???-CANDOLL [Candy-Doll-Candle]
-The Candy pokemon
-Ability: Illuminate/Harvest - Sweet Veil(HA)
-Dex: “Long ago, on a halloween night, a kid went missing never to be found, shortly after this pokemon was seen wandering at night. Its presence is announced by a sweet smell in the air. ”

–>Evolves at lv. 20<–

???-JACKALAMP [Jack'o'Lantern-Lamp]
-The Lantern Pokemon
-Ability:  Grass Pelt/Harvest - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon makes it home inside a discarded pumpkin shell which serves as both shelter and armor. During daytime this pokemon will gather on open fields and lock inside their shells until night time comes again, always under the watch of a MONSTROW”
    -Bullet seed
    -Shadow Ball
    -Leech seed

–>Evolves at lv. 40 at Night<–

???-MONSTROW [Monster/Scarecrow]
-The Watchful Pokemon
-Ability: Grass Pelt/Harvest - Wicker Man*(HA)
-Dex: “This large pokemon are always to be found guarding large fields full of JACKALAMPs and sometimes CANDOLLS, being extremely protective and territorial to the point only one MONSTROW can inhabit a field. They are active only during night time, patrolling their fields and will remain motionless during daytime unless an intruder comes near their home ”
    -Burn Up
    -Shadow Force
    -Shadow Punch
    -Seed Bomb

*When hit by a fire-type move, the user will change its typing from grass to fire

I saw them laughing once; they held their sides
And laughed till old Olympus shook again,—
The blessed gods, who watch whate'er betides
On earth below, saw man with man in vain
Strive in besotted hate, crawl out at night
And creep about, and hide in fear the day,
Burrowing beneath the earth at dawn’s first light,
And sleeping all the golden hours away
Of sun and pleasure; then when night grows chill,
Though bright the full moon shines upon the earth
He calls it dark, comes out, and works his will.
Small wonder surely for Olympus’ mirth,
At War, sans right, sans reason, and sans mind,
This wild supremest folly of mankind!
—  “I saw them laughing once,” by Alec de Candole. Written while recovering from wounds, November 5, 1917.
We never dreamed that war would come again,
That we should see men fight round windy Troy,
That we ourselves should feel the battle-joy,
That we should know ourselves the battle-pain.
We read of all the wounds and toil and heat,
Of noble acts, and mighty deeds of fame,
The building up of many a glorious name;
But, far away, ‘twas bitterness grown sweet.
And now ourselves we plunge beneath its wave,
And feel the loss; and yet with purpose sure
All things, to save the world, we can endure :
—They save the world ; themselves they cannot save.
But those who found thus nobly with their blood
A newer world, and those whose harder call
'Twill be to build it true, alike we all
Work in one hope and trust one boundless God.
—  “War”, by Alec de Candole