candy strips

a story about love?

take one hand and then the other,
hold them as far apart as possible.
bring them together to clap for a card trick.
affection follows a very basic recipe.
candied strips of lemon peel,
and crushed rose macarons,
a hint of pumpkin
and treacle.

you want to hear a story
about love?

watch the way my mouth moves
when I tell you how it rots.
see the way I still try to swallow?
insp.: Heartless by Marissa Meyer
😊Easter Egg Hunt Blurb (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: You and Gray help with the Easter egg hunt! Warnings: None A/N: Ethan’s will be posted later today!

Warnings: None

A/N: Happy Easter you guys! I’ll post Ethan’s later tonight you guys!

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“No Gray you’re going to mess it up!” I hollered taking the egg from Grayson. We were filling eggs with candy while Ethan was entertaining the kids in the other room. Gray and I had to pack about 100 to 300 eggs for the little kids to pick up for the Easter egg hunt. We had been here packing eggs since 9 this morning and it’s almost 11. “How will I mess it up Y/N?” Grayson asked laughing. “How many plastic eggs have you broken today?” I asked as Grayson unwraps a Starburst. “It’s not my fault my mom got the cheap eggs. I guess I’m just too strong.” He gloats as he raised his arm up flexing. I laughed as I grab his hand and give it a little kiss. I intertwined our fingers smiling up at him. “I love you.” I gushed. He smiled and leaned in kissing my lips ever so gently. His free hand pulled me closer into him deepening the kiss. I placed my hand on his chest while his arms hold me tight. “Ahem.” We heard Sean clear his throat and quickly pulled apart. He gives us a look telling us to calm down. “Have you two finished packing the eggs yet? Those kids are tearing Ethan apart in there.” Sean chuckles and we nod. “Yeah we have almost 320 eggs packed and ready to hide.” I said to Sean while I held on to Gray’s hand. “Alright go and hide them. Ethan can suffer about 10 more minutes.” Sean says with a smile. Gray and I grabbed the trash bags filled with the eggs and walked past Sean to the front door where we saw kids piled on top of Ethan. We made it outside and started throwing eggs places. We hid them in flower pots, on cars, in the grass, even in plain sight. We scattered the eggs all over the property. Grayson would snack on some eggs every so often causing me to smile. “Are you done Gray?” I hollered. “Yeah! Come here babe!” He shouts and I run over to him. He’s by his car smiling wide. I begin to think he’s going to prank me for snapchat. “Gray I swear if you’re planning on pranking me you’re going to have a raw egg shoved down your throat!” I shouted back and just then Gray comes from the other side of the car. He opened his arms for a hug. “Grayson Bailey I swear.” “I’m not going to prank you babe.” He says sincerely. “Come here.” Grayson calls to me and greets me with a gentle hug. He holds me tightly in his arms as he begins to rock us back and forth. “I love you.” He whispers in my ear kissing my cheek softly. My arms wrapped around him as I greet him with a kiss on the lips. “Thanks for coming and putting up with my family for today and helping me pack these eggs.” He says holding my hands and kissing my cheek. Before I can say anything he turns around and pulls out an Easter basket from his car. The basket was blue, pink, and green. Inside the basket was face masks, pore strips, candy, body wash, perfume, some phone cases and a stuffed bunny with a picture of Grayson and I’s first date in it’s paws. I looked up at Grayson with a hand over my mouth. I just wanted to cry. “Happy Easter Y/N. I do love you so much.” He says giving me a gentle kiss on my lips letting this one linger. “I love it Gray. Thank you. I love you so much and I am the luckiest girl in the world.” I said as our noses brushes against each other. “Go!” We heard in the distance and we see the kids outside holding baskets and running rampid picking up all of the eggs. Grayson gives me a quick peck and he grabs my hand as we walk back up to the house to watch the kids clean up all the eggs in 5 minutes that took us 2 hours to pack up into the eggs.

Jail Break

Sixth installment of the Jacob Black Home series (“Home” - “Familiarities” - “Reunion” - “Pitching Fits”- “Grand Gestures”) requested by a good handful of you. If you’d like to see another installment, send a continuation request my way. Hope you like it!

