candle lite

With this candle lite burning bright

May it bless you all through the night.

Manifesting wishful dreams come true

Let them full form just for you.

With your eyes and lips fully shut

Your spell shall be sealed is a must.

Upon opening your eyes and breathing in the morning air

Know that your wish was answered with this prayer.

The Blue Stick Part 8

Pairing: Steve x reader  

Warning: Swearing. Pregnancy.

(Remember to always have protected sex people!!)    

A/N: (Y/N) your name
(Y/H/C) your hair color  
(Y/F/F) your favorite flowers

**Russian Terms:
Nemnogo lyubvi (Little Love)
Rebenok (The baby)
devushka (Girl)

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Things with Steve and The Avengers are great till you think you have the flu. When the stick turns blue everything changes, how are you going to tell Steve. Nothings going to be the same anymore and you’re not sure how you’re going to break it to Steve what if he isn’t ready, what if you’re not ready to give your life as part of the Avengers. Everything changes when something goes bad and the team including Steve is waiting for answers. 

Sitting in a chair in your room packing things into a bag your door open, the monitor ‘Beeping’ beside you letting you know the twins were doing fine as if you couldn’t feel them beating each other up though they were running out of room to wiggle as much. Someone was in your doorway but you didn’t bother to turn around to see who.

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What are some random dating headcanons for the bros?


  • He has cold feet and he’s not afraid to use them on you.
  • He’ll drag you out fishing or to the arcade if you drag him somewhere.
  • Naps together or else you get the cold feet.
  • You two are gonna be the laziest people ever if there is a rainy day.
  • Prepare for all-nighters where you two play video games together.


  • Selfies are the way to go with Prompto.
  • Also chocobo rides are mandatory.
  • Freckle kisses all the time, especially if you have freckles/beauty marks.
  • Constant cuddling.
  • He’s gonna follow you around with his camera if you ever feel down about yourself.


  • Playful wrestling where Gladio lets you win so you two can end up cuddling with you on top of his chest and stomach.
  • Binge watching Netflix, Hulu and a lot of other stuff on days off.
  • Romantic candle-lite Cup Noodle dinners.
  • Shower cuddles ;)
  • You making fun of him when he’s sick cause he sounds like a nerd.


  • He likes it when you steal his glasses to wear.
  • Pun wars.
  • You having to trying out his new recipehs.
  • Imitations of each other always make you two laugh.
  • Being wine drunk with him is an amazing experience as a whole.
I Got You

