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“how i pronounce names challenge” ? anyway this was super fun to do ! hope ya like it~ :3c

In order: Nathaniel, Castiel, Lysander, Kentin, Armin, Alexy, Dake, Dajan, Jade, Leigh. Violette, Melody, Iris, Charlotte, Amber, Nina, Rosalya, Li, Lucy, Kim, Capucine, Peggy, Deborah, Priya

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How would the boys react if Candy was the one who had to kiss priya or Iris?

you’ve come to the right place for this anon,, i’ll be switching priya and iris around - just so i don’t have to do both ?? and for compatibility. These are gonna be kinda short headcanons since the kiss was pretty short tbh but - enjoy.


  • In general, likes Priya but thinks she’s a bit too perfect.
  • Kinda shocked that Candy accepted, he thought she’d reject ?? 
  • Just accepted that Candy is a lot more bold than he thought.
  • Figures if Candy accepted - then she accepted.
  • In the pit of his stomach he feels uneasy, it’s just awkward to see - with his girlfriend doing it.
  • Watches for a few seconds then looks away. Feels awkward that he kissed Candy like that and Priya is too?
  • That kind of guy that blushes from his own thoughts on this.
  • Watched for a good two seconds until he looked away. 
  • Damn Candy was always such a good kisser and here she is now,,
  • Starts to question why she accepted? not like he’s jealous, more out of curiosity.
  • Gives such an awkward smile to her after it happens.
  • So…uh, so…how was it?” 2.5 seconds later he regrets asking.


  • Ok pretty shocked she accepted, would’ve thought she’d pass.
  • Thinks it’s hot how bold Candy is with doing it.
  • Has no shame in watching, what shame is there to have?
  • Thought it was adorable.
  • Thought it was cute how much Iris was blushing during the kiss (Candy too, depending).
  • Will honestly lean back and watch it, pretty chill about it.
  • Probably gets annoyed that Iris gets to kiss Candy in front of everyone but he can’t even touch her.
  • Jokes about it after like “So, did you enjoy yourself?
  • Probably got punched on the chest for that. 
  • Eh, doesn’t really care - as long as it’s not a boy it’s all fine.
  • Honestly he’d pull Candy away for a second to kiss her for himself, bc he’s gonna be the last one doing that tonight.


  • Raised a brow when Candy accepted.
  • Asked if she was “sure” she wanted to do it and that she didn’t have to.
  • Asked her twice, just to make sure.
  • Didn’t watch them, thinks it’s intrusive to watch tbh.
  • Surprised that Iris accepted the challenge as well, thought she would reject.
  • Gets annoyed if Castiel jokes with him about it, the worse he’s told him was to “Could you please not right now?
  • Doesn’t ask about it, thinks that’s intrusive too - even when she’s his girlfriend.
  • Fiddled with his fingers, he feels very awkward.
  • Thinks that he shouldn’t feel awkward about it? It was just a kiss.
  • Afterwards, he’d say something like; “I’m quite surprised you accepted the challenge, Candy.”


  • Was more impressed than he was surprised that Candy accepted the challenge.
  • Doesn’t care about Candy kissing anyone else tbh, Priya’s a nice girl.
  • Obviously he watches it and gives Candy a very big smirk.
  • Leaned back in his chair and just watched everything, even if it was a few seconds.
  • Would honestly, after the kiss, whisper to Candy “That was good but I can do better, Sweetness.”
  • Candy would have a hard time trying not to take up that offer.
  • Pokes fun at Candy about it, obviously - already has a shipname for Candy and Priya. 
  • Didn’t blush, even just a little but he thought it was cute.
  • Poked fun at Alexy about Kentin, got punched for that.
  • Has a great laugh about it, exchanged a wink with Priya.
  • Almost told Priya “I hope you enjoyed it” in front of everyone.


  • Ok but he wasn’t ready for this ?? 
  • Asked her about it two or three times, kept trying to get her not to.
  • Not jealous or anything, he’s didn’t expect her to accept.
  • Didn’t watch them connect, only glanced once, but looked away.
  • Blushed a lot, in the most awkward way. 
  • Could be a qualified humanoid cherry.
  • Not surprised that Priya is bolder than him.
  • Played with his fingers, he just doesn’t know what to do.
  • Knows it’s not a bad thing but he’s unsure what to feel about it. 
  • Doesn’t ask - because number 1; doesn’t know how. Number 2; doesn’t want to know how.
  • Would awkwardly blurt it out. “I-I’m surprised you accepted…" 
  • Candy needs to kiss him after, he’s very lost.
MCL: Cameron’s First Kiss

More “male Candy” scenarios? Sure! Let us refer back to “Cameron” then.



Cameron had invited Nathaniel out that evening to watch the stars in a nearby clearing away from the city lights. There was a meteor shower tonight and the skies were perfectly dark and clear. Ideal weather for watching the universe. Cameron brought a telescope he borrowed from a friend and was looking through the lens to get a closer look at some of the celestial bodies until Nathaniel finally arrived, a few bags of late night snacks in hand. They took turns looking into the telescope and identifying a few constellations before enjoying a few bites to eat and talking while they waited for the meteor shower to begin.

Nathaniel: “Shouldn’t be much longer,” He stated as he looked at his watch.

Cameron: “I’m excited. I’ve never experienced a meteor shower before. Or even seen a shooting star,” he replied as he gazed longingly up at the night sky filled with twinkling lights. “Have you ever seen a shooting star?”

Nathaniel: “Once when I was a kid, but never a meteor shower.”

Cameron let out an exasperated sigh.

Cameron: “I wish it would start already.”

Nathaniel: “Patience now, all good things come with time,” he said with a small chuckle.

They lay in silence on the grass while looking up at the stars, a warm breeze wafting past them in their anticipation.

Nathaniel: “Are you going to make a wish when you see your first one?”

Cameron: “Hmm, first one? Why can’t I make a wish for all the ones I see?” he joked.

Nathaniel: “I’m not sure that’s how it works…”

Cameron: “Well the first wish would be for me. The rest would be on behalf of others who won’t be able to see this tonight. Like for their well being and such, you know?”

Nathaniel said nothing, but a sincere smile played across his lips as he looked at Cameron, who was still watching the sky with such concentration. As if he wanted to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

Cameron: “OH! Look look look!” He said excitedly as pointed to a spot in the vast sky. Nathaniel looked just in time to see the first shooting star of the night disappear into the abyss. “Did you see it?”

Nathaniel: “Yeah, I did. It must be starting. Did you make a wish?”

Cameron closed his eyes for a few seconds, making his wish, though he didn’t think it would ever actually come true. It was nice just to dream for now.

Cameron: “Done. Did you?”

Nathaniel: “That one was yours, you saw it first. But I don’t really feel the need to wish for anything right now.”

Cameron: “Really? Why’s that?”

As soon as he said this, the sky began to flash with numerous shooting stars cutting through the heavens at break neck speed. Cameron and Nathaniel were in awe as they sat up and watched this. And the next he knew, Cameron felt Nathaniel’s hand slide into his. He looked down, then over at Nathaniel. They were both blushing when they locked eyes with each other. Cameron felt his heart beat against his ribs inside his chest.

Nathaniel: “I don’t feel the need to wish for anything because I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now than right here, with you.”

Nathaniel closed the gap between them and kissed Cameron with such determination that he almost felt dizzy. As he returned the kiss, Cameron thought that maybe…just maybe…wishing on a star had some validity. After all, his wish just came true.


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