The Candle Meditation Technique

As you might have guessed, a candle meditation is practiced by gazing at a candle flame.

For some people this type of meditation is quite easy, as they find it easier to let go of thoughts when they are concentrating on a physical “thing” rather than on a mantra.

For others, this meditation can be a bit of a challenge - yes it can sometimes be tricky to keep your eyes open and focused on a candle without them blinking or watering. However, with a little practice, most people find that they gradually become very comfortable with this type of open-eye meditation.

One thing is for sure, this meditation is a fantastic way to improve your concentration skills, and it can lead you into a profoundly deep state of meditation if practiced properly.

Read on and I’ll tell you how to do this meditation the right way, and how to know when you have really succeeded at it!

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Glass or tin candles?
I will soon be introducing travel tin candles!

-lighter to ship (this means that customers, especially international, pay less for shipping when compared to glass jars)
-less chance of breakage during shipping
-easier to burn as a raised bottom reduces heat to the surface you place the candle on

Do you prefer glass or tin candles?

My dad just taught me something new.
Candles in glass jars and cups are not necessarily safe.
We have had a scorch mark in the bathroom for as long as I can remember. Today I learned that’s there because a candle in a glass jar (specifically from Yankee candle) had been left alone for a few minutes. The candle had been burnt down somewhat, and the heat of the flame heated the glass to the point of it exploding, leaving shattered glass everywhere, and the candle unprotected. It started a very small fire, but was quickly put out.
When using a candle that has been poured into a jar or any other glass container (and probably even ones just placed in a glass container), it should not be put on a flammable surface like wood or cloth. Put something between the surfaces like metal or stoneware that will not catch fire.
I had a little aluminum bucket with some junk in it lying around, so I cleaned it out and I think it looks pretty.
I just want to make sure everyone is using candles safely, because fire is not a joke and you could get hurt.