candy or medicine

ot4 things
  • group chat has to remind mari to eat/sleep/stretch if she’s been designing for too long
    • alya: hi mari this is your hourly reminder to fucking get up and stretch oh my god you’re probably crouched over that chair like a shut in go for a walk gdi
    • adrien: ok so…..i texted you four hours later… you told me…..i hope you’re eating. lunch is important.
    • nino: get some h2o up in that bitch or i swear to god dude
  • alya has to call a fucking intervention every time she loses more than ten ladyblog followers overnight
    • one day, just to fuck with her, the three of them all unfollow her the same day and she bursts into class screaming 
    • “we’re not mutuals anymore ????? who the fuck why the fuck ???”
  • when someone’s sick or having a bad day, adrien stops by their house and drops off little care packages bc he’s literally perfect
    • photocopied notes from class, homework, water bottles, snacks, medicine, candy, a get well card, you name it
    • alya takes pictures of all of them and keeps an album
    • mari keeps the cards in a scrapbook for her shitty days
    • nino cries almost every time he gets one
    • the three of them pitch in to do one for adrien when he’s sick but he somehow manages to outdo all three of them consistently
  • nino starts an instagram account that’s literally just videos of mari and chloe fighting. alya and adrien both help moderate it
    • mari has no idea it exists so like sometimes the three of them will be cackling over nino’s phone and try to cover up what they were doing when she walks by
    • she thinks she missed out on a meme or something
    • everyone in school follows it
  • they rabbit a new anime every week bc adrien just keeps finding new ones and he always says “no trust me they’re so good” and they can’t say no to that face, he’s so excited, literally how adrien
    • kid has a good taste in anime, so six hour binges on saturday night are at least entertaining 
    • yuri on ice left mari and nino crying and adrien recorded it for posterity
  • adrien and mari make gym days a thing on sundays bc for some reason they’re fitness freaks and when did that happen they’re also so ripped like how ? ?
    • mari and adrien go through the whole shebang: cardio weights, machines, stretching, you have it
    • alya just stays on the elliptical the whole time watching reality tv on the televisions above her
    • nino stays on his phone the whole time walking on the treadmill instead of actually running
    • adrien: they’re working up to it. 
    • mari: we’re going for a run next week. no technology allowed.
Review | Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino tastes like sour birthday cake and shame
The long-rumored drink, released in participating stores nationwide Wednesday, is only available until April 23.

When a news release identifies a drink’s component parts by its colors, rather than its flavors — well, that’s a pretty telling detail. And sure enough, it is vibrant and fun. But what flavor is “pink?” Pink is the flavor of Lisa Frank trapper keepers and strawberry milk. What does sour blue powder taste like? Like Jolly Ranchers, and shame. I guess there’s some mango in there, although it’s overshadowed by a mouth-puckering sour flavor and immediately forgotten in the aftermath of a long-lasting, tongue-coating Robitussin aftertaste.

Really, it does not matter what candies and medicines and emotions these colored powders taste like. This drink exists only to be Instagrammed, hashtag unicorn emoji, hashtag magical. 

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Thank you for tagging me @qvoix <3 I’m a boy tho, so don’t expect anything interesting in my bag :P

Ok,so here we go! My backpack is an adidas sack, and these are the stuff I carry with me: My headphones (I’ve got smaller too, but I like these to xD), my hair wax because you never know, my deodorant just in case, a portable iphone charger because my phone’s battery is sh*t, a pack of tissues, a few medicine ( candy for sore throat and a nasal spray) because allergies are fun YAY, a sh*tload of cables because the apocalypse is near and you may never know when you’ll need random electronic @@@@ to battle them aliens, random coins (I don’t have a wallet :3), My precious doggo key (IT HAS A CAT TOO THO), My scarf witch I love and wear with almost everything and a usb stick.

I’m tagging the following lovely people (do it only if you want!)
@ciruelabob @evvvvvve @maimouth @ichigosimblr @pennypizzazz @unicorninthemosh @calexasims @sparky-simish @itssimplesimblr ( I know you have a gun in your bag) @108sims @simlydarling @thesimsofficial @seabubblee @starry-hills @faint-sims @powdersims @plumbobsquad @edgypandasimmer @koffeecake @malcolmlandgraab @woogooghost @delphini-sims @tinybittoxic @jhongg @graentea @ruequii @aliendsunite  @wildmooncat and everyone else who wants to do this challenge! (Sorry if I forgot to tag anyone oAo”)

Happy Monday to all!. Here is a picture of a candy store I came across walking around the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona which is the center of the old city of Barcelona. This cute candy shop is called Happy Pills. ⛑🍡🍭🍬 🇪🇸

What it is like to be a type 1 diabetic.

I’m often asked about my type 1 diabetes. People see my insulin pump or spot me checking my blood sugar at meal times, and they naturally have questions. They ask me what it is like to have diabetes, and I answer in facts. I tell them that I check my blood sugar 5 times a day with a prick on my finger. I tell that I give myself insulin from my pump which is always connected to me. I tell them that I have been doing these things since I was eight, and they keep me alive. Then, I smile, and I reassure them that I am ok. We move onto another topic, and type one diabetes becomes invisible again. Here is the thing I didn’t tell them though. I didn’t tell them what it is really like to live as a type one diabetic.

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“I don’t care if I get sick.” (Ethan)

You have had a cold for a few days now and Ethan was begging you to let him come over and take care of you.

“Ethan, no. I don’t want you to get sick.” You said to him over the phone as he called you for the third time.

“(Y/N), I don’t care if I get sick. I can’t sit here and do nothing knowing that you’re sick and not feeling well.” He said. He was relentless. 

“Ethan…” You sighed.

“I’m coming over. And you can’t stop me.” He said.

“Fine, you can come over. Just don’t blame me when you get sick.” You laughed.

“I won’t.  See you in a bit.” He said. You said bye and hung up the phone, and just then, Ethan walked through your bedroom door with bags from the nearest drugstore.

“What the hell? We just got off of the phone.” You said as he jumped in the bed with you.

“I was already in the driveway.” He said.

“That’s a bit creepy.” You said as he kissed you on the forehead.

“Baby, you’re burning up.” He said.

“Really? I took some medicine earlier and thought it would have come down by now. What’s in the bag?” You asked.

“I brought you more medicine, candy, chips, and some movies. Oh, and I brought some soup too. So, I’m going to warm this up, you pick a movie, and we’re just gonna hang here while, while you get better.” He said as he kissed you.

“I love you.” You said smiling.

“I love you too.” He said as he got up to warm up your soup. You dug through the movies to pick one and you decided on Pitch Perfect. When Ethan came back, he handed you your soup and put on the movie. He spent the rest of the day at your house, watching movies with you, and making sure that you were taking your medicine.

* * *

A few weeks later, you were feeling better and was on your way over to Ethan’s to hang out. You knocked on the door and Grayson answered.

“Oh, hey (Y/N). Ethan is in his room.” He said. You nodded and made your way upstairs to Ethan’s room. You went in and he was wrapped in a bunch of blankets.

“Hey baby.” You said as you walked over to his bed. He threw the blankets off of himself and you noticed that his nose was red and his eyes were puffy.

“Hey.” He said, sounding stuffy.

“Awe, is poor little Ethan sick?” You said sarcastically. He laughed and nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You told me so. Whatever.” He laughed as he pulled you down on the bed next to him.

“I did, didn’t I.” You laughed. You spent the rest of the day taking care of Ethan, just as he did for you when you were sick.