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Requested by @elenawrit:  A One shot with haldir, when he discovers that his human wife is pregnant ? (like maybe fainting on the floor, something like this) thanks ! :) || Genre: ultra fluff || Setting: Lothlorien, in the home Reader shares with Haldir, long before the Fellowship shows up || More Elf fics here || Masterlist

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Something like peace appeared to have settled in over the two women as they scrubbed stone floors and cleaned out the old ashes from the hearth. Kerosene was replaced in the wall sconces, candles were set in the ageing pewter candelabras, and Andrew had even helped by making a trip to town for herbs, cured meats, and vegetables. The bunks were hauled in from the wagon and assembled, simple linens were scrubbed and hung to dry, and by the end of the first day the interior of the cottage smelled faintly of pine and clean cotton. 

The surrounding farmers were paid well—both in gold and in labour—for their silence and ability to turn a blind eye to any goings-on at the cottage: by midday on their second day, Monette had helped one of the Dwarves right a handful of fence posts, and Quai had returned to the cottage with a basket-load of socks that needed darning. 

“I’ll be off, then,” said Andrew from the low doorway. He was dirty from chopping wood and hauling old fireplace ashes outside, his leathers appearing a bit dusty in the low light of the cottage. Quai looked up from the sock she was stitching and gave a nod. 

“Take the hill path, this time.” She half-smiled and looked back down at her work. Andrew opened his mouth as if he were about to say something, then thought better of it and shook his head. 

“Right. I’ll look into some stones while I’m in town, yeah?” he asked.

“Please, do,” Quai replied without looking up. “You know what to look for. Do not pay more than you think they are worth.” 

Andrew looked at her for a minute, then turned to Monette and nodded before he ducked through the low doorway and disappeared. A few minutes later Monette rose to her feet and followed, and soon caught up with Andrew a short way down the path. 

“Potatoes,” she reminded him. “I need potatoes for the stew.” Andrew turned and looked at her, then nodded silently and began to turn away once more. 

“She doesn’t hate you,” Monette called quietly behind him, and he stopped again. 

“What’s that?” he asked, turning to face her again. Monette folded her arms. 

“She still has that letter you wrote before you were shipped off.” She gave him a brief smile, and he stared at her, silently, for a moment. A cold breeze blew Andrew’s coal-black curls to the side, and Monette tightened her arms in front of her chest. “I think she’s scared to lose you again. You’re the only real family she has.” 

“She’s got you,” he countered. 

“Well, yes. But her actual family, from way before I danced into the picture…how many are left, besides you?” 

A shrug. “A handful, maybe, but they’re all Blackwoods…Last of our Mason line died out with my mum, unless some whore in Stormwind was unsafe with me.” 

Monette reached out and squeezed his upper arm, then pulled her shawl a bit more tightly about her shoulders before turning to head back into the cottage. Andrew stood on the path, his face screwed up in confusion for a few minutes before a few drops of rain on his face shook him from his thoughts. Mumbling to himself, he turned and continued down the path, rucksack over one shoulder, into the oncoming storm. 

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For @leviosacon, @threepatchpodcast created an immersive crossover Sherlock/Harry Potter experience, the Potterlock Lounge, where we reimagined 221b Baker Street…if Sherlock were a wizard.

This set took weeks to create…almost entirely out of cardboard. @foxestacado created the fireplace, walls, chandelier, wall sconces, floating candles, bull skull, and the Holmes Family Clock out of recycled cardboard. @drinkingcocoa-tpp felted mischievous pixies and sewed sofa wraps for these inflatable sofas on-site. @dixiebell hand-painted 4 cathedral windows, and of course, her hand-stenciled 221b wallpaper was yet again a feature for this @threepatchpodcast production. @emmagrant01, @bored-qui, @akemi42, and many Leviosa con attendees spent 18 hours to set-up and decorate the Potterlock Lounge. For 4 days, we had lots of fun getting our Sherlock and multi-fandom love on at a Harry Potter Con in Las Vegas! 

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