candy corn craft

I’ve had a few people inquire about future unicorn listings, so I went ahead and made a handy dandy release schedule for October!

Here’s a sneak peek of the unicorn up for adoption on October 3: “Candy Horn”. He’s addicted to—yep, you guessed it!—candy corn! In fact, he loves it so much he dives into his friends’ dumpsters the day after Halloween in hopes of munching on their stale, discarded yummies!



📌 kaylor watches a scary movie and karlie sneaks up behind taylor to kiss her and she freaks out and spills their popcorn
📌 taylor gets scared at a haunted house and karlie comforts her
📌 kaylor works at starbucks together and make up their own fall flavor drinks for each other
📌 the girls work together on a science project, collecting samples from the autumn woods when they discover a baby owl with a broken wing
📌 elementary age taylor and karlie go trick or treating together and walk into a witches house unknowingly
📌 mommy karlie dresses up as the cookie monster for halloween and has to contain her laughter when seeing her wife take the kids trick or treating, wearing a cookie costume
📌 kaylor just moved in and taylor is giving away random things from boxes for halloween until karlie realizes and goes to get candy
📌 young kaylor camping in the woods on friday the 13th where they meet a ghost
📌 go pumpkin picking together and taylor falls over trying to pick up one that’s too heavy for her
📌 karlie winning all the games at the fall fair and taylor pouting
📌 karlie successfully bobs for apples then tries to kiss taylor, who dodges her girlfriend’s freezing cold lips (bonus if you add the line: “maybe you can warm me up”)
📌 karlie tricking taylor into going on a haunted hayride by telling her it was just a normal one
📌 taylor and karlie getting into a somewhat heated argument about whether the toasted graham latte beats the pumpkin spice latte or not
📌 collecting leaves and pine cones all week to make the best outside fort then having to make it inside because of the rain
📌 taylor visiting the kloss household for thanksgiving ~ watching football with kurt, cooking with tracy, and raking leaves with karlie and her sisters, only to push karlie into the pile and be pulled along after her
📌 teenage taylor getting dumped by her boyfriend at the homecoming dance then getting revenge on him with her best friend karlie (filling his car up completely with wet soggy leaves)
📌 after the prank (or a different oneshot altogether) they go back to karlie’s house and taylor doesn’t have any dry clothes so she wears some of karlie’s and then they make tea and watch the storm by the fireplace
📌 taylor and karlie fighting over a certain scarf and taylor playing the “but the last person I loved never gave it back” card because she knew it would work
📌 karlie surprising taylor with a skinny caramel latte at the studio and bringing her a jacket because it got cooler and she wanted to make sure she was okay
📌 taylor is sick and karlie makes pumpkin soup which tay is super skeptical of eating but it ends up making all the difference
📌 taylor reading karlie the entire harry potter series and karlie begging to go to hp world in universal
📌 perhaps they do visit harry potter world and karlie gets in trouble for trying to climb the giant pumpkin at hagrid’s house
📌 taylor getting goosebumps on a particular scary ride (possibly escape from gringgots) and karlie instinctively knowing to squeeze her hand tighter
📌 taylor works in a library and every day karlie brings her her favorite coffee and a leaf from the tree by her house because “you spend so much time with your nose in the book you don’t even realize the leaves are changing”
📌 taylor and karlie go on a hiking trip in the woods and spot what they believe to be only an urban legend, hansel and gretel wandering about insisting that they’re the children’s only family. how will they take care of these fictional children?
📌 kaylor getting lost in a corn maze and having to have taylor’s helicopter come get them and karlie joking her for being a primadonna
📌 taylor buying candy corn for a craft project and coming home to see karlie has eaten it all, even though she insists it was meredith
📌 karlie making apple cider and taylor getting so excited she spills it all over the rug
📌 taylor and karlie in a baking contest at the county fair to see who has the best pumpkin pie
📌 taylor waking up cold and trying to climb into the sweater that karlie is wearing beside her, incidentally waking her girlfriend up too
📌 college student taylor takes photos in the autumnal woods every thursday for her photography class, so every thursday karlie stops by and asks about her work on her afternoon run
📌 shy awkward taylor sits uncomfortably on the bleachers watching the homecoming game, just as she is getting ready to leave during halftime one of the cheerleaders begs her to stay, promising to take her out after the game
