What people think witchcraft is:

Serious rituals, cloaks, incantations in weird languages, meditation over candle light, cursing people all the time, gazing into a crystal ball and seeing the future, lots of old books with confusing spells and rituals, believing in superstitions, serious tarot sessions

What it actually is:

Shove the shit in the jar, burn the paper, 7 different notebooks as your grimoire w/ notes that you can’t make sense of anymore, staring at the moon for a weirdly extended period of time, shove more shit in the jars, pull a random tarot card & ignore it if it calls you out (bad idea btw), scribble sigils on literally everything, forgetting to put your crystals in the full moon & yelling about it, making yourself tea & pretending to contemplate life when ur actually just thinking about dogs

Candle color meanings

The burning of candles for spiritual purposes is a practice that dates back to ancient times. For as long as there have been candles, there were people who believed that a lit candle can connect the physical world with the spiritual realm. To these people, fire and flame are representations of the spark of creation. To light a candle is to illuminate the self.

Individuals accepting these beliefs use the burning light of candles to unfold their divine potential. What follows is an examination of these beliefs and the meaning behind illuminated candles combined with prayer and meditation. This examination will of course include a look into the significance and meaning of candle colors.

White Candles

The white candle represents the highest level of consciousness. Burning a white candle in conjointment with a meditative state is to seek protection, healing and purification. White represents truth, unity, harmony, and wholeness of spirit. The user who burns a white candle is invoking lunar energy. Since all colors are derived from pure white light, a white candle can be used as replacement for any other candle in many rituals.

Red Candles

The color red is firmly rooted in the physical world. The burning of red candles is said to put one in touch with the power of the flesh. Red represents temporal pleasures. It symbolizes passion and love as well as scorn and courage to stand up to one’s enemies. Red stimulates energy, vitality, fertility and personal power. Those who light a red candle are tapping into Scorpio energy. They seek love, respect, power magnetism and survival.

Yellow Candles

The color yellow exemplifies brainpower and intellect. He or she who lights a yellow candle is seeking to access the wisdom of the ages, and garner control over the full benefit of their own mental powers. Yellow embodies creativity, inspiration, concentration, logic, learning and action. The light of a yellow candle brings one closer to attaining the cheerfulness, endurance, stability and security they crave.

Blue Candles

Made from a primary spiritual color, blue candles are used in the examination of emotions (Saturn energy) and the attainment of calming wisdom and healing sleep. There are many shades of blue. Burning a dark blue candle promotes joy and laughter. Dark blue influences dreams and emotions. Royal blue signifies loyalty and fealty. Royal blue stirs the spiritual self and this color of candle is invoked by seekers of truth. Light blue is another very spiritual color. Light blue candles radiate Aquarian energy (calm waters) and are ideal for pursuing inspirational meditations. Those who light a blue candle are seeking truth, harmony and guidance while amplifying their creativity and perception.

Green Candles

Green is the color of success and abundance. This meaning can be traced back through the ages to when prosperity meant a bountiful harvest. Light a green candle when you want to mediate and reflect on nature, growth, healing and the good luck that makes finding employment or business success possible.

Black Candles

The burning of a black candle is serious business. This is done when one wants to neutralize negative energies. The color black offers protection from illness, evil and the negative energy cast upon you from outside forces. The black candle is also burned to harness the healing energy of the universe.

Pink Candles

The color pink manifests love, devotion, friendship and faith. Putting a flame to a pink candle means that the devotee is interested in forming a partnership or is possibly seeking affection or perhaps emotional healing. The color of universal love, pink represents the purest form of love – unconditional and enduring. Pink candles are used in rituals to attract attention or achieve some other joyful purpose.

Orange Candles

The great portrait artists of the Middle Ages understood well the power of orange. Orange is the color of sudden change. It confers upon those who dare to wear it, a form of super-power. Few people today (including royalty) possess the boldness required to put on orange garments. To this end, the act of burning an orange candle is an aggressive move. One would do so to effect instant and profound change. The lighting of orange candles is suitable for rituals occurring on the eve of weddings or important business meetings.

Purple Candles

Students of esoterism believe that purple candles have the power to cancel out the negative effects of bad karma. Ancient wisdom holds that the color purple is associated with the third eye. Burning a purple candle can enhance psychic powers. The color has a meaning steeped in meditation, divination and hidden knowledge. Those who burn purple candles do so to expand upon what they already have. They may also wish to obtain spiritual protection, find recognition, or seek reconciliation with something that exists in the realm of the spirits.

Brown Candles

Brown is the color of our Earth. This color represents above all things balance and a firm connection to the land. The individual who supplicates in the presence of a burning brown candle is sending a message to the universe that they respect the dignity and solemnity of mother Earth (they are well-grounded), and that they acknowledge the delicate balance of all things living on this Earth. Brown candles are used in rituals to regain balance, seek refuge from chaos, eliminate indecisiveness, find lost items and develop meaningful friendships.

Gray Candles

Gray is a neutral color. It is useful to the practitioner when meditating on complex issues. The gray candle has the power to offset negative influences without repercussions. The gray candle is used in the same manner that charcoal is used to flush poisons from the body.

Gold Candles

The gold candle is burned by the votary to achieve enlightenment. This is because the color gold emblemizes light in its purest form. Gold is the very symbol of good fortune. It represents money, success, protection and victory over our troubles. The burning of a gold candle enhances communication with the universe as it attracts positive cosmic influences. Gold candles are recommended for use in rituals undertaken to gain personal power or fortune.

Highly spiritual believers hold that a candle flame can create a passageway that will enable prayers and petitions to be more easily received by such powers from which help is being sought. For these supporters of the faith, the deep meaning of candle color is what enables them to focus and meditate on their goals, objectives, problems and their ultimate solutions.

