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10 DIY School Supplies - Inspired By Candy


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Prompt: joker x reader imagine where the reader closely resembles harley quinn


Your heart shaped lips formed a big bubble out of your candy bubble gum as your mischievous (colour) eyes followed the man that stormed past you. Backtracking, the Joker stuck his gloved finger and popped the bubble, making you glare lightly at the scowling man in front of you.

“Now now, Puddin’” Pushing off the wall, you rested your trusty shotgun on your shoulder, your other hand pinching his cheek, knowing it would annoy him further “Why the frown?”

“Why the gun?”

You shrugged.

“I need my insurance.” Leaning in, you planted a soft peck on his cheek, “after all, all of our dates seem to end with unfortunate accidents that almost are the death of me.” Your response made him grin, slowly, showing off the metal that adored his crooked teeth. He was quick – the shotgun that was in your grasp a second ago skid across the dirty factory floor, his hands now occupying your waist and pushing you just a bit closer. You inhaled, sharply, feeling his fingers dig into your unclothed flesh, sending a pleasant shiver down your spine.

“Next time” You heard him murmur in your ears “no guns, Bubblegum.”

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