candy rescue

Candy is a rescued dog from a puppy mill. She was kept in a dark basement and never had actual human interaction. It’s been a few years since my grandma rescued her, and she’s still nervous around new people, but once she trusts someone they’ll have a little shadow following them around!

I got up at like 6 this morning to volunteer with my mom at our neighborhood’s Easter event, and even though the kids had a blast finding all the eggs and making crafts, I’m pretty sure I lost a small piece of my sanity when the lady dressed up as the Easter bunny dabbed and not one second after that, I heard the two old guys next to me say ‘yeah they’ll upload all these photos to the facebook, I don’t watch much facebook though’. Pretty sure I let out an audible wheeze, and that was before I had some mother lecturing me and my mom about how ‘drawing and cartooning is an unrealistic career path and I should get back to reality’…..happy Easter Eve guys 

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HC handing out candy to trick or treaters w/luke

Luke Alvez Headcanons, handing out candy to trick or treaters:

  • What candy?
  • Seriously, you and Luke would have devoured entire packs of sweets in the run-up to Halloween…leaving none for the trick or treaters.
  • You both just had a sweet tooth (Luke particularly – he had even managed to sniff out the giant packet you had hid in the cupboard).
  • Luke would end up having to a last-minute dash to the shop to load up on more candy, rushing home to rescue you from the hordes of children gathered outside.
  • He had always claimed he hated Halloween and found it cheeky that people demanded food off of strangers. However, the bright grin on his face gave his secret love for the holiday away.
  • In fact, it would end up being his suggestion that you dressed up Roxy.
  • All the kids would be thrilled by your pet ‘wolf’, squealing delightedly as Roxy performed tricks for them – howling on cue and chasing her tail.
  • The candy bowl would end up being confiscated off Luke when you caught him sneaking sweets out of it.
  • Even his attempt to charm you wouldn’t work…because you could taste the sugar on his lips.
  • For an apology, you would force him to wear a pumpkin hat – causing all of the children to giggle hysterically.
  • Spencer would definitely pop round for a visit. It was his favourite holiday and he adored spending time with children. He even brought Henry and Michael around to yours for trick or treating.
  • They would end up taking over candy duties after you told Luke off for continuing to munch on the chocolate bars.
  • All the rest of the team would pop in at some point – mostly due to your, Garcia’s and Spencer’s insistence that Halloween had to be properly celebrated.
  • Prentiss, JJ and Tara would take the opportunity to load up on the special Halloween punch you had made – labelling it their own ‘alcoholic treat’.
  • Rossi would definitely try to pretend he hated the celebrations, initially refusing to budge from the sofa to answer the door. But, by the end of the night he would be stood outside happily playing with all of the children.
  • All of the trick or treaters would be truly fascinated by Garcia’s over-the-top attire. She would be so flattered by everyone’s compliments.
  • Matt and Kristy would also visit with Jake, David, Lily and Chloe.
  • His whole family were so adorable that you couldn’t contain your smile.
  • Luke would wrap his arms around your waist, nuzzling your neck affectionately as he playfully warned you not to get any ideas.
  • But, he would be lying if he said he also wasn’t thinking about spending a future Halloween with you and potentially having your own trick or treater to look after.

Happy 15th Anniversary Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue!

Power’s on it Wayyyyyyy—-Rangers Saves the Dayyyyy!!

“Lightspeed Rescue”

One of the first Power Rangers seasons I’ve watched that gotten me into the show :)

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I love you! This blog is the best! We all know which was the moment in which for Candy it just clicked that she was in love with one of the boys. In your opinion, since we can assume they had had feelings for her as well, when has it been that they realised they loved Candy? :)

Nathaniel: He fell pretty hard, pretty fast. But as he got to know Candy and spend more time with her, it only solidified how he felt. I think he fell for her during the preparations for the concert the most as she showed how organized and persuasive she could be. She even got the whole school involved in the preparations…minus his sister and her friends, and he volunteered to learn to play the drums because Candy couldn’t find anyone to play. But he really became more confident in being around her and not being as shy in conversation around her after he moved out of his parents home.

