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Black voters in Alabama were characterized as unmotivated by nearly every media establishment. And yet they made tonight a reality in overwhelming numbers.

They beat a man who proclaimed slavery equated to a better America and who Steve Bannon proudly endorsed.

They came out in droves for a civil rights activist who faught against the KKK.

They were a loud voice against the all too normalized culture that exists around pedophilia and disgusting and sinful perversion.

They took a giant step in the right direction for gay rights and equality.

I know to the outside world this was supposed to be a slam dunk, but this is a region of the country who made candidate and President Trump a reality. A Democrat hasn’t won the deep South in 25 years.

Christ. Selma, Alabama. They made history yet again. Please let this be a sign of things to come. Please.

Fic Recs ❀

okay so, dis gonna be my faves I’ve read recently with a variation of series, oneshots, smuts, fluffs, etc… None are mine, the url of the author will be by the title of the writing. Also, I'm a multifandom hoe so, I’ll try to have a mix of my favorite groups in the list, but for now its mostly exo and bts. Enjoy ya nasties xoxo.

about a girl (8 part series) - @rudeboywonho

dad!namjoon, CEO!namjoon, reader becomes his daughter’s nanny, a little angsty but also fluffly so is worth a read and his daughter is such a gem

vibrations (M) - @seokvie

sub!jimin, ass play, vibrating butt plugs, hot as shit… I’m sweating

owned (12 part series) - @ibangtanthings

reader marries cold rich namjoon to save her family but in the time being, they both get to warm up to each other slowly, angsty at first but has a really heartwarming ending

zipper (M) - @jiminniemouse

bestfriend!jungkook, this boy convinces the reader to watch porn with him and you already know how this ended, obviously smut

buzz (3 part series) (M) - @floralseokjin

it all starts with yoongi bursting into the reader’s room when they were about to masturbate with their new vibrator, smutty as heck

aquiver (3/9 part series) (M) - @floralseokjin

after many attempts to orgasm by himself and failing, yoongi follows namjoon’s advice and goes to a sketchy place for his solution and there he finds the reader

spill the tea - @jae-bummer

reader talks about her feelings about jooheon to his members and he overhears the conversation, cute and funny, kinda short but it’s still one of my faves

where is my mind (M) - @tayegi

werewolf!hoseok, can’t handle himself when he sees you because of his heat but you don’t seem to mind, cute ending

for a good time, call: the horndog (M) - @tayegi

lengthy jimin smut, sex in the studio, hilarious ending

cabin (M) - @krismebaobei

you spend most time with jongin in your stay in the cabin with exo and this makes Chanyeol a bit jealous but when y’all get a moment alone, you let him know you are his, plus a funny ending

class president (M) - @btssmutgalore

“class president candidate jimin would do anything to get your vote” fuck.

captain (M) - @suho-mochi

footballplayer!suho, basically his team loses the game, he’s frustrated and fucks the reader against the lockers, hot shit

sin city (10/? part series) (M) - @btssmutgalore

reader applies and gets a job at sin city, her sweet and dangerous moves make the owner jimin break some of his own rules because of his attraction to her, 10/10 would recommend to anyone in the kpop fandom, favorite series ✩

pop up - @yeolology

teleportor!jongin, you have seen the same boy pop in and out of your life twice and you are devoted on finding him, and you do

watch me (M) - @taecup

jungkook x reader x taehyung, hot as shit, bitch I’m quaking

neither innocent nor guilty (M) - @won-heol

lawyer!wonho, infamous prosecuter Mr.Shin has his eye on the reader during court and he can’t wait to get his hands them even if he just lost the case to her, dAMn

castaway (M) - @kpopfanfictrash

airplane crash au, you’re stranded with Jongin after being the only survivors of the accident and learn how to live with eachother but feelings get caught up in the middle, smut torwards the end, amazing plot

a good day to save lives (4/? part series) - @mxn-yoongi

bts doctor au, nonsense but its pretty funny nonsense, reader is an intern along with jungkook and taehyung while the rest are mostly doctors in different areas

safeguard (3 part series) - @thesammtimes

plushie!jongin, very unique and cute plot, I dream of this happening to me

no strings (10 part series) - @kpopfanfictrash

fuck buddy jimin, from friends with benefits to lovers, fluff ending but has smut throughout the story obviously

nerves (M) - @tayegi

thanks to an experiment the reader’s nervous system is emerged with kim taehyung, weird ass plot but I think its cool, its funny too tbh

higher (9/? part series) - @3kpop2jagi1

really good story, it doesn’t help that i’m suho biased, yixing is my favorite character in the story and if you read it, you’ll know why

taken (11/? part series) - @kimjongdaely

i started reading and now I’m desperate to see how it continues, gangleader!suho, harsh themes & much angst, stockholm syndrome?