🌟Inconspicuous Witchy Items🌟

This is a list of inconspicuous witchy items that you can keep at home or with you and not draw unwanted attention or letting people know your practice.

Originally posted by ofallingstar

🌟 Candles and incense! Candles and incense are great inconspicuous tools for magic, especially birthday candles. Most people wouldn’t suspect you of being a witch if they saw a candle or some incense lying about! Plus, they’re great tools for cleansing and empowering spells!
🌟 Oil diffusers and essential oils! Oil diffusers and essential oils are amazing as well and it won’t out you as a witch. Oil diffusers are great to disperse oil about the room to cleanse it and essential oils can be used in all kinds of magic!
🌟 Salts and herbs! As long as these items stay in the kitchen, no eyebrows will be raised. They’re great for all sorts of spells and amazing with some kitchen magic! Just remember to bring them back to the kitchen and not use all of it if you move these around!
🌟 Teas! If you can’t find the right herbs, you can use tea packets! A lot of teas have a good mix of herbs that may not be on a spice rack in your kitchen. Plus, you can use tea for kitchen magic and the steam from it can cleanse an area. You can also use it in the bath! Best of all, no one will suspect you of being a witch if you have tea in your kitchen cupboard!
🌟 Ziploc bags! Jars can raise some eyebrows, actually, so the safest bet is Ziploc baggies! Plus, they’re easier to move around with no need to be afraid to make noise and they can hold all your herbs, powders, oils, and such. Just make sure to keep them somewhere hidden and don’t poke a hole! It’d be awful to have to clean up a mess or to have someone find your baggie full of herbs.
🌟 Dowels and string! If you’re a crafty witch, this one is perfect for you! You can keep these anywhere you want without causing suspicion. You can use dowels as wands and you can use string or a dowel to cast a circle!
🌟 A deck of cards and a necklace or lanyard! If you want to do some divining, but a pendulum or tarot deck would out you, you can use a deck of playing cards and a necklace or lanyard instead! You can use the playing cards as you would use a tarot deck and you can use a necklace or lanyard as a pendulum! None of these items would cause people to think twice about what you’re doing.
🌟 Bottled water! Any type of bottled water would work, and seeing it around your room would never draw suspicion! You can leave the bottled water under the moonlight to charge in a windowsill for an hour or two and have moon water or you can use it to represent the element of water. There’s so many things you can do with water and a bottle of water wouldn’t drum up suspicion!

Tips for Witches Keeping Their Practice Secret

Some of my witchy friends keep their practice secret for various reasons, so here’s a handful of tips for witches trying to do the same!

-Take up an interest in stones/zodiac/plants/etc
-Design your altar inside a shoebox that can easily be closed and hidden away
-Drink lots and lots of tea
-Dress or paint your nails in corresponding colors
-Use a cleansing spray as perfume/air freshener
-Use herbs when you cook for correspondences
-Stir things clockwise
-If you’re not a tea fan, use ingredients in your coffee corresponding with intent/goal for the day (ie cinnamon or mint for luck/prosperity, sugar for a sweet day, etc)
-Take advantage of various mundane tools (cosmic witches can use galaxy themed objects, art witches can use paint water for potions and things, green witches can use a rake as a broom, so on.)
-Cleanse and clean at the same time! Wash negative energy off your floors/dishes, sweep away negativity, etc.)
-Incense is a relatively normal thing nowadays, and candles are always cool. Carve symbols into candles, use incense according to scent to cleanse or whatever
-Draw sigils in places that are difficult to see: purse, wallet, shoes, etc
-Enchant/charm various items you use daily (charm your keys so that they’re difficult to use
-If you don’t mind not speaking aloud, speak spells in your head
-Store your supplies in places where people won’t go, such as under your bed or in the back of your closet.
-If you’re making moon/star/sun water, leave it in a plastic water bottle. Of anyone asks, tell them you’re just a little messy and forgot to put it away or something.
-Make spell jars look like galaxy jars, candle holders, etc and people will be much less suspicious
-If someone asks, tell them sigils are just random doodles/made up language/brand symbol/etc
-Open up your windows as much as possible to let in natural light/fresh air!
-Dress your house will pictures of the moon/planets/stars/patron god/goddess/etc because ~aesthetic~
-Make your grimoire/BoS/whatever you like to call it look like a notebook, document, file, or something else relatively unsuspicious
-Remember that you are a wonderful, qualified witch no matter what type of witchcraft you practice

Reblog with your own additions!

Mary Gardens and Saintly Plants

Hello my fellow Catholic witches! So while I was looking through stuff to do for May, I came across Mary Gardens and I thought they sounded like something full of potential witchery.

What is a Mary Garden?

A Mary garden is a garden dedicated to Mary. It is full of plants relating to Mary and her son, Jesus. They also contain a statue of Mary and sometimes have benches and candles for prayer. Some people also add plants relating to other saints. Sometimes they are dedicated to a certain aspect of Mary (such as Our Lady of Sorrows). They can be as big as a park or as small as a flower pot.

Plants for a Mary Garden

Relating to Jesus

Grapes- His blood

Wheat- His Body

Hyssop- Used at the Crucifixion

Begonia- Heart of Jesus

Geranium- Heart of Jesus

St. John’s Wort- Jesus’ Blood

Snapdragons- the Child Jesus’ shoes

Passion flowers- Christ’s Passion (the stamens and pistils look like the nails and the crown of thorns)

Red Roses- Christ’s Passion (as the crown of thorns and the five petals are Christ’s five wounds)

Plants with thorns- the crown of thorns

Dogwood- the Crucifixion

Relating to Mary

All flowers are associated with Mary but here are some that have more specific associations.