Castiel: A bit complicated, I feel like he was showing interest around the time of the concert but wasn’t fully aware of it or ready to accept those kinds of feelings again at the moment. But then Deborah returned and he was struggling with whether or not to leave. I think he realized he liked/cared for Candy more than he cared to admit during the whole arc, and those feelings were keeping him from leaving. After Deborah was exposed, he needed time before he opened up to anyone once more, but Candy had already left a lasting impression on him that he couldn’t get over.

Lysander: I think Lysander knew he liked Candy during their run in with each other at the beach, as he got to see how well she got along with Rosa and they shared a few conversations about his past, which is interesting because he doesn’t even talk that much about himself with Castiel. But I feel he really started liking her during the orienteering race since they got to spend time together and they shared a lovely moment with the deer in the woods, and he saw how kind and gentle she was.

Kentin: We all know he has been crushing on Candy since middle school, but when he went away to military school he was able to put his life into perspective and matured. After his return, he still knew he liked Candy, but was no longer clinging to her or following her around like a fanboy. Instead, he took the time to get to know her all over again. I feel like he accepted his feelings for her again when he was helping Candy and Nathaniel find a suit for their revenge against Deborah and he started imagining his and Candy’s wedding day…then blurted it out…

Armin: I think Armin was slow to notice he had feelings for Candy but knew he had a friendship at least to start. She was always friendly since he and Alexy started at Sweet Amoris and she was his brother’s best friend. That was a plus. Armin starts to play his games less as time goes on and even makes an effort to pay attention more in school. I think it hit him hard when he realized how much he cared about her after he and Nathaniel went to rescue Candy from the smoking science room and for the first time he found himself worrying so much about her that all he wanted to do was keep her safe and smiling.

This poor little guy was left behind by his owner in a dirty tiny little tank with no food, and he’s losing his scales. My mom told me he had been left and I didn’t hesitate to go pick him up. He now has clean water with some treatment in it and I’ll be keeping him there until he’s better. He’s such a cute little guy, it’s a shame he’d be so neglected. My sister named him “Candy”. I also need to get him a silk plant…

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Candy is playing house with a little kid who calls her 'Mom' and the boys overhear, hilarious/angsty misunderstandings ensue

Hello dear! I haven’t had a lot of time, so I just did Nathaniel. I hope that’s alright and I hope you like it.

Nathaniel smiled to himself as he made his way through the library with a large stack of books in his arms. Books were possibly the only other thing, aside from Candy, that could actually make him this happy. With a grin, he continued to add book after book onto the growing pile in his arms. Mystery book after mystery book were plopped into his arms and it wasn’t long before he could barely even see over the stack. When he realized that he could just barely see over the stack, a small blush dusted his cheeks. Perhaps I went a bit over board…

He started to head toward the check out when he felt something, or someone, tug at the bottom of his jeans. Adjusting the grip on his books, he was able to look down. A small child, five years old at the most, was looking up at him with wide, awe-filled eyes. A large grin spread across their face as they started to bounce up and down in excitement,

“You’re him! You’re the one Momma always talks about!”

The child’s eyes lit up with excitement as Nathaniel’s face heated up with embarrassment. What could he possibly do in this situation? Their…mom… talks about me? He ransacked his brain for any mothers he knew personally that had little children, but he couldn’t think of any. I…Who is this? Who is their mother? He shifted his weight from foot to foot a bit uncomfortably as the child continued to look up at him with admiring eyes, oblivious to the tense silence that was ensuing.

Nathaniel cleared his throat and was about to question the child when a familiar female voice rang out quietly,

“Jamie, get back here!”

Candy. He knew her voice from anywhere. A wave of relief washed through him at the thought of Candy coming to his rescue. He loved children, well he loved obedient well-behaved children, yet he was always unsure how to act around them. If he said just one thing wrong, he could end up making them cry and if there was one thing that he never knew how to handle it was crying children. Candy was sure to know what to do in this situation. He had full faith in her knowing what to do or say to the child…

Then it registered in his mind that she was calling for Jamie, causing him to furrow his brows. Jamie. Who’s Jamie? Was it a friend? A family member? A boyfriend? His heart skipped a beat slightly as he felt his face heat up. No. Not a boyfriend. His eyes glanced toward the nearby child, who was looking shamefully toward the floor.

