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I can totally see Clemont's Chespin getting jealous of Serena's Pancham when it comes to showing off it's moves in performances and starts to show his moves in which Serena and Clemont notice and decide to let Chespin participate in one with her. This could be a perfect way for Chespin to bond with Serena and Pancham and will lead Clemont to be more invested in Serena's performances than ever before!

there are a lot of ways for Chespin to get involved in Serena’s Pokemon Performances. I think the best way to write it would to start showing that Serena’s routine is lacking or can’t rely on Braixen and Pancham all the time. Maybe that’s when they begin to realize that Chespin can fill that niche with Pancham.

The problem is, they’re also going to be introducing Eevee soon. So the struggle is figuring out how to get Pancham and Chespin on-stage without quickly marginalizing Eevee after it’s introduced. 

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Or maybe she doesn’t know which I didn’t until not too long ago. Though it is dickish to say “Hey, you shouldn’t breed…

I point blank told her to her face and she still didn’t care. To her 2% is still too much of a risk and HIV people are still selfish. I wonder is she’s one of those that wouldn’t mind people aborting autistic kids, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at this point.

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What exactly is wrong with your movie maker: Is it running slow or is your laptop running slow?

Well I think my laptop needs a new hard drive for one. My laptop is pretty old and just stays overheated. I haven’t been able to use it hardly at all without everything freezing and lagging after booting it up for 5-10 minutes. Occasionally it’ll make a demonic, glitched up moaning/buzzing sound. I have to let it sit for 30 minutes for it to unfreeze, but if I start messing with it, it’ll start acting up again after a little while so idk.
I’ve been using my mom’s laptop to get on here when I can until I can either get my laptop fixed or buy myself a new one. 

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What did they fix?

It would always, seemingly arbitrarily say there was an ‘error’ when you tried to upload some gifs and you either had to ruin the quality of them so much before it would decide to accept them or just give up.

They changed how they did some things behind the scenes and it is now working for all the ones I’ve tested that used to fail.

They made a post here