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Mars Signs

…let’s talk about sex

(Look at Venus and can look at Sun too)

ARIES: Open for trying almost anything. Passionate. Get bored easily of same thing - want to constantly try new things, don’t like to get stuck in a rut. Spontaneous. Can be a bit selfish. Intense. Get impatient with too much foreplay.

TAURUS: All about pleasing their lover. Sensual. Pay particular attention to the senses - in particular touch. Romance. High sex drives. Hate teasing.

GEMINI: Into dirty talk or a stimulating conversation that leads to sex. Laughter and playfulness. Great kissers. Open to role play and threesomes.

CANCER: They make love. Want to be close to their partner. Eye contact. Lots of cuddles. Emotional. Slow and romantic. Want to connect. Get attached easily.

LEO: Love to look good during sex. Pays attention to finer details - lingerie, candles etc. Passionate. Get lost in the moment. Devotion. Want to impress.

VIRGO: Wants to be perfect for their partner. Open minded, but their want for perfection can hinder them. Critical of themselves. Pure. Focusses on partner. Submissive.

LIBRA: Love compliments and flattery. Sweet talk. Suckers for romance. Want to be wined and dined. Playful. Want balance - give and take. Setting is important.

SCORPIO: Rulers of sex. Intense and passionate. Emotional connections. High sex drive. Know how to satisfy themselves. Dominant.

SAGITTARIUS: Want sex to be fun. Laughter. Can be selfish, focus on self. To the point. Sex on the beach. Open minded. Mile high club.

CAPRICORN: Missionary. Know what they want. Consistent. Cold and lack of passion when not in love. Private about what happens beneath the sheets.

AQUARIUS: Want to constantly try new things. Open minded. Hates routine. Experimentation. Lack of emotions. Sex is unlikely connected to love.

PISCES: Transcendence. Gets off on partner getting off. Emotional. Have a lot of fantasies. Open communication. Make love. High sex drive


OHMYGOD this book. So many things. A) it’s set in my city so I kept getting freaked out about how specific the setting details were (it literally mentions my specific grocery store). B) it’s about WEBSERIES. C) I’m wearing a shirt that the book references. D) MOST IMPORTANTLY: the whole time I was reading this I was wondering if the author had seen NMTD or any of the other Candle Wasters series. Only to get to the end and find the Candle Wasters iN THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

To summarize: this is my perfect book. The End. Goodbye