Sneaking out of Charlie’s house was little more than child’s play. The man slept like the dead; he’d slept through countless fire alarms, thunder (this as commonplace), and countless other wailing offenses. It would likely take a full-fledged wail of pain to wake him from his impossibly deep slumber, but you imagined he could learn to ignore even screaming. The rain was an excellent conditioner for deep sleep; the constant pattering of water against windowpanes trained the mind to ignore sounds as soft as footsteps on hardwood just as it did the whip of branches against the siding of his home. You tread carefully nonetheless, keeping in mind each faulty plank, though you knew the creak of the wood would never be enough to wake the humble giant sleeping upstairs. Your course was simple and direct; your bedroom on the ground-level of the house made for an easy escape. It was all but a waltz down the hallway and to your front door, and you were home free. You turned the knob cautiously, paranoid despite your knowledge of your relative safety, working the heavy door open, the sound of rain amplified tenfold as the outside world was invited in. You slipped your arms through the nylon sleeves of your world-worn raincoat, hiking your hood up over your hair before you ventured outside, closing the door behind you, quiet as the grave.

You turned to face the rain-slick night, your eyes falling first on the inky sky above, scarred by the strips of ashen clouds above, illuminated by the dim lights of the occasional streetlamp. Raindrops struck your cheeks as you lifted your face to the Heavens, allowing the water to pull you to alertness before your eyes fell on Jacob Black’s smiling face, his features brightened by the force of his happiness. You offered him a widened smile, your emotions heightened and fueled by the rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins at the very thought of slipping out of the house at such an hour. You crept along the lawn, throwing yourself into his waiting arms, his body warm through the layers of your protective outerwear, his hands smoothing along your back. Your hands, clenched behind his back, clung to him as if he were the final life preserver thrown to the masses of passengers who’d fallen into  the water after the Titanic ran out of lifeboats. You never knew how lonely you’d felt all this time until the darkness was banished, driven away by the light of Jacob’s presence. He chuckled in your ear, his beaming grin audible in his voice.

“It’s good to see you, stranger,” he giggled, holding you at an arm’s length, his eyes scanning over your body as if to identify what about you had changed since your last meeting so many days ago. He smirked, his eyes alight with mischief, his hand dropping to your wrist, tugging you lightheartedly across the soggy expanse of your front lawn, treading backwards, his eyes on your face. For a boy as clumsy as Jacob was, this stunt was a feat in itself, an act to rival his recent jailbreak. “Let’s get out of eyeshot, before your dad wakes up and arrests me for kidnapping,” he joked, his pearly teeth biting down on his lower lip to stifle his laughter, his body turning at the torso to guide you back to where he’d parked his car, your feet splashing against waterlogged grass as you raced for shelter.

“Wait, whose car are you driving?” you whispered, your brow knotted in confusion. If he’d been waiting to inherit Bella’s tank, and Billy certainly wasn’t driving, how had he managed to travel from La Push to free you from captivity? Jacob’s eyes glinted, his mouth pressed in a line just barely hinting at a smile, his dark hair dampened into congealed strands by the rain his hood had failed to repel.

“Quil’s mom’s been driving his dad’s truck around ever since he died, and Quil and I carpool to school. The thing’s as good as ours; Joy hates trucks. Too big, you know? But Quil was all for letting me borrow it tonight when he found out I was off to rescue you,” he grinned, raising his eyebrows, his head tilted in your direction. You rolled your eyes at the thought of your heroic “rescue,” recalling the valiant efforts Jake had made at breaking your bedroom window with the sheer force of determination supplied by his knuckles against the glass. Your pace slowed as you approached the forest’s treeline, rounding a corner onto the side of the road, your house hidden behind the thick curtain of greenery. A beaten and rusted white truck was nestled against the curb, the cabin light glowing within the interior of the car, revealing comfortable (and dry) leather seats. Jacob wound his way around to the passenger side, pulling your door open with exaggerated chivalry, his body bending at the waist in an uncoordinated bow. You slapped at his shoulder, climbing into the passenger seat, pulling the door closed beside you. Jacob joined you in the car a moment later, throwing his hood back, running his open palm over the hair at the crown of his head, his hand closing absentmindedly around the ponytail at the nape of his neck. He shook his head comically, the stray strands of hair framing his face flinging droplets against the window, just barely missing your face. He chuckled, settling into his seat as you, too, removed your hood, watching water pool against the aged brown leather of your seat. Rain coursed over the windshield in rivers, the serene pounding of water against the metal exterior calming the rush of energy through your body, your spine melting into the seat. “As much as I wish we didn’t have to sneak around over enemy lines, I’m kinda glad we got to do this,” Jacob noted, his voice soft in the hushed calm of the cabin. You nodded in agreement, sighing as you watched his hands fiddle with an extra hair elastic around his wrist.