go with it (M) - @rapmonluv

sub!namjoon, he expected to have you in the palm of his hand but by the end of the night it turned to be the way around, i need a large holy water after this and you’ll do too

perverted bunny mask (13/? part series) - @btsinned

assassins au, harsh themes (murder, psychopathic tendencies, sexual harassment, etc…) very interesting tho i was waiting for that smut with jungkook

a cinderella story (1/? part series) - @1honeypot

fratboy!yoongi, while you struggle with your crush in real life, little did you know you were sexting him via adult chat

across the hall (3/? part series) - @the-porcelain-doll-xo

neighbour!chanyeol, reader gets tired of her sister pairing her with guys so she lies about having a bf and now is faking a relationship with her cute neighbour

meddling (M) - @ffsjjk  

for once you are grateful for your best friend taehyung and his meddling because it brought you to this gentleman named park jimin 

sexting (M) - @lilyjhs

sex over the phone, you had known jimin in real life as a fuckboy, n u t

who are you? - @8bityeol

reader becomes invested on the anonymous letters of a fan and wants to find him, “happy delight”, the reader is a thriller book writer, I want a mango slaw

rent-a-boyfriend - @jimlingss

your friend hoseok literally rents you a boyfriend for a month to change your dull mood but he isn’t even your type, very fluffly/creative plot

la douleur exquise (M?) - @cinnaminsvga

incubus!yoongi, you summon a demon just for funs and now he’s stuck in the ground half naked and he’s obligated to stay with you until he sexually satisfies you, read it even if you aren’t a yoongi stan, this had me laughing so hard

handmade gold - @btsxexoxtrash

soulmates!jongin, in a world full of people with their true love, you and your boyfriend go against the odds and continue dating and as he finds his soulmate, everything gets tougher but not all hope is lost, angsty fluff, its really good I promise

camera (M) - @exostace

the reader is a cam girl and her friend sehun wants to help her but when practicing what to do when the camera is on, things get hOT, I imagined this very vividly in my mind and I am fukked

temptation (M) - @exostace

fuckboy!chanyeol sends you a dick pic because he got hard thinking of the time you  sucked his dick in Baekhyun’s room, n u t

new nEw NEW!

hey, neighbor - @whimsical-ness

neighbor!baekhyun, reader falls for him, it’s pretty cute

she’s testosterone (2 part series) - @jimlingss

yoonji/yoongi, crack fic, you’re bestfriends with yoonji but later you realise yoonji has a dick, slight smut sprinkled at the end

on the verge (M) - @xhixtape

yoongi suggests the idea of being submissive for once and you both play with the roles, h o t, straight up smut without plot

fantasy (M)@xhixtape

optional male bias, reader plays with their bias, cockring and teasingggg

quivering, whimpering (M) - @xhixtape

bestfriend!jungkook, he convinces you to help him out since you like being dominate already, he’s willing to be a good boy for you

 FIC RECS 2 (I made another list)


Hi, that title was deceptive. This is actually about how promoting the above message is civilly irresponsible.

Originally posted by glendonfrancis

Pictured: a successful business woman, fantastic speechgiver, cultural leader, and, so far as anyone can tell, a kind and intelligent human being. She is the American Dream story made real, and so inspiring that it seems fair to wonder if she is really just a human like the rest of us.

She is not a viable political candidate for President. Please, please, please, do not pass around those messages. Even when you are joking, you are doing something dangerous for our democracy.

Oprah Winfrey is a brilliant, inspiring, and moral person so far as I can tell. But American culture cannot survive confusing the boundaries between celebrity and politics.

A large part of the problem with President Trump is not his morals, intelligence, and (lack of) politics- it is his ignorance, inexperience, and disinterest in law and politics and many complicated institutions and histories.

Maybe, if Oprah threw her hat in for a (comparatively) smaller game like becoming a governor, representative, or senator, she would gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be a good president. It is possible, if implausible, that she would be prepared by 2028 after only two terms working in government. She absolutely will not have that experience in 2020. Do not jump on this bandwagon of normalizing the confusion of celebrity and the political.