Roses- The Marian flower. Said to be found in her tomb, and appear in most of her apparitions. Used during May Crowning. Their colors symbolize her as follows:

White - Mary’s Purity

Red- Mary’s Sorrow

Gold- Mary’s Glory

Lilies- Said to be found in her tomb and given to her by the angel Gabriel at the Annunciation

Forget-Me-Nots- Our Lady’s Eyes

Baby’s Breath- Our Lady’s Veil

Bachelor’s Buttons- Our Lady’s Crown

Bleeding Hearts- Mary’s Heart pierced by swords

Iris- the swords that pierced Mary’s Heart

Marigolds- Mary’s gold

Violets- Our Lady’s Modesty

Lavender- one legend says this plant got its scent when Mary laid Jesus’ clothes out to dry on it

Lily-of-the-Valley- Said to have grown from Mary’s tears as she stood at the foot of the cross

Damask Roses- the roses Our Lady of Guadalupe told St. Juan Diego to gather

English Daisy- Mary’s Love

Maidenhair Fern- Mary’s Hair

Field Bindweed- Our Lady’s Cup (from a German legend that Mary freed a wine seller’s cart after giving her a drink. Because he did not have a cup, Our Lady used the flower of Field Bindweed instead)

Morning Glory- Our Lady’s Cloak

Hawthorn- traditionally used during May Crowning

Honeysuckle- Our Lady’s fingers or Our Lady’s stick

Hydrangea- Ave Maria

Jasmine- Mary

Larkspur- Mary’s tears

Moonflower- Our Lady of the Night

Primrose- Mary’s candlestick

Juniper- Our Lady’s Shelter, said to have hidden the Holy Family during the flight to Egypt

Snowdrops- used at Candlemas

Sweet Alyssum- Blessed by Mary

Tulip- Mary’s Prayer

Water lily- Our Lady of the Lake or Stella Marius

Parsley- Our Lady’s Little Vine

Sage- Mary’s shawl

Thyme- Mary’s humility

Fennel- Our Lady’s Fennel

Spearmint- Mary’s mint

Horehound- Mother-of -God’s tea

Dandelion- Mary’s bitter sorrow

Catnip- Mary’s nettle

Valerien- Our Lady’s Needlework

Chamomile- Maiden’s weed

Other plants

These relate to saints or to God.

Columbine- the Holy Spirit (because they look like doves)

St John’s Wort- Named after one of the many St. Johns

Chicory- the Heavenly way

Coriander- St. John’s head

Dill- Devil away

Tarragon- Named for St. Martha’s dragon

Shamrock- St. Patrick

Lilies- St. Joseph’s staff

Peony- Pentecost Rose

Nasturtium- St. Joseph’s flower

Tritium- the Holy Trinity

Ivy- Where God has Walked

Hollyhock- St. Joseph’s staff

Gladiolus- 12 Apostles

Grape Hyacinth- St. Joseph’s bells

Basil- St. Anthony of Padua

Cosmos- St. Michael’s flower

Aster- Michaelmas daisies

Chrysanthemum- All Saint’s flower

Cherry- used on St. Barbara’s feast day

Pussy willow- used on Ash Wednesday

Palm- used in Palm Sunday

Pansies- the Holy Trinity

Blackberries- last gathered on Michaelmas

What does this have to do with witchcraft?

Well, many of these plants are commonly used in witchcraft. They can be used to call upon a certain saint for help (doing a protection spell, use Cosmos- St. Michael’s flower). Or they can be used based on their association (Maidenhair fern for beauty spells because it’s associated with Mary’s hair).

Feysand jokes

Feyre: *laying in bed while Rhys brushes teeth* Rhys?

Rhys: *pops head out from bathroom* hmm?

Feyre: you are driving a bus, 450 people get on.

Feyre: 3 people get off…

Rhys: *finishes brushing teeth*

Feyre: *watches as Rhys blows out candles* 67 people get on, 32 get off…

Rhys: *smirks, crawling onto bed*

Feyre: 17 people get on, 4 get off…

Rhys: *cocks head to side, sliding under covers*

Feyre: *wicked grin* what color are the bus drivers eyes?

Rhys: *puzzled* ummm…how does that pertain-

Feyre: HA! I GOT YOU. *pokes Rhys in the stomach*


Feyre: *laughing wildly* YOU are the bus driver, remember?

Rhys: * unable to stifle his own laughter as he kisses her smile*

What people think a witch’s lair looks like

What it’s more likely to look like

There are messy witches that like Star Wars and Pókemon, whose dogs sleep on their beds without permission

And they can’t fit more stones in their bowls and have salt all over the house and save that especially pretty bottle for the right thing, but end up never using it.

And keep quartz next to the phone to prevent bad news.

And collect and drink too many kinds of tea.

And have more mason jars filled with things than anyone should ever have, but still do their laundry.

And have plants everywhere, even by the sink.

And hang their laundry in the back yard but keep a bundle of rosemary by the back door to prevent bad spirits from entering the house.

And leave sigils and wallets and keys everywhere.

And have spices and herbs and microwaves.

Being a witch does not prevent you from being a person.

We’re not an aesthetic and we’re not crazy. We’re people who have decided to reach out for things we cannot see but we can still feel.

And still we eat and we sleep and we’re late for work and we study for exams and watch sports and play music and go clubbing and cry with movies and drive and dance in the shower and watch the news and play video games and go grocery shopping.

And there are plants everywhere and rocks in the corners and tarot decks in drawers and candles in shelves.

We’re people.

We’re people just like everyone.

Stop being so afraid of us.