“Charlie’s trying to make amends,” you breathed, your voice just above a whisper as you updated your friend on the status of the warring men. “Thing should be back to normal soon. All I’ll have to worry about is when Edward Cullen’s going to come back into town and stab my sister to death in Biology.” Jacob’s head tilted at the sound of Edward’s name, his brow furrowed as he thought, but he abandoned his process to address the more immediate situation.

“I’ll talk to my dad about calling around yours, see if we can have this settled by the next game,” he shifted in his seat, his weight on the armrest between you, his eyes dancing. “My place or yours?” he inquired, confident in the swift end to your fathers’ fighting, making plans for a meeting during the next major sporting event. You smiled,your eyes lifted as you thought. It’s be easier to monitor the men if they congregated at your house, but you wouldn’t have the privacy of Jacob’s garage to separate yourselves from the aggravated shouting of two old men who assumed the players could hear them through the television screen. Jacob, on track with your thoughts, nodded at your silent eye contact, understanding perfectly your unspoken language. “I’ll let Harry know we need extra bait to keep everything calm.” As if to accentuate his statement, Jacob’s hands twitches outward, motioning a stop as if the steering wheel was as volatile as your fathers could be. You snorted at his movement, leaning further into your seat, your feet kicking up onto the rough plastic of the dashboard, your hand absentmindedly rifling around the storage compartment within the cup holder between your two bodies, returning with half-melted hard candies, their sugared shells adhered to their wrappers form too long a stay near the heater. You offered one to Jacob, his fingertips brushing against you palm as he took the candy, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he retracted his hand. He fidgeted with the plastic twists at the ends of his butterscotch treat, your eyes hard on his hands as you unwrapped your candy, peeling stubborn strips of plastic from their holds on the shell before popping the sphere in your mouth, pushing it into your cheek so you could speak.

“You look like you witnessed a murder, Jake. Stop-” you began, placing a palm on his hands to slow their turning of the candy, his eyes on yours as your hand held his from producing any more crunching sounds. “Are you okay? Did I miss something drive by? Headless Horsemen, the Ghost of Christmas Past? What’s gotten into you? You were fine five minutes ago,” you spoke, your tone almost reprimanding, though you were more upset with yourself for not noticing Jake’s discomfort. He shook his head, his lips tugging into a forced smile, his eyes dropping to his hands. He was quiet for a moment, his and your breathing the only sounds within the truck to accompany the fall of rain around you, his chest expanding slowly before his hand twitched. He shifted beneath your hold, turning his palm until it was flush against your own, his fingers twining with yours slowly, as if each move had to be calculated so as not to detonate a bomb. Your face flushed at the action, not uncommon between you, but the atmosphere in itself was of a different flavour than you had experienced. You avoided his eye, your gaze glued to his fingers between yours, the russet silk of his skin contrasting sweetly with the complexion of yours. The heat from his hand spread throughout your entire body, warming the blood in your veins, the air within the cabin… you couldn’t imagine how the rain wasn’t turned to steam on the glass before you. You lifted your eyes to Jacob’s face, his cheeks flushed, his eyes lifting to meet yours, his expression one of fearful confidence. You had both noticed the shift, it seemed, and neither one of you knew how to stop or how to continue. Jacob cleared his throat suddenly, his hand clenching on yours. He inhaled deeply, his jaw tight, lips pursed around his exhale, his head nodding as if to encourage himself

“I was wondering…” he began, his voice quiet, but surprisingly smooth for the level of nervousness you could see physically flowing over his body. “You know, it’s kind of a funny story, but, uh, Quil only let me borrow the car if I…” he closed his mouth, swallowing somewhat labouredly. “He told me if I could… If I could ask you, maybe, you know, if you wanted to maybe go on a date? With me?” His eyes were open, honest on yours, impossible to break contact with, his face flushed with the embarrassment of having to put his emotions in the open. You inhaled slowly, struggling to digest what had just happened, your hand comfortably in Jacob’s, despite the heat and wavering comfort of your situation. In your silence, Jacob continued, his speech slow as a side effect of the strain on his brain under such emotional stress, gaining momentum and speed for the same reason. “I don’t want you to think I’m asking you out on a dare or anything, Quil just wanted me to step up, you know? Because it’s been… it’s been a while since I thought about it, about you… like that. And, you know, I guess I just thought we could try it out or somethi-”

“Yeah, Jake. That sounds nice,” you spoke, your voice mingling with his, his eyes going wide momentarily before the width of his enormous smile caused his eyes to wrinkle at the corners, his teeth biting once more on his lower lip in an attempt to conceal the extent of his enthusiasm.

