candy cane girl

Girl with the doe-eyes. Girl with a candy cane
mouth. Girl with friendly shadows hiding
in her hair. Girl as a passing stranger. Girl with
the hands like branches, the kind fires are
started with; kindling for possibility. Girl who
uses ‘doll’ as a pet name. Girl who probably
swallows blackberries for breakfast, and for
dinner, a bottle of sake. Girl with the three
sisters. Girl as the black sheep of her family.
Girl as a wilting rose, but finds color in those
around her. Girl who wears a leather jacket in
eighty-five degree heat in the night. Girl who
is as soft as fleece (I wouldn’t know, but she
looks like it). Girl with the piercings. Girl with
the tattoos I never got to see. Girl with the
heart of an adventurer, and I, the one serving as
a safe place to stay the night. Girl with the
smile that makes mountains tremble. Girl as the
hand I will never hold on to. Girl as a fantasy.

Girl as a stranger.
Girl as a stranger.
Girl as a stranger.

—  boston to orlando // Haley Hendrick

Date a girl who is nocturnal. Date a girl who appears to be some kind of primate, but is genetically closer to slime molds. Date a girl whose natural bright colors work as camouflage in semi-rural and suburban environments. Date a girl whose ovipositor is striped like a candy cane. Date a girl who can rearrange her skeletal structure to fit in small spaces. Date a girl whose body is excellent at filtering toxins, and can be found hibernating in septic tanks during the winter. Date a girl who can mimic and understand human speech, but has a completely alien concept of morality. Date a girl whose radula can be used to rip a deer to shreds in seconds, but prefers to swallow them whole. Date a girl who is a clown! Honk honk!