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4 Jikook Soulmate AUs

1. Hair Woes

*Jimin loves dying his hair. Cotton candy pink, tangerine orange, platinum blonde, silver, you name it. He’s probably done it. He does so in hopes that he’ll see someone with the exact same shade as him to identify his soulmate.

*Jungkook is simple, he doesn’t plan on changing his black hair but his soulmate has different ideas. 

*He wakes up one day with a shock of baby pink hair and chokes on a scream. Brown was fine, blonde was fine, hell even orange or red was fine. But now he looks like a poofy cone of cotton candy and that totally clashes with the ocean blue t-shirt he was planning on wearing. 

*Jungkook grumbles while he tugs his black sweater sweater over his head, the only thing that looked okay in his eyes. His friends were never going to let him live down his image as the puffball he so vehemently denied being. 

*Jimin walks to his first class with a bounce in his step, feeling fresh with his new hair color. He spots a tuft of pastel pink hair in the distance and frowns because he thought he was the only one on campus to try that hair color first. 

*But then the boy catches sight of him and starts charging in his direction, finger pointed straight at him. Jimin points at his own chest, “Me?”

* “YOU! OF ALL COLORS!” And then it clicks, the fuming boy in front of him (he kind of looks like a puffed up bunny…) is his soulmate, which is why he had the same hair color. So his strategy did work after all. 

*Jimin envelops him in a hug immediately, catching Jungkook off-guard and effectively shutting him up. 

* “Nice to meet you soulmate! My name is Jimin! What’s your name?” The cheeriness drains the irritation out of Jungkook and replaces it with sudden shyness and a tiny squeak of “J-Jungkook.”

*Later, Jimin manages to convince Jungkook to let him keep the pink hair for a few weeks until he dyes it back to a soft hazel brown. He agrees on the condition that Jimin lets him borrow his sweaters since his clothes happen to match the crazy colors better than Jungkook’s collection of plain t-shirts. 

2. Complete the Heart

*Jungkook has half of a black and white chrysanthemum flower imprinted on his wrist, incomplete until he meets his soulmate. At least that’s what the expert who looked at his wrist said. 

*He meets Jimin through Taehyung and feels himself crushing hard immediately.  His face falls in disappointment when he sees that the half of a flower on Jimin’s wrist is a black and white dahlia, the flower he sees all the time on Hoseok hyung’s wrist. 

*But Jimin grabs his wrist once he sees it, eyes lighting up in excitement. “I finally met you! I’ve been looking for my soulmate for years!”

*Jungkook looks at him in confusion, because his soulmate is Hoseok hyung, not him no matter how much he wants it to be. 

*Then Jimin puts their wrists side-by-side and Jungkook’s eyes widen as they complete each other perfectly. “I thought…isn’t your flower a dahlia?”

*Jimin smiles at him, “No, a lot of people mistake it for dahlia flowers, but it’s actually a chrysanthemum. They look really similar don’t they?”

*Jungkook’s mouth quirks up in a smile because he got what he wanted for once in his life. 

3. Mental Link

*Voices start sounding in Jungkook’s head once he turns 18 which means his soulmate had turned 18 before him, his hyung. 

*At first he was annoyed, but he learned to tune it out when necessary. 

*Jimin was pleasantly surprised when he heard a soft, breathy voice in his head beside his. He decided he loved his soulmate’s voice the moment he heard it. 

*They’d met rather quickly, deciding on a cafe they both knew. Jungkook was very thankful he’d gotten lucky enough to meet his wonderful soulmate so early. 

*Their mental connection is rather handy. Jungkook has troubles in math so Jimin tells him what to do in his head during a test. That doesn’t count as cheating…right?

*When Jimin is bored in philosophy class (listening to Namjoon go on and on about the wonders of philosophy), he talks to Jungkook in his head. But that just means he randomly bursts out into laughter which makes everybody look at him weirdly. 

*Jimin gets worried when the voice in his head isn’t there. Turns out Jungkook is just spacing out and literally has no thoughts running through his head which explains the silence. He smacks the younger on the head when they see each other again. 

