What I call a dream team 😎 #TheSilenceOfTheLambs was my first ‘adult’ film. #JodieFoster -my favourite actress- looked so different as #ClariceStarling (I’d only seen her in #BugsyMalone, #Candleshoe and #TheLittleGirlWhoLivesDownTheLane), #AnthonyHopkins’ #HannibalLecter was so evil yet so 'likable’ and I remember telling my aunts how much I loved him just to piss them off when in fact, I was questioning my teen-self whether or not it was ok to like someone as rotten as that. Since then, that style of acting has been my favourite. To be so famous yet so unrecognizable in a movie is something that very few actors are capable of doing, which is why I always root for #CateBlanchet and #ChristianBale. I have not seen all the movies nominated this year but I saw Blanchet shine in two of the best so yeah, I’d like to hear that she won (though my heart beats for #BrieLarson, I have yet to see 'Room’). #oscars

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