candy haze

Soft, opalescent sky,
Gentle pearl-
Rolling cool like shaved ice in the palm of my hand.
A silver blue sending me to my knees,
Opaque pink of peach fuzz lulling my head back in a daze
This cotton candy love, dream haze
Wrapping me in clear sweet sleep,
Allow me to dream of flight.
Dear one, my beloved-
I will fly to where you are, so
Far away, and hold you with immaterial
Wishes & promises that will dissolve on your warm skin, as transparent as the clasp of my arms, like sugar
On our tongues.

(Written and submitted by @tidewinds)

killer queen

bitch i came to kill shit
l i t e r a l l y  kill shit

fourteen songs for woman kings & warrior queens

castle  halsey  |  the world is not enough  garbage  |  everybody wants to rule the world  lorde  |  empire  alpines  |  paris is burning  st. vincent  |  heads will roll  yeah yeah yeahs  |  landscape  florence + the machine  |  woman king  iron & wine  |  q.u.e.e.n.  janelle monae ft. erykah badu  |  maneater  the bird and the bee  |  painted  ms mr  |  opulence  brooke candy  |  crown  angel haze  + bonus track

Sweet New Friend? ((Starter for @ask-the-candy-skull ))

Haze glanced around, eyebrow raised. Okay, honestly, he had no funking clue where he was…. or really how he had gotten there. But hey, the place didn’t seem like a threat, so that was nice. He quietly shoves his hands in the pockets of his jacket, glancing around, surprised to see a glimpse of color not to far. So, naturally, he walks towards the rather colorful figure, curious.