*Another time Jimin wants to hit his soulmate is when Jungkook reads hardcore smut and forgets that yes, Jimin can hear him reading out loud in his head. What’s worse is that Jimin needs to keep a straight face while he gives this presentation on the male anatomy. 

4. Red Strings

*Jimin has always been fascinated by the thing red string tied to his pinky, seeming to never end until he found his soulmate. 

*On the other hand, Jungkook gets annoyed. He has to tug at it in irritation when it gets caught on the car door or gets tangled up and knotted. But he doesn’t dare cut it loose, scared of breaking the bond.

*Jimin’s side of the string is smooth and intact while Jungkook’s side is frayed and little worn-down but still good. 

*Jimin decides to follow his string on a whim. Jungkook feels a tugging on his pinky and yanks at it, brushing it off. 

*The tugging gets more frequent until he yanks one more time and a small ‘oof’ is heard. He looks up and sees Jimin sprawled on the ground, Jungkook’s sudden yank on the string he was following pulling him down. 

* “Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry!” Jungkook helps him up immediately, not fully registering that he found his soulmate. 

*They spend the time getting to know each other (well Jungkook can’t even look Jimin in the eye yet), swapping phone numbers and promising to text.

*Jungkook plays with his string at night, tugging on it and wondering if Jimin can feel it on the other side. 

*Jimin often fiddles with the string when he’s nervous like he can feel Jungkook’s presence on the other side and relaxes. 


More shopping at Cosmo Toronto this week:

  1. Is that a Custom Shop Relic Tele in Burgundy Mist?
  2. I usually don’t even consider black guitars…they are not easy to photograph well!  But I love this Custom Shop ‘68 Relic.  If the price weren’t >$4,000 I would have already bought it!
  3. Heavy Industry on the North side of the city…
  4. This is another example of the MANY variations being introduced for the 60th Anniversary of the Stratocaster this year…it’s an American Deluxe, but have you ever seen such a headstock design??  Me neither!
  5. Ditto…
  6. Highway 407 - the electronic toll highway.  Cameras read your license plate and send you a bill.  Seriously.  Also: the most expensive toll road in North America.  Owned by a Spanish company.  No joke.  The government used to own it but they “privatized it” (i.e. sold it to a private company) in the 90s.  Smooth move government…this highway generates a FORTUNE in tolls because no one wants to sit in traffic on the other crappy highways around here.  Now that’s good government eh?  build something that makes a staggering amount of money and could help lower taxes…but sell it for next to nothing to a private company so THEY can make all that money.  F*cking brilliant conservative philosophy strikes again - and the taxpayer gets f*cked as usual.  OK, rant over.
  7. That '68 Relic again…
  8. A Custom Shop “Custom Deluxe” model in a colour called “Candy Tangerine”.  Just looking at it gives me cavities!  :D

Here’s one of the best amateur cafe racer builds we’ve seen in a long while. It’s a Yamaha TR1 by Dutchman Roland Snel, who’s taken inspiration from Virago specialist Greg Hageman.
Roland’s fitted modern Showa suspension (taken from a Ducati 916 and a Triumph Speed Triple), Akront wheels, a Motolanna seat unit and a vintage Benelli tank. And then finished the bike off with gorgeous tangerine candy metal flake paint.
Hit the link in our bio for the exclusive story, and more amazing shots from photographer John de Koning.
#yamaha #caferacer #yardbuilt #fastersons #nederland #bikeexif

30 day challenge

Starting May 1st-June 1st

If you would like to try this challenge just let me know. It’ll start May 1. It will be more of a 30 day challenge and possibly extend 60 days for you. I’ve done 90 before and I’m already in 30 of mine. I don’t want to over do it for a person who’s starting.

30 day water challenge. 30 min excercise 5xs a week. NO refined sugar. Healthy meals and healthy snacks. (We’re human. If you mess up, it’s okay.) If you’re interested I think I’ll make a Facebook private page. It’s free(no charge if you’re thinking I’m charging). I know there’s beach body folks who do things like this. But honestly there’s so many healthy meals on Pinterest that are super yummy. Just want to help somebody push through because I know how it feels to be alone and struggle.

Clean eating doesn’t mean that you have to eat a salad all the time or just carrots. It means to substitute things. Instead of hamburger meat use turkey meat. Instead of a candy bar eat a tangerine, etc.