“Hey love hope you having wonderful day thus far.” Bae been on my mind all damn day.
“Hey Papi” Jasmine said with a deep sigh.
“What’s wrong with my favorite lady? Are you ok?”
“I’m ok it’s just been one of those days and the work volume is through the roof.”
“I understand mama, just know I’m here for you whether you need to vent or just need my voice to break the monotone of the day.”
“Jason, you know I love you right. You’re always there for me.”
“Baby that’s my job but, I’m gonna let you get back to it I know you'r busy baby.”
I made up my mind in that moment that Bae was taken care of. I grinded for the next two hourd and got caught up on all my looming work. I was walking out office at around 2:45. I sent Jas a text “hey babe just thinking of you hope your day got better.” It was damn nice to be out before rush hour. What would normally take me a solid hour during rush hour was trending around 30 minutes.
I decided to hit the florist shop in Decatur on my way home, they typically had really good deals on the freshest roses. I ended up getting the a dozen pink and red roses, plus a carton of petals. Marching on I headed to next stop. I hit wally world grabbed a few nick nacks. Lastly I had to hit Publix. My Lady loved seafood so tonight I was gonna make her a feast. I grabbed all I need and I was headed out the door.
I got home just a hair before 4. I sat my groceries down and straightened up the little that needed to be maintained. I called my sweetie to make sure all was ok. She confirmed that it was and surprisingly she would be leaving out in about thirty minutes. I was glad I decided to take off early given the news. We ended the call with a kiss through the phone as we often did. I went into a bit of an over drive to get shit right. I put a pot on for my angel hair, and began to peel and de-vein the shrimp. Afterwards I took the carton of pedals and made my way upstairs. I began sprinkling the pedals from the base of the stairs all the way to the tub. I had brought a few other items but I was quite ready for those yet. I doubled back put a few candles down throughout my rose petal red carpet .
Back downstairs my angel hair was boiling , I turned it off and strained them. I put a pan to begin sautéing my shrimp and scallops in garlic and butter. It was at this time I began to prep the lobster tail. In the middle of the maddness I was able to text Jas “I can’t wait to lay eyes on your beautiful brown skin.” I proceeded to dress the table for dinner allowing the bouquet to be the center piece. I rushed back to mix up my shrimp and scallops which we’re just about done. Moving them to the back burner I pulled up another pan to steam up the two tails. I put a little more than half a cup of water in the pan and began to heat it up. Meanwhile it was time to make the sauce for my pasta.
All was going according to plan, I was feeling good and I knew Jas would soon be feeling better. My pasta was complete and the lobster tails were turning bright orange as I heard the keys fumbling about the door. I turned heat low on the tails and went to meet bae with a kiss for the ages. I planted my lips upon hers as though I had just come home from Iraq. I could tell by her reaction that she caught a little off gaurd. One thing I loved about Jasmine though was she knew how to go with the flow. We embraced for a solid minute before she interjected.
“Baby what the hell smells do good” she gave a puzzled look.
“Love, just know I got you.”
“What you done did” she questioned with her quirky little smile she often did. She had no clue it was one of the many little things I loved about her. I led her through the kitchen to the dinning room table. She said nothing but her smile was everything. I removed her coat a purse a pulled out her chair. She marveled at the roses before her, I loved how the little things brought so much joy to her, when big things come I know she will be floored.
“Relax babygirl I got you.” I kissed her forehead gently and walked back in the kitchen. I made her plate and poured her a glass of Moscato. “Enjoy mama” I said as I sat her plate before her along with he wine. I returned to the kitchen to fix my plate. When I came back to the table I noticed she hadn’t touched her plate. “What’s wrong baby?” I questioned.
“Nothing daddy, I was just waiting on you.” This woman really knew how to make me feel special, even when on a night where it was all about her. We ate and laughed and didn’t even bring up her workday, all by design. My motto is leave work at work, when you’re home you’re home. We were wrapping up and I blew out the candles and grabbed the dishes. As I grabbed herd, she grabbed me by my member pulling me downward, I went with the flow and she whispered in my ear “thank you so much” she caressed me through my pants.
I darted up to the bathroom after dropping the dishes in the sink. I had complete the final portion of my plan. I started the tub and put the liquid in for a bubble bath. I grabbed the other item I purchased which was a box of Calgon, it was the milk and honey one. That Calgon was gonna have her body feeling so smooth. After adding the Calgon and sprinkling a few rose petals on the forming bubbles; I lite the candles along my red carpet on my way out.
“Why did you run off, you scared of this pussy boy?” I was questioned soon as I came back downstairs.
“No ma'am, not tonight at least.” I grabbed Jas by her hand and led the way upstairs. I noticed her grip tighten when she saw the petals and candles about the floor. We made it to the bathroom and before I could begin to remove her clothing she looked at me deeply.
“Jason I love you with all my heart and soul.” I put my finger to her lips and to shush her. I replaced my finger with my lips. Gently I kissed her and ran my fingers through her naturally pressed hair.
“I know you do love, as I do you.” I began removing her clothes article by article. I had to marvel at how the glow of the candle light ratiated off of her beautiful brown skin. She looked so delectable, I couldn’t help but stare. I led her in to the water and watched her relax as she submerged herself. Once she settled , I took a few petals in hand and began to run my hands over her body, stroking her ever so delicately. I slid down to the bottom of the tub afterwards and massaged her feet as I watched her body grow heavy in my hands. We didn’t even talk much verbally, but her body told me all I needed to know.

After about 45 minutes she notioned she was ready to step out, I grabbed her towel and lifted her out of the tub all wrapped up like an infant. I turned on the shower so she could finish cleansing her body. She followed my actions by turning the shower right back off.
“Daddy it’s time for me to thank you” she said seductively.
“Baby tonight was about you.”
“No nigga, it’s always about us, now bring yo ass…. I GOT YOU.”

Time upon Once, ch 1 (1/?)

CS AU Week
Day 5: Role Reversal

This was originally meant to be for CS Big Bang but I never got around to write it. I’m posting the first chapter as a sneak peek and I hope you like it!

Summary:  Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M

A huge thank you to @tnlph for her beta duties and @shady-swan-jones for the banner!


Chapter I


Another day, another skip chased and caught, another meager dollar in his bank account. Killian Jones sighed as he ran his hand through his hair, fumbling slightly with his key before he finally unlocked the door and entered his apartment. He usually loved his place - or at least was quite content with what he’d been able to accomplish in the past decade - but tonight, it felt cold and lugubrious. The silence, the solitude, the generic furniture and lack of personal mementos weighed on him, making his flat resemble a pit stop and not actually a home.

