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When you realize that BBC Sherlock only has one instance of two women talking to each other in its first two seasons, and they’re talking about clothes:

When you realize that the original Sherlock Holmes books, written in the Victorian era, had more black people than BBC Sherlock

  When you realize that BBC Sherlock only has LGBTQ+ characters to use as punchlines

When you realize that BBC Sherlock turned Kitty Winter, a feminist icon who threw acid on the man who sexually abused her, into a reporter who tries to seduce Sherlock in order to use him to further her career

When you realize how problematic BBC’s Sherlock is:


It Got Better, Episode 2

Featuring Candis Cayne

Season 3

Even after decades of being bullied and judged for her sexuality, Candis Cayne refused to be anyone but herself — eventually becoming part of history as the first trans actress on primetime television.

Masterlist of trans and non-binary FCs

All of the FCs under the cut are individuals who are trans or non-binary. I will give each person’s name, gender identity, preferred pronouns (if known), age (if known), and ethnicity (if known). At some point, I will try to find resources, GIF hunts, etc for as many of these FCs. If you see any mistakes on this masterlist, please let me know so I can update it!

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hey guys so someone suggested; azazelwrites specfically, a masterlist on non-binary fcs. this list was made for urban rp in mind but anyone can use it. down below are some non-binary and transgender fcs who identify as their respective gender. hopefully this helps and if anyone has any they want me to add just message me!! if i identified someone wrong please tell me and i will change it. like or reblog if you found this helpful please.

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