…”, the name Mimikkyu was finally decided upon.

Mimikkyu was friendly and eager to please, wanting to be loved by their trainer and give love in return. It never bothered for too much food, never disrespected or disobeyed their trainer, and made sure to guard their bed at night or when on the road.

With all that Mimikkyu had done for their trainer, they would have expected the same kind of love and respect in return.

Which is why Mimikkyu was surprised when it was startled awake with a scream from their beloved trainer.

After a quick surveying glance to detect any danger, Mimikkyu found that their trainer’s gaze rested solely on them and a pile of rags…


They kept screaming. And shouting. Throwing things at Mimikkyu. Wishing that they’d been a Pikachu after all instead of that… “Thing.”

Mimikkyu hadn’t meant to. It was just so hurt and so distressed that it couldn’t help it. The darkness bubbled up and up and…

Their trainer disappeared, and they were wild once again.

This happened a few more times. A new trainer, a new home, a new person to love. But they always looked under the sheet, they always screamed and cried and wished that Mimikkyu had been a Pikachu after all. And the trainers would always vanish, Mimikkyu would always put the sheet back on and trudge back into the wilderness.

There was a new trainer. A small, little girl who had her first pokemon ever! Her mother had insisted that it was not a Pikachu, and to not grow too upset when she realized this, but the little girl did not care. She was small and sweet, and smelled like candies. She held tea parties for Mimikkyu, and sang songs with Mimikkyu, and gave Mimikkyu sweets when her mother had pretended not to notice.

Mimikkyu guarded, and protected, and loved the girl and her mother who had grown just as attached.

But little girls are known to be curious, and she’d started asking more and more questions until one day she finally peeked under the sheet and…

“Oh,” the little girl murmured, peering in under the sheet with her little mouth opened as Mimikkyu began to grow frantic, and worried, and it didn’t want her to go away, it loved her so much, it had loved all of its trainers and no no no…

“It’s okay!” the little girl insisted, seeing how upset Mimikkyu was getting. “You don’t need to get upset!” She placed to sheet back over Mimikkyu before wrapping them up in a gentle hug before deciding that a squeeze was more appropriate. “I love you, Mimikkyu, a silly blanket won’t change that!”

Mimikkyu calmed down, and settled into the hug, before slowly letting the shadows seep out from under the sheet and wrapping themselves around the little girl in a gentle hug before deciding that a squeeze felt just right.


(via Tea Cup and Sugar Cubes )