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When you realize that BBC Sherlock only has one instance of two women talking to each other in its first two seasons, and they’re talking about clothes:

When you realize that the original Sherlock Holmes books, written in the Victorian era, had more black people than BBC Sherlock

  When you realize that BBC Sherlock only has LGBTQ+ characters to use as punchlines

When you realize that BBC Sherlock turned Kitty Winter, a feminist icon who threw acid on the man who sexually abused her, into a reporter who tries to seduce Sherlock in order to use him to further her career

When you realize how problematic BBC’s Sherlock is:


Ms. Hudson in 2x21, “The Man With the Twisted Lip”

Listing for a panel discussion at the Los Angeles Film Festival (#LAFF) tomorrow afternoon at the Kirk DOUGLAS! Theatre, 9820 Washington Blvd. in Culver City (near the old Westwood One Radio studios, home of Tom Leykis), free to the public. And it’s moderated by everyone’s favourite Whovian from the Arch City, @rileysilverman. (And Swim is the short where Jen Richards shares the lead with a cis actor.) There’s also the 6 pm panel “The Other: Documenting Marginalized Stories,” featuring panelist Sydney Freeland (director of Her Story and the Sasheer Zamara vehicle Deidra & Laney Rob a Train), while Silverman’s podcaster friend Guy Branum (Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell) will be in the 8 pm discussion “Reclaiming Gay for Pay: What it Means to be ‘Out’ in Hollywood” (attention @gayforplay). Or you can go protest at the Arclight Cinema in Santa Monica when Anything opens…