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Omgcp Fic Idea #6

Eric bleaches his hair and then proceeds to experiment with different pastel colours with the top of his hair (like Tyler Oakley). Jack loves it because it feels like Eric is a fairy/pixie that has been able to bewitch him and he’s under love’s spell. Not that he wants to be broken from it. He loves running his fingers through the pink hair that looks like candy floss. Twirling light blue flicks and locks between his fingers feels like he has the sky brushing against his palm. The lavender he combs through feels as if he’s running his hands through fields of real lavender. He gives cowlick kisses every time he plays with Eric’s hair and Jack receives kisses in return on his fingers and beneath his chin.

anonymous asked:

do you have any early scenes from radio silence/heartstopper/solitaire that never made it into the book??? those are always so cute PLEASE publish

I’ve got loads! Might as well give you one. It’s 1am. Why not.

Here’s a chapter that was very painful to cut out of RADIO SILENCE. It’s called ‘The Most Beautiful Shade of Blue’. I can’t remember exactly where it’s set, but it’s around Christmas, when Aled has left. In this version of RS, Aled briefly returns during the Christmas holidays, and in this scene, he finally talks to Frances and Daniel.


Needless to say, this does contain major spoilers for Radio Silence, so only read on if you’ve read Radio Silence.

Also, this is unedited, so it’s not up to my published standard of writing.

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Zach Werenski #5

Anonymous said: Hey! Could you write a zach werenski imagine where you too go on a cute hockey date together and you play for Boston pride? Thanks:)

A/N: hope you liked it :))))

Word Count: 1,334

Being injured always sucked, like lots. Instead of being on the ice with your team, you were stuck with a brace on your ankle and pouting about it. All because you landed weird against the boards and your trainer and coaches didn’t want to take any chances before playoffs coming up. 

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My hair is baby pink/lavender 🌸💜
It’s my day off today so I’m gonna spend the whole day catching up on all the new animus 🐯✌🏼️ p.s I want moar episodes of Steven Universe pls ⭐️