candle tray

Parade Your Home: A Basic Apartment Cleansing

Ash, I hear you say, how exactly do you cleanse a big space like an apartment or a house? (I also hear you saying “I know, I know, everyone has a different method of cleansing, but how do you DO it?”). The principle of cleansing a space is to unstick negative energy, sweep out what you don’t want, and clear the space for the good vibes you want to fill it with. There are lots of methods for this, more than I can count - your elemental cleansings, your basic smoke burning, auditory unsticking of vibrations, and so on! Below is a comprehensive method that uses many of the senses to fully clean out a larger space. The below is a variation on a home cleansing that both Whitehurst and Dugan have used in their writing (Magical Housekeeping and Practical Protection Magic, respectively).

You Will Need:

A tray, a candle (white is a good choice, or black for protection, but use your own personal judgement), some incense (ideally clearing incense blends like white sage or cedar), water,  salt, your two hands for clapping purposes (or something else you like that makes a lovely single-note noise, like a bell or a gong. I accidentally found tapping my pestle against my cauldron lid makes a gorgeous tone.)

1. Get ready! Tidy up the house, open the windows, and center yourself. Make sure the air has somewhere to go when you push it out of your home, e.g., an open window or a door. You may like to sweep the floors with a broom and chase the dust outside.

2. Place your items on the tray. Move to the room you want to start in. Mix a pinch of salt into the water, light the candle, and light the incense.

3. Start by clapping once very loudly, or ringing your bell/gong/etc. This will get all the auditory vibes of the room “unstuck”.

4. Move counterclockwise (widdershins) around the room, as we’re trying to reduce (remove, really) existing energy. As you move, sprinkle your salt water lightly around the room. Make sure the light cast by the candle and the smoke of the incense permeates every part of the room.

5. When you’re done, thank the room, and move on to the next one. Repeat steps 3 and 4 in each room, moving counterclockwise, until the house or apartment is complete.

6. When you’re done, put your tray with the materials on it in the metaphorical center of your house (maybe on a dining table or coffee table). You can lay an offering of thanks, like a snowdrop or a little salt, on the tray.

7. It Is Done! Enjoy your fresh, new house!

Variations on the Spell

- Some people like to wrap the broom cleansing right into the full cleansing. You can do this by setting your tray down in the room and sweeping counterclockwise around the room.

- If salt water will stain your floor, use only the tiniest pinch of salt. If water will stain your floor, sprinkle a bit or use your thumb to imprint the water on doors and windows.

Happy cleansing!

(Note: I’m also tagging all my secular spell/Craft posts in the blog as “non-denominational” - bear with me as I backtrack and add! :>)