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I’m just gonna remind everyone that Bakugou seems to be the only one that doesn’t care to cover up.

Also I love that Kami plays with Ojiro’s tail so often.



ps. I got just got some comicbook art boards for the first time (all my other doujin were just in my sketch book lol) and I had to draw some bakushima to test it out!


I changed the “Summer” slightly into “Beachwear”, becus Shaes causal fashion right now is already very summer-ish, still hope you like it c:

Left bikini top one is my fave, right one is a bikini @novalliez-mcls candy gave her when she forgot to bring her own ♥


Day 6: Protect!!
He doesn’t like being protected….

Kiribaku week is almost over D: What are we gonna do with our lives?!?!!



Are we gonna have a problem? You got a bone to pick? You’ve come so far, why now are pulling on my dick?
I wanted to draw JD, but I sketched Heather Chandler instead :3 I really think she’s pretty epic and she deserves a finished piece someday ^v^


Ciel and “Ciel” For the new leak from Black Butler as the pose from the twins from Ouran ~ 

Anyone wanna play the “ Which one is Ciel?” Game~ ;)

Fun fact: My first “otome style” dating sim was My Candy Love! The more you know.

Anyways, I haven’t played the game in years, but suddenly I remembered it again and started thinking about it. Honestly, the only reason why I stopped playing it was because of the absurd “AP” system. Basically, the game requires “AP” or “Action Points” for you to continue. Each time you go to check out the next hallway over or a new classroom/area, it takes away two AP. You only receive five AP each day for logging in. Therefore, it takes an eternity to complete the game, and it’s literally impossible to try out different routes, not only because of that, but also because the game is still continuing. Other than that, though, I love it to bits.

The basic synopsis of My Candy Love is that you start out as a new student as “Sweet Amoris High School” as a “Candy” AKA the MC of My Candy Love, hence the name. You go about trying to fit into this new school with many crazy journeys, as you “coincidentally” attract trouble. But, you meet some attractive guys along the way and the goal is to win their heart by responding with the correct responses, etc.

Some points in the game are a bit weird, as the “Candy” is honestly a bit stalker-ish. *coughs*LikethepartinwhichsheobsessesoverseeingLysander'stattooonhisback*coughs* However, the interesting characters make up for the cliche plot line and occasional cringiness.

I felt like drawing Lysander, one of the main males that you can go for. I’ve been trying to go for him, at least until Kentin comes back.
Speaking of Kentin,
THAT is how you hit puberty.

If any of you guys are interested (lol), here is the link:


Russian-Indian Street gang around the corner 2 deny dealing w your shit

Hola die Waldfee I haven´t been so proud of my work since… forever? I can´t say how much I like how this turned out!! ♥ I need to compliment myself, even tho I know how stupid this must sound :’D

Chaise and Chelsea belong to @llamakoernchen Shaelene is my smol birb in the middle (in case you didn´t know her yet - shame on you!)


(A really approximative translation)

PAGE 1 :

Candy : Zzzz. Mmh ?

Amber : Hey ! Wake up !

Candy : W.. What ? Why ? What is this ? Are you crazy ? What’s going on ?

Amber : I need your help.

Candy : At 2 am ?

Amber : Yeah, but something horrible happened.

Candy : Did you had a nightmare ? So what ? I won’t border you or anything. Good night !

PAGE 2 :

Amber : I swear I heard something… that was horrible.

Candy : Meanwhile, its been 10 minutes we’re here and I didn’t hear anything.

Amber : Shhhhh !

Candy : What’s happening ?

Amber : If you speak too loudly, they will come !

Candy : But who ? I said there’s nothing ! Are you just a kid to be so afraid of nothing ?

Amber : I’m not a kid, I heard a scream !

Candy : And how do you explain I haven’t heard anything ?

Amber : You snored ! You would not even have heard a earthquake

Candy : You wanted to go to the toilet, don’t you ? So, go ahead and stop saying whatever. We won’t stay here forever. I’m kind enough to have accompanied you.

Amber : Okay, okay… Won’t you check if there’s any noise who’s coming from the cellar ?

Candy : Can’t believe it… What a coward !

Amber : So ? Do you hear something ? I assure you noises come out from here.

Candy : Shhh… Uh !

PAGE 3 :

Candy :

Amber : So ? So ?

Candy : Nothing. You just had a dream.

Amber : But, since I yell you that…

Candy & Amber : Ah !

PAGE 4 :

Candy : W-Whatisthat ?

Amber : Idontknooow !

Candy : It’s finish ?

Amber : I want to go home, I wanna go home, I wanna go home…

Candy : W-Well, w-we need to calm down. T-this was nothing. W-we should go back to our room…

Amber : Ah, because you will be able to sleep after that ? There is a monster in this house !

Candy : Y-you’re right… One more reason to put some distance between this thing and us ! Gently…

Amber : I’m scared.

PAGE 5 :

Amber : We’re dead.

Candy : Gulps !

Amber : No way I die first.

Candy : Eh ?

Amber : I knew it, too polite to be honest these people…