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“I [only] get nervous for TV or any situation in which I feel there are people in the audience who hate me. If there are a considerable amount of people in the first couple of rows who I know are wishing I would trip and fall onstage, that stresses me out. So not at my shows. Maybe an awards show or something…” - Taylor Swift | NME Magazine

Serendipity but with mallet percussion
Serendipity but with mallet percussion

*banging pots and pans* look at me i require attention 


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Dean Prompt Request

This was requested by @doctor-allons-y: 40. “Do you need that much candy?” with Dean?

Word Count: 246

Warnings: none

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You were putting laundry away when you heard Sam and Dean’s voices come from down the hallway.  There was also the sound of grocery bags rustling.  You couldn’t think of a reason for Dean or Sam to be carrying grocery bags through the bunker.  

When Dean came into the room, he was carrying approximately three grocery bags.  You shut the dresser drawer and raised an eyebrow at the elder Winchester.  “What’s in the bags,” you asked, slowly walking over to Dean.

Dean set the bags down on the bed and looked up at you.  He had the cheesiest grin on his lips as he opened the bags.  “I found a whole bunch of candy on sale,” Dean stated with excitement.  “I bought a bunch of different candy.”

“Do you need that much candy,” you questioned, sifting through the bags.  “There’s everything from chocolate to sugary gummy candy.”  You lifted your gaze.  “Why did you get all of this candy anyway?”

“I told you [Y/N],” Dean replied.  “There was a sale.  Gabriel isn’t the only one who loves candy you know.”

“Okay, but aren’t you worried about cavities?”  You watched Dean move the bags from the bed and onto the desk.

“Oh sweetheart,” Dean smirked, shaking his head.  “That is not a concern of mine.  My only concern is that I might attract an archangel with a sweet tooth.”

“For your sake, I hope he does show up,” you muttered, folding your arms across your chest.

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“So you’re the new student, is that right ? My name is Iris, we’ll be in the same class together.”

My Candy Love Aesthetic : Iris

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Ontae Drabble

Candy Hearts



I guess it’s a little late, but I’m posting it anyway.  ^^

It was Valentine’s Day, Jinki had invited Taemin over to have a romantic evening in.  The couple had been so busy the last few weeks they hadn’t had much time alone together and the last thing they wanted to do was spend their time out waiting in long lines at over crowded restaurants.  

He heard Taemin come in the front door just as he was getting the table set.  “I’m in the kitchen,” he called out.  

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” Taemin said as he padded in immediately wrapping his arms around Jinki as he was pulling some wine out of the cabinet.  “Smells delicious, I’m starving.”  He nuzzled into Jinki’s neck.  

“Mmm, Happy Valentine’s Day to you too babe, you got here just in time.  It’s almost ready.”

They sat next to each other at the table stealing little glances and touches as they ate and told each other about the day.  Taemin whined about his boss not letting him off early like he wanted so he could get here sooner.  It being Valentine’s Day and all.  

Jinki just laughed at him.  “It’s just like any other day Minnie.  What’s the big deal?”  

Taemin shrugged, he really didn’t know, “I just wanted to spend the day with you.”

“Well, we have the evening together.”  He leaned over and kissed Taemin’s cheek, “and all night,” wiggling his eyebrows up and down cutely.

Taemin smiled, letting the day’s frustrations leave him, focusing on the sweet man sitting next to him.  He nodded in agreement and kept eating.  
After they were done, they cleared the table and cleaned up the dishes quickly.

“You want to watch a movie?” Jinki asked as he sat down on the couch.

“Surrrre.”  Taemin plopped down next to him, immediately leaning his back against Jinki.  “you pick.”  He pulled Jinki’s arm around him as he snuggled closer.  Jinki picked a B rate horror movie they had seen before.  Half way into the movie Taemin leaned up for only a brief moment to pluck one of the few dishes Jinki had filled with Valentine’s Day candy for them to snack on this weekend.  

Taemin chuckled and rested the little bowl on Jinki’s thigh.  “Hyung, candy hearts?”  he chuckled.  “you’re such a cheeseball.”  

“You like it.”  Jinki teased back.

Taemin nodded against him as he sifted through the candy and picked up a little green heart.  “Here.” 

“‘Cutie Pie’.” Jinki smiled, selecting one for Taemin.

“Hmmm, ‘Be Mine’. Of course.” he answered with a giggle, giving the other a yellow one.

“’Kiss me’.”  Jinki ate the heart and leaned down peppering Taemin’s face with kisses while the younger squirmed playfully against him.  The final kiss landing on his smiling lips.  

They continued like this for the next few minutes.  Picking out the cheesy sayings, giving each other kisses and hugs in between.  Laughing like the fools in love they were.  

Jinki picked up a white one and gave it to Taemin “’Marry me’,” eating it as he gave another one for Jinki.

“You rock.”  The older laughed and handed Taemin another one.

“Hey! it’s the same one, ‘marry me’.”  he put it in his mouth without another thought.

He gave Jinki one that said “’hug me’.” the older responded by wrapping both of his arms around Taemin’s chest tightly squeezing him.  

Jinki felt his heart start to beat faster as he handed Taemin the next one.  The others laughter got quieter.  “’Marry me’.”  He ate the candy without another word and gave Jinki his, not really caring what it said because now he was just curious.

Jinki read it out like the others “’Love you’.” before selecting the next one.

“’Marry me;.” Taemin got serious now.  Staring at the candy in his hand, still handing another one to Jinki not eating the one he was given.  

Jinki was smiling from ear to ear despite his nerves placing another carefully in Taemin’s hand.  He whispered what was on the heart, “’marry me’.”  There was a long pause.  “Jinki..” he sat up and turned his body to watch his boyfriend slip off the sofa to one knee on the floor.  

He stared at Taemin with a hopeful look in his eye.  Taemin returned his gaze briefly before picking up the candy dish, sifting through the remaining pieces.  

Jinki started to sweat a little, the silence making him nervous.  “Taemin…”  

“Just a second.”  he mumbled.

“Tae…I uh…just say something.  Anything.”

“I’m looking…but…”  he huffed in frustration before popping the two pieces that said ‘marry me’ in his mouth chewing them quickly.  “but…none of these little hearts say ‘yes’.”  He said with his head down still looking through the pastel candy.  

Jinki watched the corners of his mouth turn up in a grin.  “What…”  Taemin looked up at him, face beaming.  Jinki raised his eyebrows at him in question.

“Yes.” Taemin nodded.


The younger kept nodding, getting choked on his words.  

Jinki raised himself up to be face to face with him, cupping his cheeks and kissing him.  “Yes?”  He was a little in disbelief.  He wouldn’t have asked Taemin if he didn’t think he’d known the answer, but still, the small chance that he’d say no had been in the back of his mind since he had made the decision to ask.


“You’ll marry me?”  Jinki rested his forehead against Taemin’s never breaking eye contact.

“Of course I’ll marry you.  Nothing in this world will make me happier you big cheeseball.”

“I love you so much Taemin” Jinki whispered against his lips. 

“I love you too Jinki.”