His night hadn’t started on good terms  - he had to chase the asshole who was scamming his family and making online dates on the side - and not even the prospect of a glass of rum and a one night stand in a random stranger’s bed would help chase away the ghosts of his past tonight. So he’d given up on the idea of hitting the bar and headed back home, stopping at an open bakery on his way.

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Long days and bubble baths. ( TylerxReader )

Plot : Tyler knows you had a long day at work so he tries to relax you.

You just came back from the longest day of work. You worked at the school as a teacher for kindergarten. They were usually well mannered but today was different for some reason. They were out of control and you couldn’t handle it. One kids pushed another. They were screaming. They just weren’t listening but you were back home ready to nap. Tyler had known about the situation because you texted him on your break. He seemed to calm you down. At lest for a little bit.

Readers P.O.V
Finally, back home where I belong. Today was a long day but I can rest now.

“Tyler?” I called out while opening the door.

“Over here baby.” He yelled from the bathroom. I walked towards him wondering what he was doing.

When I walked in I was surprised. Tyler was standing next to the filled bathtub holding a single rose.

“Awwwe, Tyler. Your so cute.” I chuckled.

“Only the best for my baby girl.” He smiled kissing your head holding you.

The room was dim. The only source of light was the lite candles that surrounded the room. Along with rose pedal scattered across the floor.

“You didn’t have to do this.” You hugged him.

“Well, you deserve this and not just because you had a stressful day. It’s because I love you.” He smiled showing his small dimple.“Well, that and you do have to put up with me.” He laughed.

“True, you are a hand full.” You joked.

“Yea, whatever. So I’ll leave you too it then. Oh, and after we’ll eat pizza and watch AHS and Supernatural” He said letting go and reaching towards the door handle.

“No, stay love.” You said while grabbing him.

How did you get so lucky?

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Birthday Surprise

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,678

Warnings: Just fluff in this one.·

Summary: You grew up being best friends with the Ackles family. Mostly Jensen’s sister, Mackenzie, who you are now roommates with. It’s her 21st birthday and Jensen is there to surprise her. All of a sudden he’s seeing you in a different light now, no longer the little girl he remembers. Let’s see where this leads you.·

A/N: Thanks too sincerelysaraahh for helping me brainstorm this! Love you bunches :* So this is the new series that I will be doing and yes it is a Jensen one, so·for this series Jensen will of course be single. Don’t get me wrong in thinking I don’t like Danneel, she is a freaking goddess and I love her….so chillax and enjoy :)

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Brittana: Small gifts

Happy 5th ‘Sexy’ anniversary everyone!

Santana felt herself start to panic as soon as she walked to the small apartment she shared with her wife. She peered around curiously looking for Brittany. Their small breakfast nook table had a single rose in a small vase. The lights were dimmed with lite candles around the room.  There was no way she forgot something. Valentine’s day was almost a month ago. Their anniversary was about a week after that. They decided to not celebrate their dating anniversary anymore now that they were married. Well, at least not in a big way.

“Babe,” She called out into the slightly dark apartment as she made her way into the living room. Santana shrugged her coat off. “Baby, where are you at?” The brunette nearly squealed when she felt arms wrap around her waist.

“Welcome home, beautiful.” Brittany said softly into Santana’s ear and kissed the side of her neck. “How was your day?”

Santana turned around in her wife’s arms, “It was actually pretty calm considering I had two mid-terms and a paper due.” She ran her hands slowly down the blonde’s forearms. “I know you are super sweet and so thoughtful,” She picked her words carefully and pointed to the table in the kitchen. “But what is all of these? Please tell me I didn’t forget something. I’ll feel like the worst wife.”

“You’re not. I promise you,” Brittany grabbed Santana’s hand and pulled her into the kitchen. She pulled the chair out of her and motioned for her to sit down, “I get over sentimental sometimes. Even more than you miss ‘I have every movie ticket, breadstix receipt, and mini golf ticket date ever.’

Santana just blushed a little bit and shrugged, “Turned out handy for our first wedding anniversary.” She grinned to herself a little. With all of those pieces of paper, she had color coded an ‘I love you’ message. First traditional wedding present was paper after all.

