candy j


Anyways here is how my warden cosplay is doing

  • jason, playing candy crush: roy, get up
  • roy: please kill me
  • jason, still playing candy crush: stop being such a baby, it's just a scratch
  • roy, holding his side: i got shot, fuckface
  • jason, not paying attention: hmm
  • roy, dying: call kori
  • jason, shooting his phone and then looking at roy: whoa man you're seriously messed up, let's get you back home
  • jason, carryng roy: man, i almost beat my old man's high score on candy crush but my replacement beat me to it, can you believe that?

Give me all the Sanvers wedding planning. Give me the Alex and Maggie going to get a ring because “Danvers, only you’d propose to a girl and forget a ring.” Give me them going wedding dress shopping and Maggie going with James and Winn because Alex doesn’t want to see the bride before the wedding. Give me Alex going with Kara to find a dress and deciding that she’d rather wear a tux because “I’m going to be comfortable at my own wedding and besides no one will be looking at me as soon as they see the other beautiful bride.” Give me Sanvers picking their wedding cake flavor and deciding they have to try all 40 flavors because they’re like kids in a candy store. Give me J'onn walking Alex down the aisle and Kara crying as soon as she sees the smile on her sister’s face because she stayed with Maggie and made it to this happy ending. Give me Maggie completely stunned at Alex waiting for her because she never thought this day would come and she went from being thrown out of her home to being welcomed by the most amazing woman in the world and finding a new family. Give me J'onn walking back down the aisle after dropping Alex off at the front to walk Maggie up. Give me the Sanvers feels during their slow dance and their energy during the fast ones when they realize “We did it, we pulled it off”. Give me the dirty honeymoon details of a night where they were completely and totally giving of each other. Give me the soft morning after of them cuddling in bed saying “Good morning Mrs. Sawyer-Danvers” and “I thought we’d do Danvers-Sawyer” and the playful argument that follows because they know that the name doesn’t matter, what matters is that they love each other and they finally made it to a point where they are both happy and content to live in the moment with the other person. Long story short GIVE ME ALL OF IT