Sorry for the lack of updates guys, this past weekend at Katsucon was kinda crazy and I didn’t get enough time to sleep, let alone use my computer.

 Lots of pics, videos, rants, events, etc. will be coming your way in the next week so look out for them. But until then, enjoy this picture of Yaya Han I took while I was filming for my cosplay video.  

Finally got around to posting a pic of myself in my finished (not really) Zer0 cosplay accompanied by Moxi. So good news is i got the helmet and sword completely done for Katsucon, bad news is that i screwed up some of the armor and have to remake it. I was kinda disappointed i couldn’t have the whole cosplay for Katsucon but i plan on finishing it for the next convention.

So i found this today scrolling on tumblr and i kinda hurt my cosplay buzz. Not because this isn’t epic, by all means this is the best Zer0 cosplay i have found yet, but because now the bar has been set for quality of a Zer0 cosplay. A bar that mine comes no where near.
Even though i am disappointed mine doesn’t look this good with only one day till Katsucon, i am still proud of my Zer0 cosplay and can’t wait to show it off.
Can’t find a source for this because where i got it from didn’t have a source either. Look forward to plenty of con pics in the near future.

Project Zer0 Update 4: Sooooo… I’m finally feeling a little better after finding it i had acute bronchitis for half of my Christmas break (really fun little virus). And since i am feeling more up to it now, with has continued on the Zer0 cosplay. In this picture i have the finished visor pepakura along with the rest of the helmet, both are ready to put together and begin the resin and bondo steps the second i pick some up from the store. Then it is onto paint and detail work to finish it off. Sounds like alot less with than it really is, more pics coming soon.