“You know how much I love that present,” Brittany just scrunched her nose up and smiled at her wife. “I know we talked about now that we are married, we wouldn’t celebrate out first date anniversary. But, I think without today, we wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

Santana was listening closely to Brittany’s words, as she wracked her brain to try and figure out what today was. They officially started dating senior year in October. They got back together in May. Their first kiss was in July at the young age of 15. The first time they had sex was 4 months later the same year, nothing in March rang a bell. “I’m drawing a blank, Honey. I’m sorry…”

“Today is the fifth anniversary of the first time you told me you loved me,” Brittana kneeled down in front of Santana resting her hands on the brunette’s thighs. “I’m sure the memories of today probably aren’t your favorite. But it was probably one of the best days of my life, even if it was painful for us.”

Santana remembered it all like it was yesterday. Even though they were married…Happily married. Sometimes that conversation with Brittany still haunted her. “Why? We were both so sad and broken.”

“It was the day I knew you truly loved me back,” Brittany had thought through this speech in her head over a hundred times in the last couple days. Trying to pick her words carefully so Santana would understand why it was so important to her, “I always knew deep down you loved me. But that was the first day you said it out loud. The first day you started to really accept it yourself. It was probably the first time you even admitted to yourself.”

They had been married over a year. They had been back together for almost three, but she still felt herself starting to get a little emotional. “It was the first day, I felt brave enough to show you…to show you myself for real. Not just the hard shell you got to peek inside of sometimes when I let my guard down.”

“Santana, I’ve loved you since before I knew what love was. I’ve known I wanted to marry you since the first moment I saw you,” The blonde leaned down and kissed her wife softly on the lips. “But that day in the hallway when you said you loved me, made me think it was all actually possible. You were starting to love yourself even if you weren’t sure you liked yourself. That was the first step toward us. Even if it took us a while to get there, it was the first of many steps. Sure, we stumbled along the way, but we made it.”

“I can’t believe you remember all of that to the day. I mean I remember it, but not the date,” Santana put her hands on the side of her wife’s cheeks. “I have accepted that I love you. More than I ever thought it was possible to love anyone. I just keep finding more reasons to fall more in love with you, Mrs. Lopez-Pierce.” The brunette kissed her wife softly on the lips.

“I know we said if we did celebrate our date anniversary we wouldn’t do presents,” She put her hands up in defense when she saw Santana’s eyebrow rise in question. They had decided at home only or two dollar Tuesday movie dates for a while, buying nothing but the necessities. They wanted to move to a nicer apartment next year. “It wasn’t more than five dollars, I promise. But it literally is the perfect gift for today.”

Santana just smiled at her wife, “I can’t tell you no anyway.” She grinned a little bit as she watched Brittany stand up and grab a bag of the counter. “I also do like presents.”

“The fifth anniversary gift traditionally is wood,” Brittany smirked a little bit when she saw Santana’s nose scrunch up. “I mean, wood isn’t something we need in this marriage.” The blonde couldn’t help but smile at her wife’s giggle at her terrible joke. “I know Landslide is really the foundation of today’s anniversary. But I found this and I didn’t think it could be any more perfect.”

Santana reached in the bag, pulling the contents out carefully. “Oh, Britt.” She felt her breath get caught her throat when she pulled out the small wooden carving. “Is this what I think it is?”

“Yes ma’am.” Brittany ran her thumb across Santana’s cheek bone, wiping the small tear away. “It’s a songbird. I found it in the antique shop where we found the star for our Christmas tree.”

“Why are you so perfect?” Santana stood up and kissed her wife softly on the lips, “How in the fuck did I get so lucky.”

“Happy I love you anniversary,” Brittany smiled softly, as she leaned her forehead down to Santana’s. “I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

“Happy Anniversary, mi amor.”  Santana ran her hands down Brittany’s back, sliding them around her waist. She kissed her wife softly on the neck, “You’re about to get even luckier, gorgeous.”

Puckurt: Put on your yalmulka, its time for Hanukkah

Kurt giggled as looked over at Puck. It had been two days since they met. A whole two weeks until Christmas. Kurt was inviting Puck over. He knew Puck was jewish, so he set up a jewish theme on the table. “Dad, he can’t have ham!” He laughed. He wasn’t really sure how traditional Puck was, but Kurt didn’t want to offend him.

“You are into this guy?”

Burt asked as he placed Kippah on his head.

“Yeah, but .. he’s not completely on my team, but I have a good feelings and I wished upon a star so..”

Burt snorted.

“alright, well.. he eats beef?”

Kurt nodded.

