candidate spending

Quick concept doodle of a potential cosplay I might be putting together for funsies…and maybe a con….but mostly funsies.

Already have the dress.

Not sure if I’m gonna go for a black or a red jacket and I have a hard time finding that and the right shoes.

But the dress has been ordered.

If nothing else, I’ll end up with a cute outfit! :D

John Oliver Shows that Judges can be Bought and Paid For Like Any Other Politician

At least $18 million in contributions was spent on state Supreme Court campaigns in 2014, according to the Center for Public Integrity. Additionally, at least $5.2 was million spent by state high court candidates on television ads, with some candidates spending exorbitant amounts on an individual basis.  

What practical effect does this have? As Oliver pointed out: “The problem with an elected judiciary is sometimes the right decision is neither easy nor popular. And yet, campaigns force judges to look over their shoulder on every ruling.”

I don’t know why Rita was so hard on Lofty because it wasn’t like he was doing anything wrong!

She literally walks in on him saying “I know you’re on your break but-” HE WAS ON A BREAK! It wasn’t like he was supposed to be working but instead decided to spray tan himself. HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS in his spare time, it shouldn’t effect how he works on shift, and not even mentioning that he was doing it for charity. Most employers looking for somebody to promote would appreciate candidates who spend their SPARE TIME ON BREAK raising money for charity. Also Rita should understand that everybody has strengths and weaknesses and Lofty’s weaknesses just so happens to be in dominance, assertiveness and giving orders to people, BUT his weakness of never saying no can also be seen as a strength as he is tolerant, has a high work-ethic and doesn’t question/answer back to being given orders and always carries out tasks that he is told to do or even asked to do as a favour. What Lofty lacks for in leading a team, he makes up for in kindness and not being afraid to get stuck in and doing things himself instead of asking others, or his “inferiors”, to do it for him. A good manager/supervisor must know when to distribute tasks to other members of the team, but also when NOT TO distribute tasks and when to do the task themselves. Lofty would never fail to complete a task himself which is what I think makes him such a strong candidate (he even refused to ask jacob for help as his replacement in the charity auction until the end of the episode because jack asked lofty for help personally and lofty appreciates that). I think Lofty’s got amazing work ethic. The ability to give orders/hardiness/bossiness should not be the only important aspect in this promotion.