candy is a loser

Janstar Headcanon #7

So it true Janna and Star listen to a shit ton of music, but they have never watched a musical before their whole life. Not even the the greatest musical of all time, high school musical. Well, until Star was randomly given tickets to the heathers musical and invited Janna to come with her. They’re both theatre nerds now.

Bonus: both of them have been listen to candy store for three days straight someone stop them

pjgrey  asked:

for song recs Twenty One Pilots there songs use the ukulele a lot witch I think is nice for a road trip especially the coast. Also since you are going through the Oregon coast if you happen to pass through a town called Lincoln City they have a really good little candy shop that sells really good salt water taffy and fudge.

I LOVE LINCOLN CITY, YE! We’re gonna be spending three days there because we’re going lighthouse touring and we’ll definitely be hitting Depoe Bay for the taffy shop! :D Huge bags of saltwater taffy for the road~