candy senpai

How to treat me

•Call me your princess
•Pet me
•Give me coffee without me asking it
•Watch cute movies with me
•Buy me A LOT of teddy bears
•Take cute pictures of me distracted
•Kiss my cheek when I’m sleeping
•Make me feel pretty
•Give me candies
•Watch animes with me
•Love me truly, madly and deeply.

Candy - 

I would hope that I look cute when I sleep, since I use your lap and if you glance down, you can see what I look like when I sleep. I was always hoping that I didn’t snore or anything… It is always a pleasure to rest with you on the sofa, because I know that you are having a break and I get to use my favorite pillow, even if I don’t sleep, but have conversations with you instead. And the fact you lend me your lap… I think that puts your kindness above mine and is the reason I can never say no to you in return. I’ll make sure you have a happy Valentine’s today.

Yours -


Happy Valentale!

so i was talking w/ friends about undertale and we randomly (kinda) came up w/ an undertale au called Valentale. so it takes place on valentines day and it’s basically centered around ships and dates… (yeah thats really it…) and a friend told me I should post and draw about it, so yeah. (don’t fully expect it, but i might actually post some Valentale art later…) so bye! hugs and candy for all! may senpai notice all you beautiful souls today! (or someday…) ^w^

  • Castiel: Also, from now on, we will be using codenames.
  • Castiel: You can address me as "Eagle One".
  • Castiel: Deborah, codename: "Been There, Done That".
  • Castiel: Candy is: "Currently Doing That"
  • *Castiel and Candy highfive*
  • Castiel: Amber is: "It Happened Once In a Dream".
  • Castiel: Lysander, codename: "If I Had To Pick a Dude".
  • Castiel: Armin is... "Eagle Two".
  • Armin: Oh, thank god.


Jikangire (DSSS)

Galactic Year/Kokumajutsu (TTWD)

Tempore (Monster AU) @crimsonas-fandoms-are-life

Joseph (Intergalactic Strife) @blue-dad / @lndev

Synchronize/Synchro (Space Instruments AU)

Peppermint Cookie/Candy Time (Food World AU)

(More will be coming soon! 0u0/)