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Nagatzya, Error and Chocolate^^

today i draw in the school in the math lesson^^ this picture a happy family with my shipchild for @crazycakesunesart ^^ hses so awesome and her drawings are so cute welp i hope you like this beautiful lil picture^^

picture for: @crazycakesunesart
Drawing from: @swthedragonarist16 me

ps: i cant draw hands ;-; looks dumb

welp i hope you like it

A lil sad Comic

With Nagatzya, Chocolate and error

Page 1: 
Nagatzya: *sniff* W…….Why Mom and Dad doesnt like me?…

Page 2:

Error: I love you sweetheart
Chocolate: I love you too
Nagatzya: I mean look at my parents they ignore m….me they are happier without me…

Page 3: 
Nagatzya: I….I……I shoul- Leave *sob* 

Page 4: 
Nagatzya: Ill should leave *cry* they doesnt want me IM USELESS!!…..

welp i write it new the pages what they said if ya cant read it^^
Hope you like it^^

Comic for: @crazycakesunesart
Comic from: @swthedragonarist16 (me)

anonymous asked:

candy anon is v happ that they inspired cookie-senpai!! they are going to visit this blog again to gift candy to cookie-senpai and everyone else!! \(`O´θ/-candy anon

U r too kyote.Spookiez can’t tolerate this.

 sorry ,u can t leave. ╰། ᵒ̌ д ᵒ̌ །╯

anonymous asked:

Aww I feel like Milo deserves a bit of love since mostly everybody else pays attention to Candy, Senpai do u think u can draw a picture of Milo just to give him some love?

yeah you’re right, Milo needs more love! so here’s a little pic of him listening to some tunes
hashtag give Milo more love 

*slams fist on table*


How to treat me

•Call me your princess
•Pet me
•Give me coffee without me asking it
•Watch cute movies with me
•Buy me A LOT of teddy bears
•Take cute pictures of me distracted
•Kiss my cheek when I’m sleeping
•Make me feel pretty
•Give me candies
•Watch animes with me
•Love me truly, madly and deeply.