I’m no expert but I thought it would be fun to do this with a few ladies. And we encourage one another. We’ll struggle but to know that you’re not alone will make you want to work out more. P.S. You will need a calendar. The dollar tree has them (for a dollar). Each day you do good and meet everything you mark one color. If you eat chocolate but do everything else you need to mark it another color. It’ll help you stay on track.


My entry for Replica Challenge #3 by @redhotchilisimblr (which I have finished early…whaaaaaat!)

Jellybean Lane - 6 5x4 houses, all named after Jellybeans.

Lot size 40x30.

Price: 125,314.

I know the original picture is of a resort of some kind, but I see mine a bit more as a fancy dorm or off campus living quarters.

So, left to right: French Vanilla, Cotton Candy, Kiwi, Tangerine, Island Punch and Pink Grapefruit.

Great challenge! It was my first time doing a tiny build. CC free except the sidings.

Gallery id: BeaElla

Heyo guys! ^^ I’ve had a lot of people ask me for some safe alternatives to chewing/eating detergent pods, but I can never really think of any?? The closest things I can think of are gushers candy and tangerine slices (those little oranges where you eat the whole individual sections), but those aren’t really close enough! So I figured I’d ask to see if y’all have any other ideas? I’ll be at work so I won’t be able to respond to anything for another few hours, but I’ll screenshot/post any answers when I get home!

EDIT: Instead of me spamming everyone’s dash with the same post over and over again, everyone check the notes for more ideas that people have added! ^^


More guitar shopping this week at Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill, near Toronto Canada.  Here are several Custom Shop Stratocasters (and 1 Suhr…betcha can’t guess which one is the Suhr! ;)

Of note:

  • In the fist shot the guitar on the right is in a colour called “Candy Tangerine”.  Sounds delish!  :D
  • I love the “fiesta over sunburst” on the Relic in the last photo.  Apparently these actually happened when customers sent their Strats back for a factory refinish.  The new colour would be sprayed over the original, and then as the finish wore off, both finishes would be revealed!
  • The guitar in the penultimate and…er…pen-penultimate (??) shots are interesting in that the figured maple pick guard is NOT screwed on, but INLAID!  Ntice how it is flush with the guitar’s top?  So different.

It’s time to get SPOOKY my lovely Lushies! Here’s a sneak peak of the Halloween products that will launch tomorrow October 2nd!


This grounding, 100% palm-free soap is made with fresh mushrooms to get you back to nature. Jasmine absolute, ylang ylang and vetivert oils invoke feelings of mystical joy…the scent will take you to the bottom of the garden and away with the fairies. Shiitake mushrooms are filled with nutrients, are said to improve blood circulation and are antibacterial!


Revel in your bath with this mischievous bomb that features a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. Inspired by the ruler of the pagan Feast of Fools, Lord Of Misrule has a deep green exterior that slowly froths away to reveal a rich wine-colored center. Just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine starts to flow, the popping candy crackles and the festivities begin…


A crackling and fizzing Rose Jam-scented bath bomb that makes bath night fireworks night. The soothingly-fragranced bomb fizzes and crackles in an explosion of color,spinning around the bath turning it into a fiery,shimmering display.


Escape into relaxation with this bath bomb that gives an impressive display no matter where you are in the world. As the ends fizz away, the middle slowly dissolves to reveal blue and neon green, turning your water into a calming jasmine and ylang ylang-scented swirling night sky scattered with stars. 


Cast a Jingle Spell over weariness with this shimmering bubble bar that makes bath time magic. With a crackle of popping candy, the energizing tangerine oil and purifying juniperberry and fennel essential oils, the Wizard banishes stress and helps you recover. Perfect for those occasions when you’ve over-indulged, the Wizard will disappear after Halloween, so grab enough to see you through the party season.


Have a ball in the bath with this warming and cheerful bubble bar that adds a bit of sparkle to a cold night. The energizing blend of juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils packs a punch. Perfect for a long, lingering soak, just make sure you get out of your bath by midnight…

I’ll be posting a Christmas post soon as well! Enjoy everyone!