“Yes, just no pork or fish… ”

Kurt heard the door. He squealed as he placed on his Kippah. “Lite the candles! ”

Вы говорите: «тщетно служение Богу, и что пользы, что мы соблюдали постановления Его и ходили в печальной одежде пред лицем Господа Саваофа?
И ныне мы считаем надменных счастливыми: лучше устраивают себя делающие беззакония, и хотя искушают Бога, но остаются целы».
Но боящиеся Бога говорят друг другу: «внимает Господь и слышит это, и пред лицем Его пишется памятная книга о боящихся Господа и чтущих имя Его».
И они будут Моими, говорит Господь Саваоф, собственностью Моею в тот день, который Я соделаю, и буду миловать их, как милует человек сына своего, служащего ему.
И тогда снова увидите различие между праведником и нечестивым, между служащим Богу и не служащим Ему.


Современный христианин… может иногда ходить в церковь по воскресеньям, держать в своей библиотеке современные духовные книги, в гостиной – старые иконы, в руках - чётки, может подавать небольшую милостыню.

Однако он злится из-за несоответствия других людей его ожиданиям, жаден до денег, погружён в эгоизм, жажду комфорта, беспокойство, конкуренцию. И это не является жизнь во Христе. Здесь пахнет смертью.

Чем сегодня отличается христианин от остальных людей? Если у него нет долготерпения, кротости, радости, простоты и особенно смирения, это означает, что он ничего не понял о жизни во Христе. О жизни, которая обновляет, преображает и облагораживает человека даже под гнётом ежедневных трудностей.

Жизнь таких христиан скатывается до бессмысленного и глупого выживания, ведь человек не может жить только ради пенсии, ради второй квартиры или ради новой машины. Мы не ждём кардинальных изменений, действуем без надежды. И мы постоянно торопимся, тем самым вышивая себе саван.

Жизнь, говорим мы, черна и безрадостна, это тусклая и мутная рутина. У христиан сегодня двойная жизнь, не всегда они обладают чистотой и цельностью личности. Это раздвоение – большое страдание. Христианин не должен казаться одним, а быть другим, говорить одно, а делать другое. Это притворство, хорошее или плохое, не может быть чертой христианина. Христианин в повседневной жизни и христианин по воскресеньям – не разные люди… существует такое благочестивое лицемерие. Аллегория одержимого стремления человека к совершенному внешнему виду – листья смоковницы, скрывающие его внутреннюю пустоту и наготу.

Если у нас, христиан, нет радости личной встречи со Христом, тогда каков смысл нашей христианской идентичности и формального посещения церкви? Св. Григорий Синаит говорит: если не узнаем, какими нас создал Бог, то не познаем и того, какими нас сделал грех. Если мы не познаем свет благодати, то скажем, что нам хорошо и в полумраке. В свете открывается наша действительность. В свете будет открыта истина Церкви.

старец Моисей Святогорец


Предчувствиям не верю и примет
Я не боюсь. Ни клеветы, ни яда
Я не бегу. На свете смерти нет.
Бессмертны все. Бессмертно все. Не надо
Бояться смерти ни в семнадцать лет,
Ни в семьдесят. Есть только явь и свет,
Ни тьмы, ни смерти нет на этом свете.
Мы все уже на берегу морском,
И я из тех, кто выбирает сети,
Когда идет бессмертье косяком.

Живите в доме - и не рухнет дом.
Я вызову любое из столетий,
Войду в него и дом построю в нем.
Вот почему со мною ваши дети
И жены ваши за одним столом -
А стол один и прадеду и внуку:
Грядущее свершается сейчас,
И если я приподнимаю руку,
Все пять лучей останутся у вас.
Я каждый день минувшего, как крепью,
Ключицами своими подпирал,
Измерил время землемерной цепью
И сквозь него прошел, как сквозь Урал.

Я век себе по росту подбирал.
Мы шли на юг, держали пыль над степью;
Бурьян чадил; кузнечик баловал,
Подковы трогал усом, и пророчил,
И гибелью грозил мне, как монах.
Судьбу свою к седлу я приторочил;
Я и сейчас, в грядущих временах,
Как мальчик, привстаю на стременах.
Мне моего бессмертия довольно,
Чтоб кровь моя из века в век текла.
За верный угол ровного тепла
Я жизнью заплатил бы своевольно,
Когда б ее летучая игла
Меня, как нить, по свету не вела.

Арсений Тарковский, «Жизнь, жизнь», 1965 г.