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I literally googled "hard candy drink" and it said a cocktail made from: Vodka Peach schnapps Grenadine shot And tropical juice IT IS A DRINK

My first thought was a drink. I never once came close to the idea of paedophilia or anything? Like, the girl is a little tipsy and dripping it over his feet because she’s being a little clumsy, you know? Drunk people do that. They spill drinks… Why are people being so disgusting? Why are people associating Harry with something that’s pretty much frowned up and illegal? People really think that low of Harry? Wow… xx

me as a dentist: ok jimothy, i see here you’ve been munching AND crunching? you will have to cut down on candy, alcohol, sugary drinks, vore,

Getting to know you Questions for the Mun!
  • 🎂- When's your birthday?
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦- What's your family like?
  • 🐶- Favorite animal?
  • 🔶- Favorite color(s)?
  • 🎥- Favorite movie?
  • 📺- Favorite TV show?
  • 🎞- Favorite cartoon/anime?
  • 🍔- Favorite food?
  • 🍦- Favorite ice cream flavor?
  • 🍭- Favorite candy?
  • 🍸- Do you drink?
  • 👣- What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • ⚽️- Do you like any sports?
  • 🎮- Favorite video game(s)?
  • ⛪️- Are you religious?
  • ⌛️- Last thing you did before logging in?
  • 🎈- Share a childhood memory!
  • 🛍- What was the last purchase you made for?
  • 💸- If you had a billion dollars and could only spend it, what would you buy first?
  • 🖌- Are you artsy?
  • ❤️- How would you describe yourself?
  • 💛- How do other people describe you?
  • ⭕️- Favorite Pokemon?
  • 💠- what is the Most expensive thing you own?
  • ⚜- What is the most precious thing you own?
  • 🐻- Do you have any stuffed animals?
  • 🐝- Favorite season?
  • 🐋- share a Weird/funny story?

🔷Bazooka Coco Bubblegum Rum Shooters🔷