candy gummy


not sheepish at all friend!

They seem to have been spotted by Kate and Maggie, lol

The bottom one was the original i had, but i didn’t know how to do background??? and i wasn’t feeling it anymore, but the concept is hilarious to me so i decided to post it.

it was going to have a saying on the bottom, like those mock motivational posters with the black framing. it was going to say “Jon and Ed crash a gay pride parade”, lol.


Smart sweets gummy bears 🍬

These vegan gummy bears taste like a sweet fruit bowl! Each color represents a different flavor including lemon, raspberry, peach, and green apple.

The texture is very chewy, a lot more chewy than normal gummy candies. That makes them a good study snack because they last a long time in your mouth.

Overall I love these! They taste good and provide an enjoyable eating experience.