candy cane girl

CANDY CANE GRAM! falalahahaha. I’ve really been missing doing costumes lately (new followers: scroll back in my feed to see all 31 DIY Halloween costumes I designed and modelled during the month of October!) So as my Holiday gift to all my wonderful followers I decided to dress up as another one of my lesser known alter egos. Her name is Candy Kane and she’s a distant, slightly spookier cousin of Wanda Woodward from Cry Baby (1990) and the Grinch’s Cindy Lou Who. You’re welcome. Merry Christmas, and to all a good •fright•! 💀👯🎅💃👠😘👻

Originally posted Dec 23

13yo appropriate AUs:

-Jude is the newkid at school, and he doesn’t really know anybody. So, in the lead upto Valentine’s day, why does he appear to have a secret admirer? (There could be a handing out of anonymous Valentine’s, much like the candy-canes in Mean Girls. xD)

-The class get a sex talk, and are assigned groups in which they have to do a project on different aspects of adolescence and sex, etc. Connor ends up in a group with two girls called Taylor and Daria, and this kid Jude who’s always wearing nail-polish. Taylor is pushing for their topic to be on diverse sexualities and genders. It makes Connor nervous, although he’s not sure why…

-They meet at someone’s birthday party. Truth or Dare is suggested. Chaos ensues.

-Just… they meet on Tumblr, okay?

-Connor volunteers to help out at the local foster home (I don’t know how the foster system works in America. Just go with it). Just a little tutoring with the younger kids, or something. What he didn’t expect was that he’d meet a nail-polish wearing boy called Jude…

-Jude built a tree-house in the forest months ago. No one knows it’s there. Which is why he’s very confused when he meets a boy his age there one summer’s day.