Nik's Tips for discreet witchcraft

I know there are a lot of young witches who need to be discreet about their craft, so I’ve made some tips for how to practice witchcraft and still be discreet. Just putting a little disclaimer, I don’t practice all of these myself (like the color magic) but I thought they would be useful to include, nor do I claim to know everything, I constantly learn just like everyone else.

Witch Tips

1) keep a small notebook/sketchbook 

     A pocket sized notebook is helpful for any witch but expecially for being discreet. Drawing sigils and writing spells in the notebook is a way to cast spells in the open with no one noticing. The pocket notebook is also a great system for artists and writers as drawing and creative writing everyday really improves skill, and if someone happens to look inside the book doesn’t scream witchcraft.  I personally like using my own leather bound pocket book but the mini composition notebook also works and is less noticeable. A tip for doing the sigil or spell magic is when you write or draw imaging you intend in order to charge it and draw a circle around it to cast it (you don’t have to do this but it helps some witches). Putting a charm or sigil of hiding on the notebook will also help it not be too noticeable

2) Use online books

    The Internet is an all around helpful source, but it’s expecially helpful for discreet witches who want to do reasearch. Getting hard copy books are great but can easily be seen lying around your room. It’s much easier to just use online books and you can find more subjects than just in a library.  If you’re worried about someone looking through your history you can always use incognito mode or simply delete the history and cookies after you’re finished.

3)Wearing simple crystal jewelry

    Crystal jewelry may seem like it’s obviously witchy but with current fashion trends crystal necklaces are pretty common. Stones and crystals are used in magic all the time and have their own meanings, while it’s not uncommon for people to know that crystals have meanings it’s easy to brush off wearing crystal jewelry as just a fashion choice.  When getting crystal jewelry don’t buy from stores in the mall like hot topic or forever 21. These stores sell fake crystals, some places claim that their real but 99% if the time fashion stores sell glass instead of crystal(unless you go to an actual crystal/spiritual store, these are usually real).

4)Do rituals outside

   The practice of rituals can be hard to do if you’re trying to be a discreet witch. Doing rituals outside help with not getting caught in the middle of a ritual. There is still a chance someone could catch you but it’s a very small chance and they’re most likely a stranger you’ll never see again. If you use incense in rituals being outside helps the smell not linger where people can smell and become suspicious as well. Being out in nature while doing rituals also helps green witches with spiritual energy.

5)Use scented candles for candle magic

   Having lots of candles can raise suspicious with some people, scented candles fix this. Having one or two scented candles doesn’t seem abnormal and is pretty common. Yankee Candle has a great variety of color and scents, you can pick by a color you commonly use or by scent. Herbal scents such as rosemary and lavender double as color magic and scent magic. Make sure when you pick out candles pick a scent you like and that the smell won’t give you a headache.

6)Keep a small magic box

   Having a small box is good for storing little witchy items and because the box is small it can be easily hidden. Keeping a candle, lighter, a few small crystals and some herbs, are a few basics that can usually fit in a small box. You can get a small wooden box at craft stores for about a dollar and decorate it or keep it plain, or even use an empty Altoids tin.  Another way to keep it hidden is putting a charm or sigil of hiding. Small magic boxes are also helpful for transportation to outdoor rituals.

7)Use color magic when getting dressed

    Using color magic when getting dressed is a simple form of magic and no one can tell you’re doing witchcraft. When putting away your clothes you can easily charge the clothing with the intent so it’s ready for when you wear it. If you’re like me and wear the same color everyday you can write small sigils on the tags of clothing.

8)Write sigils in lotion

   Writing sigils onto your skin with lotion or make up foundation are a great form of discreet witchcraft. Once you write the sigil and rub it into your skin it can no longer be seen therefore no getting caught. Rubbing the sigil into your skin helps imbue the magic into you. This practice is great for glamour spells.

9)Use whatever is in the kitchen for herb magic.

    Buying or drying your own herbs could possibly raise questions, if you’re doing herb magic just try to use whatever herbs you have in the kitchen. The best way to do this is to just put the herbs in meals you’re having. When taking herbs from the kitchen just remember not to do it too often and get caught.

10)Avoid making an alter

     This is kind of an obvious thing not to do. Having an alter is a very easy way to get caught and you don’t need an alter to perform witchcraft. If you insist on having an alter you can make a pocket alter which is basically the same as the small magic box in tip #6.

11)Pocket stones

     Discreet or not pocket stones are useful. Pocket stones are just stones or crystals you keep in your pocket or in a pouch throughout the day. Most people won’t be going through your pockets so it’s good for a discreet crystal witch.

12)If you want to collect crystal also keep a rock/mineral book

     Crystals are a fairly witchy thing but just adding a rock guide book makes it look like a simple collection which is pretty common. Whether your a discreet witch or not rock guide books are a good things to keep around if you want to learn.

13)Herb magic potpourri

     If you make herb pouches use nicely scented herbs to have the pouch double as potpourri. If the pouches double as potpourri they’re more inconspicuous. Places the pouches around dirty laundry or in drawers, placement helps the pouches look more like potpourri and less like witchcraft.
I hope these tips are helpful to some people and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

thantos1991  asked:

You are one step away from being a witch. You have a possed house. You have all of this herbal knowledge (due to sickness). You just need a crystal collection and a familiar.

Way head of you lmao

[An image depicting the tree of life symbol, surrounded by a double circle of protective stones with an angel at the top, flanked by two candles]

Also apparently people seem to think the Demon Rose is my familiar which I am down with.

“It’s my party, and I’ll eat people if I want to.”

A little dish to celebrate the 4th birthday of our beloved Hannibal, paying tribute to the delectable food stylings of Janice Poon. Prints of this piece were used as menus at the NYC Hanniversary dinner, and I have a spare that I may include in a giveaway soon. Raise a glass of people-beer to our favorite cannibal, and as you blow out the candles on the people-cake, wish for the gift we’d all love to unwrap the most. Here’s to Season 4, and many more.


aka Episode 95, part 2 of 3 (part 1 is here)!

