“That’s a pretty bold sticker, why do you like Obamacare?”

“I think that healthcare is a right and Obamacare is a step in that right direction, it may not be perfect but it’s the best step we’ve had in at least a century. I wish that both parties would work at fixing it instead of sabotaging a good thing- you’re playing with people’s lives over petty politics.”

“My purpose in this world is to bring light to the dark”

“Tell me about a time that you did that”

“I made a documentary on the homeless women at City of Refuge and shared their stories giving them the chance to feel human and worthy- showing the world that you can become homeless in a moment so don’t judge people that aren’t as well off as you”

Meeting Amka was really nice, I found him playing outside of a museum. He told me that he’d played in music festivals all over the world so I asked him if that taught him anything and his response,

“People may not have understood the language coming out of my mouth but when I started playing- everyone understood that. Everyone understands music.”