last night i fell in love.
it was as simple as that sentence –
there were no beautiful words,
no candlelight dinners.
i never waited for the music to start
because i hadn’t a shot in hell to stop it.
we lay in a blackened room,
half naked and shivering
from how warm i was
from how close you were.
we babbled about our fears
of the ever-changing oceans
we found ourselves swimming;
i took your hand and squeezed it.
you peppered a kiss on my nose.
this was safe, i thought.
you are safe.
this was my way to stay above water
even though you threaten to drown me.
you were my way to learn the world
and yet my world had become you.
i memorized every inch of your neck
and drew secret messages across your back.
You can’t read this.
Can you?
I think I might love you.
he held me tighter, buried his head.
i lost my breath and hoped to never
breathe again.
—  A.M. #100

Top 10 Candlelight Dinners On The Beach

Everyone has his or her own idea of romance, but who doesn’t love a candlelight dinner on the beach? Well, whether you want to fall in love again, find some creative inspiration for your next date, or maybe you’re just curious to see what dreams are made of, the following list will definitely provoke some thoughts.

  1. Beach Pit Dining at At Dusit Thani Maldives
  2. Romantic Beach Picnic at Niyama
  3. BBQ Candlelight Dinner at Fregate Island Private
  4. Romantic Candlelight Beach Dinner at North Island
  5. Aalto Beach Restaurant at Aava Resort
  6. Private Beach Dinner at Constance Moofushi Resort
  7. Gazebo Beach Dinner at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray
  8. Eat Under the Stars at Kaya Mawa
  9. Candlelight Dinner at Rosewood Mayakoba
  10. Grill on the Sands at Banyan Tree Seychelles
The signs as things fuckboys say

Aries: whats ur bra size

Taurus: r u a virgin

Gemini: lesbian? r u bi haha lol

Cancer: nudes?

Leo: hey u up?

Virgo: wanna play 21 questions?

Libra: haha and then what ;)

Scorpio: pic for pic

Sagittarius: do u want to see something cool ;)

Capricorn: *hey haha lol stupid autocorrect

Aquarius: u r so beautiful I would take you out to a candlelight dinner and show you a great time then take you home and fuck you until you can’t see straight ;) I can show you a good time

Pisces: no I swear it’s 9 inches


“I don’t know what made you swing out of our candlelight dinner. I made a three course meal for us. All you had to do was take your clothes off and sit on my lap so I can feed you some home-cooked food. I even tied a pink bow around the dessert, which is now squished in my pants.”