Isis is recounting the time she took Malik out for an icecream once and destroyed her whole family. #oops

It started well…

Good to know the Ishtars have an actual normal way in and out of the cult-dungeon and don’t have to climb up and down the well that Pegasus et al broke in via! 

Malik gets his first ever taste of the sun…

Can you imagine how intense the Egyptian sun would be, having never seen anything brighter than candlelight? Although possibly Malik has seen sunlight coming through the well, since the moon is definitely visible from it.

Isis takes him to a town which must be really very close by. If Isis and other women from the clan do come here, which they must, I wonder if they’re noticed, the way, say, a semi-secret group of Amish people would be in a village market. Old-fashioned simple dress, archaic language, buying in bulk and leaving in a direction where there’s supposed to be nothing but ruins?

Despite this being the smallest and crappest market in northern Africa, Malik is OVERSTIMULATED and I guess we’re all just lucky she didn’t bring him to a mall. 

what now they’re fucking fairies or something? ~“of this world”~ This is your local supermarket, for all intents and purposes, and you’ve obviously been here before. But even though Isis is probably allowed to come here, she’s obviously been taught to think of herself as totally separate from these people.

But the first thing Malik does touch ~of this world~ isn’t anything flashy, it’s a magazine someone dropped…

Malik shows an admirable librarian-like quality!

And he’a absolutely fascinated by the I-have-to-presume photos in the magazine. They could be drawings. Because they ARE drawings. It’s functionally impossible for me to tell what’s supposed to be an anime-style drawing and what’s supposed to be a photograph IN an anime, except by context, and either a semi-realistic drawing OR a photograph would look “so real” next to, y’know,

Malik is enchanted by a photo (drawing?) of a man riding a motorbike, and then happens to see a different (the same??) man riding a motorbike on a live action (animated???) television program

Isis hurries him away when she realises the man at the stall with the TV is surprised that Malik is so awestruck by seeing a TV. She obviously doesn’t want him to guess that Malik has never been outside before. It’s unclear whether she knows about child protective services or not but definitely they will all be in some trouble if CPS ever found the child-torture-isolation-dungeon aka home.

She DOES know about motorbikes and TVs and stuff though! Malik asks and she tells him exactly what they all are. It’s so fascinating to me that she’s having clearly such a very different life to him, and they’re so close but she’s obviously never told him about any of these things. I imagine the women are more permissive, especially over ground, but have impressed on Isis that she mustn’t tell Malik of these things, especially when he was young. If Malik let slip something about televisions to his father, they would probably all be in trouble.

Malik’s excitement dissipates as he realises, even if he lives a long life…

And Isis stops dead

She was trying so hard to make Malik happy, to give him his wish while still protecting him from their father, and this is where she realises that maybe Malik not knowing what he’s missing was better. Now that he knows, now that he’s stood in sunshine and had a taste of possibilities, how can he ever be happy underground? He’s only 12, and she’s only 16. 

She swallows it all and puts on a smile for him.

Trying to ease the blow that they have to return so soon. She made him promise they would only be gone an hour, I think the town must be more than 20 minutes walk away.

And just all she wants is for him to be happy!

He does have amazingly effective puppy-dog eyes though… They’re both so cute! And they really ask for so little! He doesn’t even ask to keep the whole magazine - a whOLE MAGAZINE, like that would be such an outrageous demand for a 12 year old. He just wants one little reminder of the only hour of his life he didn’t spend in darkness.

And then. THIS asshole. Shows up. Just fuckin teleports right into their path so Isis almost runs right into him.

Isis, being one of the smartest people on this show, is immediately almost aggressively suspicious of This Asshole.

This Asshole tells them, nbd, their inevitable future is awash with “bloodshed and tragedy” and, oh, btw,


“oh hi kids, don’t be alarmed or murder anyone, I’d just like to let you know your Long Foretold Destiny is here, the Pharaoh’s soul is kickin around Japan (for some reason), so it’d be just super swell if you two would inherit the mystical artifacts your family has been guarding for millennia for Just This Occasion! and pop over there to drop them off with a Mr Yugi Mutou of the Kame Game Shop, central Domino City, Japan, I’ll write down the address for you, oh, and be sure to look up a Mr Pegasus on your way, he has some trading cards you should tuck into that little Pharaoh Care Package too! hey, y’know what, I’ll walk you home to explain all this to your dad too in case he doesn’t believe you!”

or even a like

“The Great Pharaoh’s soul once more walks the Earth. Your ancient promise must soon be fulfilled. Seek the Pharaoh.”

that would probably have worked, they’re good kids. And smart. They could have stolen the Items from the shitty desk tidy and run away to Japan all together: Malik and Isis both separately found the Pharaoh, so together they definitely could have, and probably sooner!


yep that’ll probably work.

Isis insists they return home, and Malik asks for one more thing

(vrum vrum)

One moment longer in the sunshine to imagine his new wish, which he currently accepts will never come to pass:

a highly safety-conscious motorbike ride.

But when they re-enter the child-torture-dungeon, they notice something they missed on the way out…

It’s some contraption attached to the door, which Isis says she didn’t notice in the darkness as they were leaving. She must never have been out without an older relative before, and didn’t realise there was a rudimentary alarm. She immediately guesses what’s happened but it isn’t until they see Malik’s room has been trashed that Malik figures it out, and by the time they reach Rishid…


And that’s where things start to slip out of Malik’s control, because with Rishid unconscious…

This mini-murderer is free to take over. That’s him CATCHING THE END OF THE WHIP BEFORE IT STRIKES HIM, btw.

