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Simmingwithabbi Candy & Chips Clutter Set

Oh i spoil you rotten I really do! :-)

I made these specifically for my university commons series on my youtube channel as I plan to create a grocery shop.

 I thought I would be generous and share with you all too :-) 

Download my SWA set here [X]

Download The original mesh [X] or [X]

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It’s been a few weeks and Max & Haru are starting to adjust to their new lives with Billie!
They finally got the finishing touches on her room done, acclimated to waking up in the middle of the night to chase away monsters, are learning how to avoid food being launched at them, and are mastering the art of diaper changing!
To celebrate they decided to head to the park and take Billie hunting for Easter eggs!


a lookbook i perceive?

candy: hair, top, pants, shoes - thanks to @loniden, @cherrysimblr, toksik, and @theslyd

yuki: hair, hat (gtw), top, skirt in which i’m obsessed with, shoes, choker (bg) - thanks to @sevensims, @servobride, @rusty-sims, and @gucci5555


More Candy Store from Heathers for @hollymysticquartz!

It was not easy stopping them at the right point during the kick animation. But I got it done! - Mod Saki

Everyone agreed, the salmon was delicious. Dora basked in the compliments and offered to give the recipe to Candy.

“I’ll give it a try, but it might be too advanced for my measly cooking skills.”

“Nonsense, Candy Cane, you can do it” Junior encouraged.

“Maybe, but perhaps Mary might like to give it a go, Junior.”

Junior nodded and quickly took another bite of fish. His conscience was still weighing on him over the incident at Virginia Beech’s party.

“And who is Mary?” Dora asked.

“Mary Hart, née Land, is Valentine new wife, Ma” Peter announced.

“Yes” Candy replied.

“Can’t help but notice there’s a bit of an age difference there” Peter observed. “The new Mrs. Valentine Hart is about the same age as you are, I would say” he mentioned to Candy. 

“Yes. About” Candy confirmed. “Age is just a number though, as some would say.”

“Yes. Some would say.” Peter said. “Of course, if I was the legendary Valentine Hart, I’d probably marry a young, pretty thing like you or Mary too.”

Dora sighed audibly and Samantha simply set her fork down on the table silently, and said nothing.

“Err…that is not to say you aren’t, uh, pretty Sam…I just meant that, er…”