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When you realize that BBC Sherlock only has one instance of two women talking to each other in its first two seasons, and they’re talking about clothes:

When you realize that the original Sherlock Holmes books, written in the Victorian era, had more black people than BBC Sherlock

  When you realize that BBC Sherlock only has LGBTQ+ characters to use as punchlines

When you realize that BBC Sherlock turned Kitty Winter, a feminist icon who threw acid on the man who sexually abused her, into a reporter who tries to seduce Sherlock in order to use him to further her career

When you realize how problematic BBC’s Sherlock is:


This is Ms Hudson in the CBS Show “Elementary”, another modern re-telling of Sherlock Holmes, with a female Watson played by Lucy Liu based in New York city. The show focuses heavily on Sherlock’s heroine addiction, his recovery after rehab and his experiences withing the program. Similar to BBC’s “Sherlock” this Sherlock is portrayed as very eccentric or quirky if you want to be kind.

We are introduced to Ms Hudson during the episode “Snow Angels” as she seeks shelter at her friend Sherlock’s home during a heavy blizzard after a bad break up. During the episode we watch her going from an emotional mess to a woman regaining her confidence and looking forward to a new start. She is highly intelligent (“Ms Hudson is a fascinating woman. She has an Oxford don’s knowledge of ancient Greek, but she’s a complete autodidact. She consulted with me for several cases I worked with Scotland Yard.” - Sherlock) and very practically minded. During her stay both Holmes and Watson are very supportive and kind to her.

The decision to cast a transgender women for the role and keep the character seems to be a very positive one to me and I really like her.


My question is: Is this a positive sign of integration and tolerance? Or is a transgender Ms Hudson just a plot device to emphasize Sherlock’s eccentricity. If the last one is the case, would the casting decision not be condescending abuse? I really have no idea.

So, internet-group-brain… thoughts?


Ms. Hudson in 2x21, “The Man With the Twisted Lip”

Today’s canonically queer character is Mrs. Hudson from Elementary, who is a transgender woman.

Mrs. Hudson is a recurring character on CBS’s Elementary, played by transgender actress Candis Cayne, an ancient Greek expert who makes a living as a “muse” (aka kept woman) to powerful men. She first appears in Season 1, Episode 19, “Snow Angels”, in which she stays with main characters Sherlock and Joan for a few days after a bad breakup. While Sherlock is explaining his business friendship with Mrs. Hudson to Joan, he briefly acknowledges Mrs. Hudson’s Adam’s apple in response to Joan’s questioning.