One of Mr Ishtars hopefully many regrets will be that he decided to whip Rishid to unconsciousness in this particular room, because it makes it far too easy for Yami baby!Malik to claim the Rod.

And he isn’t shy about using it, pinning first his father

and then his sister to the walls.

And just straight up stabbing Mr Ishtar to death with the pointy interior of the Rod, which, you know, was a bit of a weird design choice to begin with. You really have to Work to murder anyone with any of the other Items…

(AU where Malik instead strangles Mr Ishtar with the Necklace and during Battle City Malik knows the future and Isis controls people’s minds)

He’s about to turn on Isis too, thinking Rishid dead already, but that’s when Rishid wakes up (above, pictured, Yami baby!Malik’s surprised face) and as soon as their eyes meet, Original Flavour baby!Malik resurfaces, with no memory of what just happened.

Rishid tries to protect him (this is so touching, look at Malik’s little hand on Rishid’s chest </3) but Malik sees…

He’s surprisingly upset for someone whose father, y’know, tortured him, kept him trapped underground, almost beat his brother to death, probably more than once, completely overlooks his sister, throws candles at people, etc etc. But that’s not uncommon in children who’ve been abused by their parents.

Oh yeah, and just in case the TRAUMATISED CHILDREN aren’t fucking traumatised enough…


Was he POSSESSING him?? He comes right out of Mr Ishtar?? Did Shadi go tell those kids death is their future and then pop home before them to ORCHESTRATE THE DEATH?? Like Mr Abusivshtar is definitely capable of beating Rishid to within an inch of his life, Asshole possession or no, but like, why is Shadi coming out of him if he wasn’t In him??



A/N: This is a little birthday fic for the Choi Twins! I also have it posted on Ao3 and if you want to read it there. Thanks, and I hope you like it~ 

TW: Heavy themes of child abuse in the first half

Saeyoung waited until he heard the droning snore of his drunk mother before even daring to crack open one eyelid. He propped himself up on his elbows. They ached against the hardwood floors, but he ignored it and strained his ear.

Another snore.

He released a short breath before pushing himself onto his feet. Using his thick socks as a buffer, he carefully maneuvered his way past his mother’s resting place on her mattress. He paused and looked behind at it. He wondered what it would feel like to sleep on one. Would it be warmer than the sheet he slept on at night? Or maybe she stayed warm because of the fluffy looking blanket.

He shook the fantasy from his mind and proceeded to his destination. He had spent weeks preparing for this—memorizing where the floor bent, where it creaked, and where it was slippery enough to glide over instead of step on. Finally, he made it to the closet.

He cringed when the door let out a high-pitched squeak, but it didn’t seem to disturb his mother. He entered the closet, leaving it slightly open so the moonlight could guide his way. “Saeran,” he called softly.

There was no response. Saeyoung creeped forward, hands outstretched. His fingers brushed through a scruff of hair. He kicked the door open a little more so he could see his brother. Saeran didn’t stir from the contact. His head remained leaning against his slouched shoulder, his mouth a little ajar.

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Choose | Batfam x Reader

Description: Dying is a conflicting expirience.

Words: 2265

Notes: I wrote this after I watched a horror movie and I literally have ZERO idea where this came from. What part of my brain could create this?

Masterlist | Inbox

Taglist: @followeroonieclassic @instantangelstudent @puggleprincess @robincoalition @blue-streak-dolan

You felt uneasy in the light. That’s why your dreams were dark and often colorless. You had control in that spectrum, you had control in the dark. So it was when you dreamt of a dark field of white roses that you thought you were in control.

It was more of a clearing than a field, but the flowers were so plentiful you could barely find a place to put your feet between their stems. The sky was a dark lavender, smoky and foggy, empty without its moon. The moon was the red bouncy ball of your dreams. It signified control. So where was it?

Vines and dark tree-trunks knotted into the ground behind you, and with every step between the thorned roses, it was your shadow. You held the slippery fabric of your cape between your fingers, the edges torn after you tugged it off a bundle of briars. Even with your cape and your hood the rest of your costume was replaced with a black dress that fell to your knees. It didn’t save your shins from being scratched by the thorns, but in this dream, you couldn’t feel pain… yet.

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Last night there was a candlelight vigil held at the Magic Kingdom at park close to honor the victims of the Pulse massacre. It was unofficial and not sponsored by Disney in any way. And yet, Disney showed their solidarity and respects in a uniquely Disney way. 

 After the nightly “Kiss Goodnight,” the atmosphere music was shut off and all of Main Street was cloaked in dead silence as hundreds of people held candles, phones, and glow sticks into the air. And then, in an unexpected show of support, the colors of the castle changed from red to yellow, then green and blue and finally purple. 

 Disney also allowed working cast members to attend in costume and even shut down a few of the Main Street shops. Emporium cast members, who lost one of their own in the shooting, stood directly in front of the castle with a heart made of glow sticks. Inside the heart, among the candles, were trinkets and small things that cast and guests left to show their respects such as stickers, celebration buttons, maps, even Photopass cards and Mickey ears. 

 As guests exited the park, they were handed rainbow Mickey pins or Mickey love pins by working cast members. And cast members who left through the tunnels were handed rainbow Mickey antenna toppers. 

 I cannot put into words how comforting and important it is to see Disney showing their support for the LGBT+ community. They didn’t have to acknowledge the vigil at all but they did and they made it more magical than anyone expected.