“Jamie, there you are,” Candy appeared in the book aisle with a relieved grin on her face.

She didn’t even notice that Nathaniel was standing there as she went straight toward Jamie. Kneeling down, she put a hand on the child’s shoulder as she mildly scolded them.

“I told you, you can’t just run off like that, especially when we’re in the middle of a game.”

The game she spoke of was a fairly popular one among children- house. In Jamie’s version, Candy always played the mother while Jamie was the child. The only problem with Jamie, however, was that they had trouble ‘turning off’ play mood which usually caused them to call Candy 'mom’ for days, sometimes even weeks until they got tired of it. It had caused many problems for Candy and now one more problem was about to be added.

“Sorry Momma,” Jamie muttered, looking up at Candy with big wide eyes.

Momma. Nathaniel’s breathing hitched as he felt his heart beat rapidly in his chest. Momma. Momma. Momma. The word kept repeating in his mind. They called Candy, Momma. Candy is the Mom. Candy is their Mom… Candy is a Mom… Candy. Mom… He felt like his chest was about to burst open from how rapidly his heart was beating. His eyes went wide as his face paled considerably.

She… Who’s the father? It wasn’t him, he knew that much as much as it pained him to realize it. Was it someone else at school? Kentin? Lysander? Armin? Nathaniel went through every single person he knew at school that could possibly father the child. He looked closely at the child. Their hair was the same color as Candy’s, but their eyes… Their eyes were a stormy gray that sent a wave of realization through him. CASTIEL!? Castiel… Castiel is the father… He… He did that to Candy…They did it… She… Words slurred together in his mind as anger started to fog his senses. Nathaniel grinded his teeth as he tightened his grip around his books. It wasn’t until he growled slightly that Candy even noticed his presence.

“Oh,” Candy blushed heavily as she spotted Nathaniel, bringing Jamie close to her, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there, Nathaniel… Nathaniel? Are you okay?”

Her blush faded as she took in how angry and confused Nathaniel seemed. Her brows furrowed as a nervous, unsettling feeling rose within her. She whispered to Jamie quietly, telling them to go run off and play somewhere else for the moment. The child obeyed and quickly ran off, leaving Candy and Nathaniel alone with their thoughts.

“…Mother,” Nathaniel finally was about to speak, “…You… You’re a mom…”

His words were spoken slowly and quietly, but Candy still understood them. Her eyes widened as she realized that he had heard Jamie call her Mom. She was unsure whether she should laugh or not; as much as she hated to admit it, it was a rather funny situation. After all, she was too young to be a mother to a five year old child. Not to mention the fact that Candy had never had sex with anyone yet. It was physically impossible for her to be the mother of Jamie…  And yet he actually thinks I’m Jamie’s mom.

“…Umm Nathaniel,” she spoke up softly, a bit of amusement lacing her voice, “I’m not Jamie’s mother… We play house a lot and they just tend to keep calling me that even if the game’s over… But… I’m not Jamie’s mom, or anyone’s mom for that matter…”

Small Miracles - Part 2/3 (Between Heaven and Hell)

Part Two of my Christmas-themed fic set in the BH&H ‘verse (even though Christmas is over, I’m finishing this idea anyway) 

Part One is here 

Summary: Christmas is a time for miracles, and Emma Swan is an angel. Literally. Miracles are her specialty.

Rating: T (for now)

David was getting discouraged.

He did a good job of hiding it, but as Christmas crept closer and closer and they still hadn’t found the right engagement ring for Mary Margaret - Emma could see the tension in his shoulders when he was hunched over his laptop in his office, checking shopping websites and auction listings whenever Mary Margaret stepped out. They had visited several stores together and looked at dozens of rings, but found nothing that fit both his limited budget and Mary Margaret’s somewhat retro, fifties schoolteacher-ish sense of style.

“It’s hopeless,” he muttered when she arrived for the annual tree-trimming and cookie decorating party the couple threw every December at their loft-style apartment. David took her coat while his girlfriend was busy setting out bowls of frosting tinted in all the colours of the rainbow and trays of plain gingerbread men on the dining table, chatting away happily with the friends who had already arrived.

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