candy broomsticks


“Dream on, little Broomstick Cowboy,
Of rocket ships and Mars;
Of sunny days,
And Willie Mays,
And chocolate candy bars.
Dream on, little Broomstick Cowboy,
Dream while you can;
Of big green frogs,
And puppy dogs,
And castles in the sand.
For, all too soon you’ll awaken;
Your toys will all be gone.
Your broomstick horse will ride away,
To find another home.
And you’ll have grown into a man,
With cowboys of your own.
And then you’ll have to go to war,
To try and save your home.
And then you’ll have to learn to hate;
You’ll have to learn to kill.
It’s always been that way, my son;
I guess it always will.
No broomstick gun they’ll hand you;
No longer you’ll pretend.
You’ll call some man your enemy;
You used to call him ‘friend. ’
And when the rockets thunder,
You’ll hear your brothers cry.
And through it all you’ll wonder
Just why they had to die.
So dream on, little Broomstick Cowboy,
Dream while you can;
For soon, you’ll be a dreadful thing:
My son, you’ll be a man.”

Bobby Goldsboro - Broomstick Cowboy

Dean Winchester | 12x11 Regarding Dean

Hogsmeade Preference

Request: Hi, can I please get a preference about what you and him do on Hogsmeade visits (could you include the marauders era guys too)?

*Shops looked up on Harry Potter wiki*



Neville would do anything you wanted to do. He would follow you around like a lost puppy who finally found his master. You would insist on doing something we wanted to do, but he just wants to make you happy and let you have the most enjoyable time while out of school. Once in a while he would allow himself to go to Dogweed and Deathcap–a tiny herbology shop–which you gladly accompanied him.


You and Ron both shared a love for sweet things. Honeydukes was your place of choice when it was time to go to Hogsmeade. Even though he wasn’t the sappy kind, Ron would take you to Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop. You especially liked the soft sponge cake that was served there. When you notice Ron getting weirded out by the other couples, you would leave with your cake and eat your things outside the shop.


The both of you usually hung out with the group of your friends. You and Harry loved the company of other friends (because Harry was a hopeless when it came to romance). You didn’t mind that Harry wasn’t all that romantic. But you certainly enjoyed when he was, for you would snog under his cloak in an alleyway and act like nothing happened when your friends found you, saying Harry decided he wanted a breath of fresh air.


The lovable pranksters that are the Weasley twins are never boring. Fred especially liked Zonko’s joke shop. He practically dragged you behind him as he raced towards the shop. His eyes were filled with excitement as he looked upon the shelves of knick-knacks and joke products. He tried many on you, much to your displeasure. But by the time he’s halfway done testing the items, he turned you into a laughing mess.


The twins were inseparable, even when George had a “date” with you. Fred would join the two of you at Honeydukes, Zonko’s, or wherever you may be. He sensed that you wanted more time just with him, so he told his brother off for you, which was a big deal. Fred wasn’t too hurt by it. He understood. George takes you for walks all around the streets of the village. Occasionally the both of you would use the pranking products on innocent students on the sidewalks.


He didn’t like to admit it (and you clearly saw it), but he was a bit of a romantic. He often took you to The Three Broomsticks for warm butterbeers. The Three Broomsticks was such a regular place for you two to go that the owner had your order ready as soon as you walked in the door. Draco bribed her to place a few shots of firewhiskey into the glasses. You loved walking slowly about Hogsmeade with Draco’s hand in yours or his arm around your waist. A few times you would go into a wooded area and have make-out sessions.



Somehow the boy would talk you into going to the Hog’s Head for Class A whiskey. You just let him take you. His arm was always around you. You gladly stayed closely at his side because of the suspicious characters that frequented the shady pub.


You went everywhere. Honeydukes for chocolate and rock candy, Three Broomsticks for drinks, and Zonko’s because Peter liked to stay in the company of James, Remus, and Sirius. Other times you would convince him to take a walk away from the rest of his friends because you liked having quality time with him.


As the usual of any Hogwarts student, Honeydukes was a place for Sirius. You would watch in bewilderment as he stuffed piece after piece of candy and sweets into a bag that he would later purchase. He claimed he wanted to get enough to share with you, but you knew he had the biggest sweet tooth out of his mates. You let Sirius tow you along with his friends. You liked them well enough. When you weren’t with his friends, a few kisses were shared here in there, whether in public or a dark corner.


It was the second Hogsmeade trip with Remus when he decided to show you where he would transform: The Shrieking Shack. You were very timid and nervous to go in, and your feelings of Remus being a werewolf scared you. But with his comforting words and his hand tightly around yours, he showed you the old shack was really harmless. After the experience, he would lighten the mood with a trip to The Three Broomsticks. He bought hot chocolate for the both of you and you made him feel better about himself with many gentle kisses.


Thanks for the request :)