les mis gothic
  • the bishop’s candlesticks are always lit. every time you go to blow them from existence, the flame flickers but does not die. you cease trying to – who knows what will happen if they ever go out?
  • when the dentist goes to take fantine’s two front teeth, they will not move. no pliers will do any good, for they do not wish to be parted from their mistress. he gives her the money anyway and prays he will never see her again. 
  • champmathieu looks like jean valjean when javert first sees him. he looks around him on the streets and finds that everyone he sees looks like jean valjean. he is surrounded by a city of valjeans. they must all be brought to justice.
  • to reach the back room of the cafe musain, you need to go down a long corridor. the corridor goes on and on, and you feel eyes on you constantly. the walls are blinking. you hurry faster.
  • the luxembourg gardens keep a watchful eye on the young girl with the beautiful face accompanied by the elderly gentleman. other men who look at her seem to melt into oblivion. marius pontmercy is lucky to escape with his life. sometimes, at night, you swear you can hear the gardens screaming.
  • the bundles of letters that eponine delivers are in no mortal language. the words squirm and twist on the page. she understands them. she is the only one.
  • there is a whisper on the streets that there are children who live in the elephant who only come out at night. you have never seen them. sometimes you hear laughter and snatches of song on the breeze. it doesn’t matter that you haven’t seen them, for they have seen you.
  • enjolras makes a speech at the barricade. you stop to listen and to be inspired, but none of his words will sink into your brain. you do not understand where you are, and neither do the people around you. the speech never ends.
  • all of the men on the barricade have sustained mortal wounds, and yet they continue to fight. before your eyes, a body separates into two. it fights on. you touch a boy with a bullet hole straight through his chest and try to ask him how he is still alive, but as his eyes meet yours his corpse falls to the ground. you learn not to question. your body is riddled with thirty three bullets. you hope nobody notices.
  • you attend marius and cosette’s wedding. nobody at the wedding knows who they are, and neither do you. all of the music sounds like screaming. someone tells you all of his friends are dead.

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