candy apple candle

When your Bath & Body Works store tells you they have three wick Winter Candy Apple and Frosted Gingerbread candles so you drive all the way to Appleton and they only have 4 oz candles

Title: down this unfamiliar road
Rating: T
Word Count: 872
Summary: Dan and Phil - a house hunting journey. 

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“This one has a garden,” Phil says, finger trailing down a paper printout.

(Killing the trees, Dan had said, when it came in the mail.

They died so we could have aircon, Dan, Phil had said, not missing a beat.)

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three years ago, on this day, Az4angela punched hegemony in the gut when she dared to take a brazen stand and publicly address the startling failings and utter bullshit of corporate bureaucracy. angela’s passion challenges the tired apathies of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and proves what angry people (from wisconsin) can overturn when they refuse to lay down and let themselves be exploited by the hoary capitalist routine. angela’s explicit address to “”“JEN”“” from appleton–appleton, wisconsin, the appleton store–shows that frustrated consumers will no longer remain silent while those with the power and privilege distract us with the promises of gold that lay at the end of the rainbow that is their “off” “site” “store” and then further humiliate when they attempt to placate the destitute many with their petty alms. in the words of angela, “i have every single coupon that bath and body works has. i don’t need any more coupons!” we’re frustrated with the metaphorical appleton, fondelac, and the outlet in oshkosh; fed up with peach bellini; and pissed off that the promises of three-wick iced gingerbread and three-wick winter candy apple have proved empty. we not only deserve better–we demand it *huffs candle* so if you don’t like justice, or the revolution, then turn your mother. effing. camera. off. now.

this haul filled my small duffel bag I kept in my car for my lifted stuff so I’m satisfied!

“love you deerly” mug - 15$
tea tube infuser - 16.50$

warming oil - 1$ x 3
e.l.f hd powder - 7.97$
hello kitty soft lips cube - 4.67$
makeup remover wipes - idk 4$?

meowth shirt - 24.99$

❣️la senza❣️
christmas pajama set - 39.95$

❣️shoppers drug mart❣️
UD shadows - 22$ x 4
NYX lingerie - 9$ x 2 (but one was a tester cause I’m a dumbass)

❣️bath and body works ❣️
winter candy apple spray - 8.05$
winter candy apple 3 wick candle - 30.22$

❣️ardenes ❣️
pink sweatshirt - 26.50$

total: 286.85