Spell to influence another’s dreams

(This spell is a little bit complicated and it needs some preparation time, but it is very effective. It came to me in a vision.)

Supplies needed:

○ One white candle.
○ One candle of a colour representing the type of the dream you want to send.
○ One knife.
○ One plate.
○ One bowl.
○ Chamomile.
○ Personal affect.
○ Clear quartz.

Get the coloured candle, choosing a colour that represents the type of dream you want to send. For example, if you want to send a nightmare, choose black. If you want to send a sex or lust dream, choose red. So on. 

Using the knife, carve a dream sigil into the candle. (Use this website. Type in the words “I send you dreams.” Draw the sigil.) 

Place the carved candle in a bowl of chamomile, fresh or dry, and add a personal affect belonging to the person you wish to send the dream to. Close your eyes and place your hands over the candle. Add clear quartz to the bowl. Imagine the person you want to send the dream to. Imagine the dream. Bring the image into your head. Use your energy and the energy of the quartz to push your intention into the candle. Continue until you think you are done.

Place your white candle onto a plate. This candle represents the person’s sleep. Light the candle. Wait a few minutes and then light the coloured candle. Drip wax from the coloured candle into/onto the white one, corrupting and infecting their sleep with the dream you wish to send.

Blow out the candles. Clean up.

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