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The moment she walked in, everyone was loath. They´ve all seen the scene on the schoolyard. She didn´t catched the ball. It flew right into her face. The bruise was still visible. But when she walked onto the field she looked poised.
“What the heck is SHE doin here?”, Kim whispered. Chelsea shruged her shoulders. They went to their positions and the game started.
There wasn´t much movement first. Everythign went like always. Chelsea made some kills and the opponent team was already mad.
Suddenly the ball flew staight in Shaes direction. Her teammates held their breath and tear opened their eyes. But Shaelene was serene and with one quick jump she smashed the ball right into the other teams field and it hit the floor directly.
Everyone was shocked.
“NICE SERV!”, shouted Mr. Boris.
“What was THAT?”, asked Irma.
“Never underestimate someone you don´t know”, Shaelene said and blew a kiss to the rival team.

Watch this and I guarantee your ears will be blessed.

Never thought this humble, clumsy however graceful, genuine human form of Bambi; would have such a sexy and sleek tone when hitting the bridge in this acoustic version. Thank you @taylorswift for this stunning rendition of Shake it Off. [x]