So I went to a candle light vigil in remembrance of Michael Brown and all the victims of police brutality today. And something one of the speakers said really stuck with me.

He is a black man and said that he was specifically speaking to all the black people at that particular moment. He said that he wanted to remind them that they were not always guaranteed the rights they have now and the only reason they have them, is because they fought for them. 

I thought about that and realized that as a white person, I have always had these guaranteed rights. At least as an English, French, German and other western Europenean-descended person, I have always just been handed many of these rights (now as a woman, that is a different and whole other story). But nevertheless, I have always been in a place of privilege. I have come to realize this more and more over the past few years (especially since entering college), but what that man said really hit home today. The way he phrased it, the feeling behind his voice and the simple bare truth of his words really made me realize not only just how lucky I am, but how much harder it can be just to be born with darker skin.

So, on behalf of my ancestors who were taught discrimination and prejudice towards anyone who was not a straight, cis-gendered white man, I am very sorry for how they probably treated you. I want to work to make sure I am part of a solution and not continuing the problem in wake of the Ferguson movement that is currently gaining momentum and bringing awareness to this ever-continuing problem. I’m truly sorry that my ancestors really sucked as humans sometimes.

I actually searched quite a bit on the web and found only one website (that doesn’t look legitimate) on this subject so I need help 

Are candlelight vigils permissible? Or could it come under the hadith “Whomever imitates them is one of them”, as narrated to Abu Dawud r.a.” 

Its just for my own knowing because there is a vigil tomorrow and as much as I would like to show support and what not, I don’t want to fall into something that is avoidable. 

Today marks the day that World War One officially began in Britain, at 22:00 on 4th August 1911, after Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Duchess Sophie were assassinated in Sarajevo on the 28th June.

The Royal British Legion are asking people to use a single candle or light for an hour from 22:00 BST on 4 August. (find your time for this here)

The idea is to turn out all the lights in your house & just have one candle lit in remembrance.

It was inspired by the words of wartime foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey, who said on the eve of war: "The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our life-time."

A candle-lit vigil will take place at Westminster Abbey on the same evening.

'Remember them'

Legion fundraising director Charles Byrne said he hoped that far from being cast in darkness, “over one million candles will be lit across the UK, commemorating every serviceman and woman who died”.

He added that the Lights Out event aimed to "pass on the torch of remembrance to a younger generation" and ensure the living legacy of "those who sacrificed their today for our tomorrows".

Former Newsnight host Paxman said: "Three quarters of a million men didn’t return from the First World War. The so-called ‘War To End War’ didn’t do so, more’s the pity. That wasn’t their fault. The least we can do is to remember them."

If you wish to find out more about how the war started please visit these links (x) (x) (x).

And Please join in the remembrance and/or re-blog this post - wherever you are - to remember all those who died, no matter what ‘side’ they were on.  “Lest we forget”

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This is a speech I made tonight, off the top of my head, about bullying & Jamey Rodemeyer at my school’s Candle Light Vigil, presented by the GSA. As a part of the executive board for my college’s GSA, I was asked to speak in front of about 60 people at this event. And so this is what I had to say.

The video cuts off at the end but this is the majority of what I said.

P.S. There was only candle light which is why you can barely see me.

Day 77/365.