“Cool, cool,” he whispered, smiling again to himself, his eyes on his hand in yours. His eyes fell on the dashboard’s clock, his sigh indicative of not wanting your time to be over, but understanding the consequences of keeping you too long. “You’d better get back in there before the Chief starts an Amber Alert,” He joked, inching towards his door, your hands untangling slowly. He raced around to meet you on the passenger side as you let yourself out of Joy’s truck, your hand closing your door behind you, falling to your side. Jacob reached behind your head to tug your hood up, covering your face from the fall of rain, his hand dropping once to occupy yours, this time much more casually than before, your joining more natural. He walked you back towards your home, his free hand hauling his hood up to cover his sleek hair from the generous pelting of water from above, your journey punctuated by comfortable silence. When you reached your door, Jacob’s hand still in yours, you turned to face him, his smile hinting at a happiness much greater than he let on. Your hand fell from his, not unkindly or abruptly, but naturally. You were close enough that you didn’t need a physical connection.

“Thanks, Jake. You managed a successful jailbreak.” Jacob grinned, offering a small bow. “I’ll call you, okay? We can… figure something out.” Jake chuckled, his head tipping back slightly, his smile growing.

“You sure Charlie won’t mind that I’m taking you out?” You rolled your eyes, feigning arrogant disdain.

“I think he minds that you haven’t asked his permission to marry me yet,” Jacob snorted, muffling his laughter with the backside of his hand, his feet carrying him backward, away from the door. “Night, Jake. Drive safe,” you whispered, your voice carrying to him despite your volume. He nodded, waving farewell.

“Night, Y/n. I’ll see you around.” You let yourself into the house, turning the lock slowly, your eyes on Jake’s back through the door’s raised window as he walked back to his borrowed transportation. You turned on your heel, creeping back towards your bedroom, your thoughts racing. Unbeknownst to you, Jacob’s mind was equally wired, his hands on his head, his body slumped back against the driver’s seat in disbelief at what he’d just accomplished. You sunk into your bed, your raincoat dripping quietly within your closet, your brain far too active to sleep. You’d suffer for it in the morning, but with daylight came a whole new round of stimulation to keep you occupied. You closed your eyes, daring to dream of Jacob Black.


Some of my followers play as the Sunsetters and they’ve told me stories of how the pep portraying as April will break their legs if they ever harm Ash… Yeah, leave Ash alone and you’ll survive(?) April’s wrath!

And crud… made me realize I never posted the Torrent Waves here… might do that another day; need to rest. XP


Never have I ever seen faces like yours
My mind conditioned to forget
Vacant expressions, candy like strips
Of distant mirrors coming for me again
To reflect myself

Always reaching for my skin
Coming from the prophetic hearts
And back into the laps of strangers
I get drunk
And say words I would like to forget

Inside my veins

Staying in the same shell
For an extended period of time where it’s always the same
Moaning, whispering
The first kiss is always the worst
And the last word always sticks out in my mind

You throw me into the arms of your God
Back arched, leaning against the wall
My eyes have become lilacs
Sprouting Cannabis visions
Fires of teenage passions, sexual frustrations

The light goes out with us living inside
From eternal heavens
I watched her dance
Beauty hurts the most
Takes me into the arms, and I feel helpless

Disgust evident
My association revolts me, they don’t care
Hate motivates them like a drug in their biological system
It spreads from their eyelashes to their nails
The clothes they wear torn off
And the bodies worn out at the end of time
Drifting apart inside a sea
A river that will not subside

Ocean, take me away because you understand
You understand why I am the way I am
Why I live like this, why I love like this
A hopeless boy on the shores
I’ve seen venom in her eyes
The devil’s tool
Inside my mind, under endless eyes
Her navel area, my greatest fatality
My exposed mind will betray everything

When they walk past
I feel the pain in my chest
And I soar into the skies
Like a bird
Leaving this life behind
And becoming something more
Someone else-