📌 taylor always comes home with a new fall scented yankee candle every day and karlie burns them up while sitting in the bath, until one day taylor slips in with her and finds out where her candles have been disappearing to
📌 taylor and karlie taking a road trip from new york city to nashville to visit taylor’s parents
📌 karlie carving out pumpkin guts on her kitchen floor and making a mess, to which her girlfriend grudgingly cleans just because she can’t stand to look at it
📌 karlie buying taylor a caramel apple from the little store by the apple picking fields and taylor playfully scolding her because she didn’t pick it
📌 kaylor having a halloween party and getting drunk on mulled wine with all their friends who know they’re together
📌 taylor freaking out when karlie gets her a new crockpot on their anniversary (november 13th) and posting about it on tumblr
📌 driving out through the country and laying in the back of a pick up truck look at the stars while taylor reminisces about her teenage years and shows karlie around the town she grew up in
📌 karlie going out for a serious black friday shopping spree and having to drop taylor back off at the apartment after an hour
📌 renting a cabin in a secluded forest and getting away for a romantic weekend
📌 karlie painting faces at the fall fun fair and taylor being the only person over eight years old in line
📌 karlie attempting to play football with taylor who is a horrible cheater and just wants to pin karlie down and kiss her
📌 taylor stealing karlie’s flannel to wear when they go to octoberfest together
📌 inviting their friends over for a big bonfire in rode island and cuddling close to roast marshmallows, completely unaware that all their friends know they’re together
📌 taylor’s potluck high school reunion party where she cooks the best turkey anyone’s ever tasted and karlie interrogates drew, abigail, and austin to know more about when she was a teenager
📌 taylor trying to teach karlie how to knit but having to stop because she’s just too scared karlie will stab herself with a needle
📌 taylor roasting pumpkin seeds for karlie to nibble on during movie night, where she’ll undoubtedly be squealing and wrapping her girlfriends arms around her (not thinking how she’ll cause karlie to spill the seeds)
📌taylor copying a pinterest wreath design to put on their shared apartment door to commemorate finally moving in together
📌 karlie running a halloween themed 10k and taylor making a quite sparkly sign with a dumb pun to cheer her on
📌 taylor turning all the clocks back a day early and karlie flipping out thinking she’s late to work again
📌 austin chopping firewood at their parents’ house while taylor and karlie sneakily make out in the old tree fort that they think no one can see them in
📌 taylor gluing little figurines in their thanksgiving cornucopia so they can have a hunger games theme
📌 the girls making scarecrows that resemble each other
📌 cuddling on the couch to watch all the new season premieres and/or binge netflix
📌 taylor not being able to handle karlie wearing outerwear because she wants easy access
📌 taylor baking pumpkin bread with her mother in law tracy while karlie is outside with their kids playing in the leaves
📌 taylor buying extra long leggings because she knows karlie is gonna steal them from her
📌 challenging each other to see who can go longest without shaving for no shave november (taylor wins)
📌 taylor trying to peacefully lay in the hammoc but having to constantly get up and remove bothersome leaves, to which karlie plops down in her spot and haggles with her on how to get it back
📌 karlie pulling taylor down the streets of new york in a little red wagon full of leaves and taking cute pictures
📌 taylor carving and decorating a pumpkin extremely carefully with measured movements, cautious of every detail while karlie sits alongside her hastily carving a pumpkin that barfs out its guts
📌karlie sells pumpkin and apple flavored desserts at a farmers market and taylor swears by them, coming to pick up a new one every day (because it’s also an excuse to see the cute girl she likes)
📌karlie coming home one day to find taylor has decorated her whole apartment with fall festivities and is probably doing her own now
📌 karlie buying way too much chocolate for smores and completely forgetting graham crackers so their hands get all messy with melted chocolate on marshmallows
📌 taylor hiding karlie’s hoodies when she leaves them at her apartment so she can wear them to bed
📌 taylor spending hours on a fall bucket list for karlie to just spontaneously pick her up and take her to the pumpkin patch without even calling
📌 go on a date to the bookstore where they both just sit side by side reading novels until they’re too antsy then go on a walk in the fall foliage
📌 ghost busters movie night, need I say more?
📌 hosting a costume party at taylor’s and dressing up as james taylor and carly simon
📌 taylor watching the thanksgiving episodes of friends over and over to the point where karlie even knows them word for word