COMICS AND NOSTALGIA: photorealistic oil on canvas by Florida-based artist Doug Bloodworth.

  • Doug Bloodworth has been recognized as one of our generation’s premier photorealist artists. His paintings hang in famous art galleries around the world.
  • Photorealism is a genre of oil painting in which a painting, when viewed from ten or twenty feet away, looks exactly like a photograph. Only when one gets just a few inches from the painting does one realize that in fact it is an oil painting and not a photo.

All artwork available for purchase on his website

Candy magazine featured me in their August 2015 issue!

And yes, that’s my name that I kept hiding from co-Tumblr bloggers. Just don’t try to search me in other social networking sites, becaaaaussseeee I’m a completely different person outside of Tumblr.

Anyway, happy August everyone!

New concept for an ooooooold character.

Her new name is Candy Creme. She works at the coffee shop, with Sweet. She is an art major, wanting to be a tattoo artist. Candy is a rather relaxed mare, but also ready to jump into a fight if you bother her or one of her coworkers. She’s also rather sensitive and can take insults to heart. Candy has a French accent and speaks the language fluently.