A light for everyone who needs it…

A wonderful person used to believe that lighting a candle can help people in hard times. It’s one of the best memories we shared together. Even thinking of candles and their light is heartwarming…

This picture was inspired by @stephiramona‘s and @amymontico‘s abstract challenge and my boyfriend helped me creating the smoke, but I drifted away whilst experimenting and it’s not as abstract as I planned first… I know I might be late for the challenge. Anyways, their tutorials really helped a lot…

Request(s): hellooo 👋 so your platonic friends w/ performance team au was so cute!!! would you be able to do one for hip hop unit?? k thanx bye 💕
hello! could you give me some more platonic fluff with friend!svt hip hop unit pls♥ i love your writings tysm!
Members: S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon (svt)
Genre: platonic goodness we all love and adore
Find best friend Performance Unit here: x


  • Another noisy bff lmao 
  • But is also like a Dad bff 
  • One minute he’s shouting with you and getting all hype and the next second he’s lecturing you about your grades
  • “I didn’t ask for a second dad”
  • “And I didn’t ask for another child now sit down and do some math” 
  • The kind of best friend who pays for your food like a real mvp
  • (seriously yall if you don’t have a friend who buys you food GET ONE it’s the shit)
  • When you guys are out you can just forget your wallet at home or say you don’t have enough and he sighs dramatically but really he doesn’t mind paying rlly
  • He’ll show up at your house with food whenever he wants to complain too like “Here I brought you chicken wings fair trade right okay now you wON’T BELIEVE WHAT SEOKMIN AND SOONYOUNG DID TO WAKE ME UP THIS MORNING-”
  • Probably bad with technology and makes you learn how to work tech so that you can help him 
  • “What are you, a 70 year old man?”
  • “If I am then you better learn to respect your elders”
  • “Damn okay savage Cheol”
  • If you want to do something really ridiculous, Coups is on board with no questions asked what a homie 
  • Literally doesn’t care if it’s embarrassing so long as he’s laughing with you 
  • It also helps if you promise to buy him his favorite snacks after words because then he will go all out 
  • Asks you to nag his members sometimes because half the time they listen to you better than they listen to him 
  • Ultimate wingman- he’s got you, take him to a club and he will be sure you get any cutie you have your eye on
  • Plus this way he can watch your back and make sure you’re safe at the same time because he is Swole and clubs aren’t always the safest
  • No but seriously he’s so good at talking you up to strangers ?? Bless him
  • If you get entered in any sort of competition or event he’s in the audience or stands cheering you on
  • Probably makes a huge banner and drags members of Seventeen out with him so they can all hold it 
  • They all have your name written on their cheeks as they cheer
  • It’s so EXTRA but it makes you feel hella cared for so though you playfully complain you’re delighted to see it and let it happen 
  • Buys you guys matching sunglasses and you guys go out in them and Woozi is like “those are literally so dorky” and then the two of you are just like pft yeah whatever he’s probably just jealous
  • Woozi: literally why would I be jealous of your neon pink sunglasses
  • Coups: because we look better than you ever have
  • Woozi: w o w 
  • Cue you and Coups running away giggling while Woozi looks at the two of you with disgust
  • Protective friend, doesn’t want an ounce of harm to come to you so honestly you just always feel very safe with him?? He’d literally fight the universe if it threatened you and you both know that 
  • You always have to tell him to stay calm before you tell him if someone hurt your feelings because he’s already rolling up his sleeves like let me at em
  • Like he’s jokester and everything but he really is a sweet guy and an excellent friend god bless


  • A soft friend, a good friend
  • He’s overall a pretty chill friend?? Like he’s really fun to be around but he doesn’t rile you up as much as most of the other members might 
  • He’s very easygoing with any plans that you make, like he’s down to clown with just about anything
  • Wanna go see a movie? Cool
  • Check out a new amusement park? Dope
  • Pull a prank on one of the members at 1 am until they receive a noise complaint because Seungkwan saw you guys sneaking around and screamed because he thought it was a ghost? Neat let’s do it
  • Probably wants to try baking with you
  • Even if you’re a terrible baker, you’re gonna find yourself baking with your good ol’ pal Wonu because how can you say no to him he’s so good
  • One time y’all mixed up the salt and sugar and made the nastiest cupcakes ever but instead of tossing them you just shrugged and left them out
  • The point was to see who was gonna be a Snake and try and sneakily steal a cupcake they thought would be delicious
  • They played themselves tho those things were salty as HELL 
  • Wonwoo was thoroughly amused and was just “Can we do it again?” and you were like “nO Wonu that’s a waste of ingredients Chill”
  • One of those pals that’ll get signed merch for you from all your favorite idols
  • But also slips in signed Seventeen merch that only he autographed
  • You: Wonwoo this is the third time
  • Wonwoo: I know you love it :~)
  • You: Ew I didn’t even say you were my bias stop 
  • Probably buys a lot of candles for people whenever he needs to get gifts because who doesn’t like candles??? 
  • Plus he has like no idea what else to get instead and he won’t let you help him go gift shopping because He Is An Adult And He Can Do It Himself 
  • As a result you have like 30 candles from him wow
  • You two have a codeword for whenever you need the other to go along with a lie
  • Half the time it’s when you’re being hit on and you need a fake boyfriend stat and it’s not even awkward like you two have got this lying thing DOWN 
  • He’s always happy to help his best bro lie too what a mvp
  • Will whack you with his sweater paws 
  • Like he doesn’t even think about it, he’ll just be standing next you and he starts whapping you 
  • You can’t even care tbh he does it so much it’s become the norm
  • Honestly such a good friend, he’s always there to listen to you and make you feel reassured and like someone is actually hearing you
  • He’s very genuine with his compliments so if you ever start to get down on yourself he’s there to encourage you and it fills you with energy and determination to do better 
  • He’s always there on the sidelines, giving you words of advice and reminding you that you’re a very strong person and you most certainly can beat any obstacle coming your way 
  • Who wouldn’t want a soft and wonderful friend like this guy oh my goodness??


