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Madonna photographed by Deborah Feingold, 1983. 

Photographer Deborah Feingold sat down with the Boston Globe and talked about Madonna and the iconic pictures she took of her.

Deborah released her first-ever anthology, Music, which includes also her images of Madonna. “She peers into the camera as if she’s about to wink, already aware that she’ll soon be one of the most famous pop stars in the world,” writes the Boston Globe.

“I have no explanation for that,” Deborah Feingold says regarding how iconic the shoot was. “It was a 20-minute shoot in my apartment that was so tiny that all my furniture folded up against the wall, including the bed, table, and chairs. I was all set up.”

“She came with Liz Rosenberg, who remained her publicist. Her makeup was ready to go. I had a bowl of lollipops, Tootsie Rolls, and bubble gum. I probably didn’t get paid or have a budget; hence a bowl of lollipops and bubble gum. Everything was very simple. I shot four rolls of film, and for every frame she changed it up. It was like a dance, and I was a good follower. I had the skill, but she led. Twenty minutes later, she knew we had finished, and she left. She was a working girl, I was there to work, and that’s what you see.”

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Hello! I'm a big fan of your blog, I really love your writing (actually, I read something every night before sleep, it's one of my favorite moments of the day) and I really wanted to ask you a scenario, I hope you can do it. How would be if Candy was a dancer? Like ballet, jazz, hip-hop or another gender. I would really like to read how guys discovered that. Thanks for your attention and I'm sorry for my bad English (Brazilian girl here). Love your blog, love u! Bye!

Hello! Sorry this took so long and thank you for your patience. And thank you for being a fan!!! I love the idea of Candy dabbling in Ballet, and maybe with a mix of hip-hop energy. Like in the movie “Save the Last Dance.”

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Let’s begin!


He went with his mother and Amber to a ballet they had tickets for, much to his annoyance. But it was a chance the three of them could spend time together. His father had to work, so he was roped into coming so the ticket didn’t go to waste. And Candy was busy that night, so he couldn’t get out of this. Once the curtain was up, the dancers pulled off spectacular and dramatic moves with such grace that Nathaniel was actually enjoying the performance. And then , one dancer caught his eye. They looked familiar. After he was able to get a better look at their face, he realized it was Candy. He was stunned. His mother and Amber didn’t seem to recognize her. He said nothing to them but paid closer attention to Candy as she danced. He would have to buy her some flowers after this was over.


Candy had approached him, with quite a bit of hesitation and nervousness, asking if he was busy one night. He didn’t have any plans in particular, and wondered what she had in mind. She confessed to him that she has taken ballet lessons for the past few years and was performing tonight. She was wondering if he’d like to come. Ballet wasn’t really his thing, as he found it a bit boring. He started to mock the idea of ballet at first but stopped. Castiel saw her face after he said something and became aware that this was important to her. He apologized and he assured her he could spare one night for her to watch her perform.


It was rather straight forward, yet a bit of a surprise. He and Candy were out enjoying dinner one night with Rosa and Leigh again, when she spoke up. She had tickets for a ballet performance that was showing next weekend and asked them all if they wanted to go. They all happily agreed, Rosa taking the three tickets Candy handed over so they wouldn’t lose them. When Lysander inquired how she came by the tickets, Candy announced that she would be in ballet itself and all performers were given so many tickets to pass out to family and friends. He was taken aback. She never mentioned being a dancer of any kind. Rosa and Leigh looked just as surprised, but now they were all excited to see her perform. Lysander especially.


He was out for his afternoon run one day and passed through town. Racing passed shops, boutiques, and businesses. As he he stopped to take a break and sip from his water bottle, he glanced up and saw some girls his age in a window, all of them in a leotards and ballet shoes practicing positions. He quickly realized this was a dance studio. And that’s when he saw something that he wasn’t expecting. Candy was in the middle of the group in line. Then she came forward towards the instructor and he watched as she performed a routine, flawlessly in his opinion. He snapped out of his gawking stupor and ran off so he wouldn’t be seen watching through the glass. But he would definitely have to ask her about this later.


He had stayed late after school one day, hiding out in an empty room playing a new game he had. He did feel a bit guilty for not taking the time to walk Candy home, or at least to the park. It wasn’t like he was ignoring her…he just lost track of time while playing. Armin wondered if she had already left. As he walked down the hall and out of the school, he didn’t see anyone else around. Then, he heard some music playing in the gym. He opened one of the doors and peered inside to see what was going on. To his shock and amazement, Candy was balancing on her tip toes and twirling around the gym, practicing ballet moves. Armin quietly snuck in and took a seat on the sidelines to watch. When she was finished, he clapped and Candy was startled. But when she saw that it was Armin, she blushed and gave an awkward bow.


11.14.2015 - Patrick Kane, instigator of scrums, and Jonathan Toews, notorious enforcer. Starring Brent Seabrook and Artem Anisimov, defenders of the small and precious.


Vivianne Stein performing her solo ‘A dream to dream’ at Cabaret for a Cause in August 2014



And Bruce doesn’t really mind? I mean he used to be sort of strict about what his kids can and cannot eat, but with Tim, he’s like well the kid is eating something so that’s good so that’s why he buys him all that stuff because he knows he’ll eat it

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