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Christmas Comes Early

Summary: Your mom forces you to go to a premature holiday party that you would rather not attend. To your surprise, you end up meeting one of your favorite actors, Jared Padalecki. 

Word Count: 4520 (oops)

Warnings: Smut!, unprotected sex (wrap it up), oral (female receiving), somewhat public sex, casual drinking, cursing

A/N: There’s a first time for everything! I’ve never written Jared before, but this fic came to me in a dream. Hope you guys enjoy! As always, like/reblog/send me some love if you enjoyed! Tagging some people at the bottom I think may enjoy(:

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“Y/N, for the hundredth time, yes you have to come to the party. I’m sick of making up excuses for why you don’t come to events with us.” Your mom sounded so exasperated over the phone, you could practically see her rubbing her temples. Your parents wanted you to come with them to your mom’s best friend’s holiday party around an hour away from your apartment, and you weren’t exactly feeling like going on your first free Saturday in a long time. Plus, the holidays were still three weeks away. Who has a party this early?

“Jake’s not going either!” Throwing your younger brother under the bus wasn’t a classy move, but you grasping at straws here.

“He has a tournament a state away. He can’t help that.”

“But Mom, I don’t think I have time to drive out there. I’m so busy,” you countered.

“You realize we share a Netflix account and that I can see that you’re forty-five minutes into a Black Mirror episode, right?” Shit, caught, you thought. You tried to think of any other excuse that could keep you firmly rooted to your couch for the rest of the weekend, but came up short.

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watermeloneverything  asked:

Cyclonus and tailgate?


 Grumpy woman who recently moved in

hates everyone

will slam the door in your face

don’t say hi to her in the mornings

ignores everyone

will pretend you’re not there if you try and chat

won’t let you borrow a cup of sugar

first ignores her tiny neighbor Tailgate

slams the door in her face but she won’t stop knocking

starts to talk to her through the door

Tailgate is the only one who doesn’t comment on the way she dresses

Tailgate always asks to wear her glasses

Tailgate hears her singing from her own apartment

asks the next day for lessons

Eventually become happy devoted couple

don’t touch her sweet tiny girlfriend or she will stab you with the sword she has in her cupboard

she sharpens it daily

gets into fights with whirl

uses her high heels to stab whirl

bad at emotions

but loves her smol gf

speaks latin


plays the violin

ravage hates it





the cutest freckles

fluffy snow white hair!

skateboards everywhere

has barreled over so many people skateboarding

broke her arm trying to skateboard down the stair rail

wears heelies 

wears light up heelies

everything in her cupboard is white and blue

the exact same shade

has anxiety 

hides it well

cyclonus is great at calming her down when she has a panic attack tho

older than she looks

battled cancer


tiny hands

extremely strong tho

loves chocolate 

peppermint chocolate is her favourite

legs can’t reach the ground when she sits on stools

sits on Cyclonus’s lap instead

goes around and offers everyone candy on Halloween

makes Christmas cards for everyone as well 

tapes little candy canes to them


Human/lost light apartment headcanons are always open XD

ask any character whenever y’all want

Warm Me Up pt 15

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May or may not call for a trigger warning? Nothing bad happens but I mean I’ve gotten upset messages over less before so. 

Will had called Nico when he was ten minutes away from his house. Nico still had a few hours to drive, but he promised to let him know when he got home. Meanwhile, Will’s stomach was twisting with excitement to get home. By the time he parked his car, he was shaking in his anxiousness to be hugged by his parents.

He hauled his suitcase, backpack, and duffel bag haphazardly out and trekked across the half dead grass. A bare tree was  decorated with ornaments and lights, candy cane lights stuck up along the pathway, and little lights made a path up through the yard to the door. Christmas lights lit up the edge of the house and a wreath was hanging from the door.

Will knocked and a few moments later he heard a squeal from inside. The door flew open and his mother pulled him into a hug that was horribly uncomfortable with the things he was carrying. But Will didn’t care.

“You’re finally home!” she cooed. “Sweetheart, come here!” she called over her shoulder. She pulled away and took Will’s face in her hands, her eyes tearing up. “Oh look at you, my little college boy,” she laughed.

“Will!” He looked over to see his father gently pushing past his mother to hug him. “How was the drive?”

“Fine, I-”

“Will? Will! Where’s Will!?” he heard. His heart leapt and a little girl burst from between his parents’ legs and barreled into him. “Will!”

“Kayla!” He lifted her and she wrapped herself around him like a monkey. “I missed you so much, munchkin,” he sighed, hugging her tightly, like he knew she hated. But she didn’t complain. “What are you doing up at midnight?”

She smiled and hugged him tighter. “Waiting for you!”

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