  • You’re best friends with an overexcited puppy that’s amazing and I’m genuinely happy for you but also get ready to deal with some ridiculous shit
  • Probably buys lego sets for you guys to do together because he is a five year old child 
  • INSISTS that you do them together on his days off so half the time when you guys hang out for longer periods of time you’re drinking tea and doing these lego sets and like it’s fun and relaxing 
  • But also Hell because Mingyu is so tall I’m convinced he wouldn’t be able to see lego pieces on the floor from up there so he steps on them like three times in an hour lmao
  • You definitely have to stop him from adopting like 20 dogs
  • Mingyu: BUT THEY’RE SO CUTE???
  • Mingyu: ,,,in my coat pockets?
  • Real talk that would be adorable but Minyu No  
  • He pouts about it but he knows you’re right and he can’t own a dog right now 
  • He perks right back up when you promise that you’ll help him pick out a dog when he has more space for one in the future though 
  • He’s so easy to please and so much fun to be around it always feels like an adventure to be around him???
  • He just wants to have fun with his best friend so he lets you pick where you guys go most of the time so that he can guarantee you’re having fun
  • If you take him on a rollercoaster he’s gonna be clinging onto you and shouting into your ear though beware
  • He cooks for you a lot!!
  • If he finds out you have to go a distance away for a day or two he packs you a lunchbox and like leaves you a note in it and you’re like omg thanks mom??
  • Probably plays along when you call him mom and pinches your cheek and tells you to call him when you arrive to let him know you’re safe
  • Waves you goodbye with an apron tied around his waist and says something like “Ah my child is growing up so fast” and Wonwoo is like “wtf you’re like 20 chill”
  • Wants to watch spooky things with you but is a big chicken and winds up spazzing out and clinging onto you and sHOUTING 
  • You: Mingyu stop screaming into my ears all the time I’m gonna go deaf by 45
  • Mingyu: I CAN’T I’M SORRY
  • Literally turn off any spooky things he watches immediately and just save yourself some trouble because not only is he going to scream he’s going to call you at 2 in the morning when he can’t fall asleep because he’s certain there’s something in his closet and Minghao won’t let him sleep in his bed with him
  • He’s so tall. Is he okay up there.
  • But real talk if you need anything from up high he’s got you but he’s also definitely teasing you
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re two feet shorter or just an inch shorter- if you’re shorter he’s gonna run it in your face
  • But it’s nice because the two of you take care of each other?? It’s such a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship
  • You’ve got each others backs, him making you food and you making sure he doesn’t scare himself shitless all the time, and the both of you knowing exactly what to say when the other is upset
  • Your best friend is Tall and Sweet treat him well


  • Memesol gets worse when you guys are bffs I’m js
  • Learns every single meme dance in like a week because he randomly decided that he wants to annoy the shit out of you 
  • Super into movie nights with you, like y’all can whip out the snacks and cereal and fluffy blankets
  • One of those people who gives his own commentary throughout the whole movie and you’re like Hansol shut up I’m trying to watch and he’s just like no you shut up you know you love my commentary
  • And you kinda do because half the time it’s full of terrible puns
  • Gets super into TV shows with you like even if you guys can’t watch a new episode together you best believe you’re both recording it until the very next moment you’re both free
  • And then he’s calling you like “oh my god you’re watching this right I can’t believe Santiago and Peralta kISSED”
  • You’re like “I KNOW how emotionally invested are you in this right now”
  • “Extremely, and I’m willing to bet that you are too”
  • Tried to do a lyric prank on you once and you were like literally we listened to this song three days ago did you really think this was going to work Vernon
  • Will come over at random times like “Hey I finished recording early” and you’re like “Hansol I’m doing my laundry” and he’s just “Cool I’ll help fold your shirts”
  • He literally doesn’t care he just wants to chill with you lmao 
  • Makes you learn some memey rap lyrics with him so the two of you can just burst into this insanely dorky duet together at the very mention of the song titles 
  • You were like “Ew no I don’t wanna do that” but he was like “Don’t lie- you love memes”
  • You do clearly otherwise you wouldn’t be his best pal so you’re like lmao fine and did it
  • One of those people who makes bets with you all the time but y’all rarely bet money
  • Typically it’s like “Loser buys the winner their favorite snack” or “Loser does the winner’s dishes for the whole day”
  • He’s terrible at winning bets though he always psychs himself out and winds up losing like 70% of the time 
  • But for some godforsaken reason he still keeps betting you but you’re just “lmao even better for me then” 
  • Sometimes gets dramatic when he loses and you’re like oh my god literally you just have to take my trash out for me Chill
  • Takes videos of you whenever you guys are out having fun or you’re doing something memey
  • Sends you meme pictures of yourself and fully expects you to send meme pictures of himself right back
  • Hell he’ll be disappointed in you if you don’t
  • Vernon: I don’t tarnish my visuals for photos only to have you not save them and use them against me I can’t believe you’re my best friend
  • You: oh my god why are you like this
  • Makes you guys try new things together and always just like. Tosses the instructions aside and you’re like “don’t we need that-”
  • “No it’s more fun this way”
  • You guys wind up completely fucking up whatever you were trying to do or create most of the time because of his awful anti-instruction attitude 
  • But that doesn’t mean you don’t have fun?? Hell it makes you have more fun and you wind up laughing like a hundred times more
  • He’s not always the best at cheering you up or offering advice because he’s pretty young and he feels like there’s a lot he doesn’t know
  • But he still always listens to you and is ready to make you laugh afterwards and honestly that’s enough for you to know that yes, he does care and he’s really trying
  • Protect this friend he’s a Good