candy board

Here's a list of things you can do for/with your little !!

baking (esp. cookies or brownies)
bedtime stories and being tucked in
being a princess
being told you’re too little to do ____
blanket forts
blowing bubbles
braided hair & pigtails
bubble baths
candy & cookies
candyland the board game
chocolate milk
cute clothes
coloring (esp. with crayons)
cotton candy
crafting in general
if relevant…. diaper checks & changing
helping make dinner
dressing up
firework sparklers
forehead/cheek kisses
glittery things of all forms
glow in the dark anything
cute hair accessories
hair brushing
head patting
holding hands
hugs & cuddling
ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles
juice boxes
jump rope
letters to caregiver
macaroni and cheese (esp. the shaped kraft kind)
having caregiver / daddy / mommy open jars and cans for you
cute names for you or your caregiver
reward charts & calendars
having shoes tied
sidewalk chalk
sippy cups
skip it
slip ‘n slide
cute snacks
smiling :)
stuffed animals
talking cutesy & using your little voice
tea parties
walking in the park
water gun fights
water sprinklers

I can not tell you how frustrating it is ,as a Child Sex Abuse victim, when people call shippers “pedophiles”.

Used to when people called others pedophiles it was because there was proof that they had sexually touched or abused a child it was because the accused was more than half the time an actual abuser.

Now myself and others have to step back and try to guess “did this person send a child sexual content/sexually touch them and abuse them? Or did they just ship something like Frisk and Sans or Shaladin?”

I HATE that I have to second guess if someone is a Pedophile or not on this damn site because people use it against shippers!

Your not helping actual children who are being affected by actual pedophiles! Your not saving them! Hell your not even helping the victims who grew up to be adults!!

You are using the word “pedophile” because it’s a knee jerk word and you use it against a ship you don’t agree with because it makes you feel uncomfortable and you don’t agree with it! So in order to actually start a witch hunt against people you call them a pedophile!

And the art that content creators make isn’t actually hurting any child. No flesh and blood living child is being harmed!

“But pedophiles might use it to groom their victims!!”
Yeah, they can also use toys, candy, video games, board games. Hell, my abuser said we were playing “mommy and daddy” and that’s what mommies and daddies did.

“Minors might see it!!!!!!”
It’s not the content creators job to babysit someone else’s child and protect them from images they may see on the internet, more so on Tumblr which btw allows adult content, that’s their parents jobs.

Now please, on the behalf is a victim of child abuse please. PLEASE stop using the fucking word and CSA victims as tokens!