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Hi! I was wondering if you or any friends that are also lbp women have a business selling beeswax candles or tealights? I'd like to buy some and support my fellow wlw but Etsy doesn't have a lgbt-owned filter haha

I don’t and don’t know any, but shit I’ll give it a go. 

I’ve got some candle wicking somewhere and have been meaning to give it a go. 

During the most poor and homeless period of my life, I had a lot of people get angry with me because I spent $25 on Bath and Body Works candles during a sale. They couldn’t comprehend why the hell I would do that when I had been fighting for months to try and get us on our feet, afford food, and have an apartment to live in.

Those candles were placed beside wherever I slept that night. In the morning, I would move them and set them wherever I’d have to hang out. At one point I carried one around in my purse - one of those big honking 3-wick candles. I never lit them, but I’d open them and smell them a lot.

I credit that purchase with a lot of my drive that got me to where I am today. I had been working tirelessly, 15+ hour days with barely any reward, constantly on the phone or trying to deal with organizations and associations to “get help at”. It’d gone on for almost a year by the end of it, and I was so burnt out, to the point that I would shake 24/7. But I could get a bit of relief from my 3-wick “upper middle class lifestyle” candles. They represented my future goals, my home I wanted to decorate, and how I would one day not be in this mess anymore.

When we moved into the apartment, and our financial status improved, I burned those candles every single day. When they were empty, I cleaned them out, stuck labels on them, and they became the starting point of my really cute organization system I had ALWAYS planned to have.

So whenever I hear about someone very poor getting themselves a treat - maybe it’s Starbucks, maybe it’s a home deco item, maybe it’s a video game… I don’t judge them. I get it. I get that you can’t go without anything for that long without it making you go crazy. You need to pull some joy, inspiration, and motivation from somewhere.


DIY Sea Shell Candles🕯🌊 made from recycled birthday candles

I’m sure there are plenty of posts like this one, but I’m just proud that I made some myself! So here’s my process!

What I used:

~ Old birthday candles
~ Shells (Mine were mussel shells)
~ Essential Oils of your choice(I used chamomile & peppermint)
~ A peeler, knife or scissors
~ Something to melt the wax in(I was lucky enough to have metal measuring cups)
~ A clothes pin to keep the wick up

Here’s how to do it!

Originally I was just trying to get the white design off the candles, so I could have homemade looking colored candles for spells. I ended up breaking a few of them while trying to peel the design off so I just used the left over candle and reused the wick for my sea shell candles!

🕯First I scraped the design off(carefully), and kept them in piles of the color. You’ll have to break one of the candles for the wick. One wick will work for two sea shells unless your shells are larger.

🕯Second I put the scraps of wax into the metal measuring cup and placed that on a pan on the stove to heat it and melt. Once melted, I tossed a few drops of my essential oils into the wax to make it smell good. I used chamomile(for calming, success, & easing anxiety) & peppermint(for healing, love, cleansing, and that extra little boost I need sometimes!) But feel free to add whatever you like!

🕯Third I poured the wax into the shells carefully. You may want to make sure the shells are evenly placed, maybe put something on one side to balance it so the wax doesn’t spill out. Then, while the wax is still hot I used a clothes pin to put the wick in and left it to dry. Once dry, your shell doesn’t have to be level(unless you filled it to the top - then your wax will shift when lighted!)

That’s it! It was super simple and easy and quick. Now I also have some great, mini and homemade looking spell candles as well as some aromatherapeutic sea shell candles for my desk while I work & read. Enjoy your sea shell candles my fellow witches! 🌙

Blessed be🥀

simple love attraction spell 💕

a spell for attracting general love and romantic opportunities to oneself

💕 gather: a pink candle, rose petals and pepper

💕 dress the candle wick with the pepper

💕 carve a heart shape onto the candle.

💕 decorate the candle with the rose petals, offering them to aphrodite.

💕 light the candle, feel it’s warmth but be careful not to burn yourself.

💕 whisper softly the incantation:

As I watch the flame dance
I draw to me hopes of romance.
As it warms my face, I’ll warm others hearts,
Who graze the feathers of cupid’s dart

💕 blow out the candle, thank aphrodite for her influence. 

