candy melts

DIY Flower Petal Chocolate Bowl Tutorial from Handmade Charlotte.

This DIY uses candy melts (that come in all colors) and water balloons. From all the online DIYs and my own personal experience, candy melts and water balloons are the key to successful chocolate bowls. I’ve posted a roundup of 6 other DIY balloon chocolate bowls here.

DIY Chocolate Spiderweb Drink Recipes from Oh My! Creative. She used candy melts which I like because they melt and harden so well. You can buy them in any color and they are cheap and available anywhere cake decorating supplies are for sale (I like Wilton’s brand). For more Halloween drinks like the Vampire Float, Vampire Vodka and Bubbling Swamp Water (kids) go here.

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~Ziploc piping bag to make decorations~

In a microwave-safe bowl melt some chocolate candy melt wafers. Pick your favorite, there are many types of colors flavors!

With a spoon put some of the melted chocolate in a Ziploc bag.

Cut a little hole on the tip of the bag,now you can pipe your decorations!

You can make chocolate drizzles or pipe your own design on another Ziploc bag. After 10 minutes in the refrigerator the chocolate will harden and peel right off the bag! 

A fun easy way to decorate cupcakes, candy, and cakes!