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Witch tip 🕯🕯

If you don’t have a candle with the colour you need you can use a white candle + a candle holder with a shade that match your intent! It’s also inexpensive becouse you can DIY painting some glasses or empty jars.


Purifying the air with my pink salt candle holder & cleansing with smoldering sage🕯🌱🌬 Reblog to cleanse your blog✨

Making Large Candle Holders

They’re called candle holders, candle pillars, candle stands, and a few other names as well.  I recently bought a small lathe, and my wife already started giving me a list of turned things for around the house.  I started with these.

First, acquire some lumber.  I chose soft brown maple, because it was super cheap and would be easy to turn.

Next up, dimension it.  Get the broad surfaces nice and smooth and flat for joining together.  I cut them into 12 and 16 inch lengths (approximately).

Next, I glued them up, going for about 5 inches thick, as the boards were about 5 inches wide.

The jointer and planer made them the exact same length and width, for being as balanced as possible on the lathe.

To remove as much waste as possible, I set the table saw to 45 degrees.  By leaning the block against the blade and scooting the fence to just touch it, when laying the block flat again you have set the fence to an ideal position.

Do this for all 4 sides, and your block is getting closer to round.  Use a chop saw to smooth out the ends 90 degrees to the edges.  Again, you are trying to get as much initial balance as possible for the lathe.  Mark centering lines and mount it up!

Get it roughed, and mark some reference lines for your intended design.

Make something happen!  Sometimes your plan works, sometimes you have to make adjustments.

To hide the drilled holes from mounting it to the lathe and to make them nicer, I added self-adhering felt or velvet.  I can’t remember which it was.

I like ‘em!