Witchy Candle Tutorial

Hey guys! With the Winter Solstice coming up, I’ve been making candles as gifts for my family and friends. I took pictures of my process in case it might be useful to anyone. 

What you will need:
-potholders/oven mitts to protect your hands
-wicks and wick holders
-cardboard rolls 
-dye (optional)
-fragrance (optional)

I’ve made both jar candles (pictured left) and pillar candles (pictured right) but this tutorial is only for pillar candles. The candle I’m making in this tutorial is for someone that has anxiety so the herbs I’m adding are lavender and rose petals for soothing qualities and self love. 

FIRST! Make sure that your working area is covered entirely in newspaper. Wax can come off of most hard surfaces but its a lot easier to clean up if you use newspaper because this is can get very MESSY. Next, take cardboard tubes (mine were from toilet paper rolls) and hot glue them to a flat cardboard surface. MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO GAPS in between the cardboard roll and the flat surface when you glue them. Otherwise hot wax runs everywhere. I learned this the hard way. Pictured on the left is the first one I made to give you an idea of what it is going to look like. 

Next fill a pot about ¼ full with water and set it to a boil. Inside the pot you will place a separate container, preferably disposable or something you will only use for wax, like a coffee tin or a cookie wafer tin (like I’m using) because the inside will be impossible to clean. Don’t allow the water to boil dry. Place your wax inside the disposable tin and allow the water to melt the wax. Keep an eye on your wax in case it gets too hot and catches fire. Once the wax is in liquid form you can add dye and mix it (dye is available at most crafting stores) to make whatever color you want or you can melt a chunk of colored wax from old candles you have during the melting process to make colors. Just make sure that its from the same type of candle you’re making (jar candle wax for jar candles, pillar candle wax for pillar candles) This is also the point where you would add fragrance if you wanted to. 

Let the wax cool for a few minutes and pour a little bit into the bottom of the mold, place your wick in the center of the wax and allow it to COOL before you pour more hot wax in to make sure your wick is set in the center of your candle. If the wick isn’t in the center it will burn funny or might not burn at all. 

Once the wick has set I use two toothpicks taped together to make sure the wick is held straight up through the center of the candle while I’m pouring the rest of the wax. The toothpicks hold the the wick in place. Then carefully pour in the rest of your wax and sprinkle the top with whatever herbs you are using. Leave to set overnight….

And in the morning peel off the cardboard around it and bam! You have a beautiful candle! 


Happy Mabon, everyone! 🍂  🍎

I’ll be writing down the things I used, and in bold will be replacements you can use! I hope this inspires others, and gives people some new idea for future sabbats! 

I know I said I’d post this on my account, @lovely-amethyst-witch, but this account has such a bigger following it would be easier to share on here to spread faster! 

I think I’ll just show this on snapchat the next time around to show the process live. ( Let us know, if you’d like to see that)

Things I used: 🍂 🍎

  • Soy Wax  ( 464 )  -Any Fall Colored and Scented Candle to remelt-
  • Nutmeg, Cinnamon sticks,Star Anise, and Cloves  -These are Optional- 
  • Autumn Scent for candle, I used Cinnamon and Vanilla ( and a splash of pumpkin spice)  
  • A Container to put the candle in. -Any Jar will do-
  • Orange, Red and Brown Color Blocks 
  • Thermometer 
  • Pouring Pitcher ( for the candle wax)
  • Wooden Spoon ( one you won’t miss, you can’t use it for food again)
  • Knife to cut colored blocks ( one you won’t miss ) 
  • An old pot ( you can’t use it for food again)
  • Wicks and Wick Stickers  -Needed for remelting candle-

First and foremost, all utensils used for candle making can not be used for food again. Don’t risk it, be safe and avoid any problems by mixing them.

Now here is my Mabon Candle and flower tribute, it is my interpretation of it and I love my candle.  🕯️

Here are the steps I used: 🍂 🕯️

  1. Prepare Candle Containers, place wicks using wick stickers in the center. Use a pencil ( or a wick holder) to keep the wick from moving as it cools.
  2. Melt the wax on a double boiler, until it reached 170-180 degrees (Fahrenheit) 
  3. Cut colored blocks, use little chunks and mix into wax. Be sure the color blocks is completely melted, if not, then there will be chunks of color in your candle. ( it will still function perfectly fine, but it’s not as pretty.)
  4. Take Wax off double boiler to cool it down to 135 degrees (Fahrenheit) 
  5. Turn off Stove, be safe! 
  6. Add Scent and stir, never use more than one ounce of scent per one pound of wax. Anything over will be too overpowering.
  7. Carefully pour wax into containers, it’s okay if your wick holder moves, you can adjust it any time while the wax is still in liquid form. 
  8. Wait for it to firm up and add your fall scents! I choose Cinnamon, Star Anise, Nutmeg, and whole cloves!
  9. Enjoy!

Simplified Version: 🍎 🕯️

  1. Melt Candle of your choice on a double boiler, be very very careful not to burn yourself. Use oven mits to be safe.
  2. Prepare new jar, place wick and wick sticker inside 
  3. Pour melted candle wax into new jar, be careful not to spill hot wax on your skin. 
  4. Allow Candle to solidify a little before adding any decor, if you don’t wait long enough it will sink into the candle itself; or will dent the candle wax. 
  5. Add the optional spices, decorate to your hearts content.
  6. Enjoy!

- Kinara

spellbound (m)

Pairing:  Jimin x Reader
Genre: witch!au (sort of based on the secret circle), smut, comedy, slight angst
Warnings: dom-ish!jimin, magical sex rituals (so slight blood play, breath play, temperature play), rough sex, cumplay
Word Count:  10k+
Summary:  The only reason you agreed to do this magical ritual with Park Jimin’s Circle was for the sake of your own Circle - to strengthen your individual magic. Yes, that means you’ll have to fuck him, but no, you weren’t happy about it because you hate Park Jimin. Once again, you were only doing this for your Circle. 

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“… because I know what I have to do. And I’m going to save this town.”

I reckon Rose would like to think so! Her arrival in town causes a bit of an uproar, particularly amongst the God-fearing folk who think the spectre epidemic is divine punishment that can only be absolved through worship. It’s not long before she’s made to set up her caravan on the outskirts of town.

Hunter visits her regularly in an attempt to get her to leave, but she can see it’s out of veiled concern. Rose values kindness and virtue above all else, so she learns to respect him despite the church being a huge thorn in her side.

Humans are Weird--Candles

Alien-Gxykt: What’s that, Human-Connie?

Human-Connie: This? It’s a candle. We light the wick on fire, and it burns slowly for a long time. We used to use them for light, but now we mainly use them as decoration, for atmosphere, for religious rituals, for memorial tributes, and for Gothic reenactments. We make them in all different colors, with different materials. Some contain plants or other fragrances so they smell nice. Others ward off insects.

Alien-Gxykt: You’re telling me that humans not only harnessed the chemical reaction of fire and combustion for practical purposes, but you designed a way to make a small fire you can carry around, for… aesthetics??

Human-Connie: Basically, yeah.

Alien: Gxykt: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–Humans are weird.

5 Witchy Candle Tips

1. Home made candles, wonderful things. You don’t need anything special, just plain white candle wax, food coloring, wicks, and something to let the candles form in. If you can’t find a candle in the color you need, this is great because you can customize colors. It’s also great if you need a candle in a certain size, or would like to make one if a special shape.

2. Scented candle that match the spells intent, so that help get you into a state that can help the spell. If you think you should be very energized for this spell, candles that have energizing smells will helps. Same goes for relaxing smelling candles, great for sleep sleeps or for anxiety easing spells.

3. Dollar stores. I think most of us by now know how wonderful dollar stores are for candles, especially us low income witches. Trust me, the price of your candle does not affect it’s ability to work. 

4. Sigils and candles go well together. Crave a sigil into your candle then let the candle burn all the way down. Match your candle colors, and scent if wished, to the intent of the sigil (or use a plain white candle.)

5. Prayer. If you are a religious witch, no matter what the exact religious, candles are great for prayer. I recommended purple, as purple is one of the most spiritual colors. It will help you connected to your god, or goddess, or both, or the angels, or to whoever you may be praying to.