A cult of personality was a large part of what elected President Trump. That problem has plagued other countries, and we can look to them for examples about how terribly that can play out, no matter how good a person is- or is perceived to be.

Literally in the year 2018, right now, there is a country being led by a woman who was given a Nobel Peace Prize and supported to power on a basis of personality and celebrity rather than administrative, legal, or military accomplishments. Her government is participating in genocide. Right now. In 2018. It certainly looks as though she is at best indifferent to this, possibly supportive in ways that that the global blindly overlooked- but she possibly would not be able to take effective action against it anyway. She doesn’t know how to lead. 

If you don’t know who I am talking about offhand, that is a sign that you don’t know very much about recent history and current events. That’s not a moral or intellectual failing- but it is a sign that you should seriously consider learning more before jumping on a political bandwagon that is drastically outside norms.

Turning a figure of admiration, in this case a martyr, into a political leader, is dangerous. American left- I know I’m being a buzzkill, and that Oprah is by no means a direct comparison for Trump. But this campaign of enthusiasm is a dangerous and irresponsible mirror of what the right did in 2015. We saw that mistake play out. The problem is not those specific people- it is confusing the boundaries between civil, monetary, and political interests.

A lot of the problems in American politics, as the left sees things, is money as politics. Sometimes wealthy people support democratic interests that we support, but that does not make the blurring of the distinction any less wrong. The terrible decision to call money ‘speech’ is a weapon that can cut both ways, just as electing a celebrity who we like could work for us for 4 years but ultimately degrades our democracy.

This is another line that we should not cross. We desperately need to pivot to normality, not counter by propping up our kind of celebrity. Don’t do this.
Donald Trump to be first president to speak at anti-LGBTQ hate group's event
Donald Trump is to address the annual conference of an anti-LGBT group which has been classified as a hate group.

Donald Trump is adding another terrible “first” to his list today. The president is speaking at the Values Voter Summit in D.C., the annual conference held by the extremely anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council. 

He’s the first sitting president ever to address the conference. He spoke there last year as a candidate, but now that he’s president, there’s even more weight added to his presence there. 

The Family Research Council opposes and actively lobbies against equal rights for LGBT persons. The conservative Christian group campaigns against same-sex marriage, same-sex civil unions, LGBT adoption, abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, pornography and divorce. 

Every year the conference sparks controversy for its choice of speakers and in 2010 the Southern Poverty Law Centre, a legal advocacy organisation which specialise in civil rights, went so far as to classify the Family Research Council as an anti-gay hate group.

Richard Cohen, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Centre, condemned President Trump’s decision to address the event.

“By appearing at the Values Voter Summit, President Trump is lending the legitimacy of his office to a hate group that relentlessly demonizes LGBT people and works to deny them of their equal rights,“ he told The Independent.

Hate is not a family value. This is despicable. He is despicable. 

3453241342  asked:

Instead of blamecalling people for not voting for Clinton please figure out why this happened

Oh, okay. Let me give it a try! I’ll keep it nice and simple for you, account-that-is-totally-real-and-sincere!

See, after the primaries, we have two candidates to choose for president. There will be other candidates running, of course, but one of these two will be the president.

This past election, we had a clear choice between a qualified but flawed woman, and a completely unqualified conman. 

Oh, but here’s where it gets sticky! A substantial number of voters didn’t get their way in the primaries, so rather than vote against putting a dangerously unqualified conman into the White House, they had their little temper tantrums. 

So I can figure out precisely why this happened. A bunch of goddamn emotional toddlers didn’t care that so much was at stake in this past presidential election, and now they get to stand around being smug and self-righteous while the adults in the room try to minimize the damage that they helped cause.

They spent a whole year trying to erase her and act like she didnt exist. Now theyre writing her bio as a candidate for president of the federation who treated her so poorly. 

So Lena…could you say her name…address the woman you really owe this apology to? Do you even know her name or remember it? So this apology was not that you believed Aurora, but that you PUBLICLY stated your opinion on this case because you personally knew the accused. You’re sorry you TIMED IT BADLY, not that you said it.

You don’t believe her, you made your mind up on the matter. You heard her, you examined it from your prespective, then decided it was not true. You never said you believed her, you’re preaching to other women about what we should be doing while never doing so yourself.

You’re not naive! You are just so high off all the power you have gained under feminism that has allowed you to be excuse for racism, sexism, and fucking sexual assualt that you thought you could say whatever. Our past candidate for president allowed you to be a part of the fucking campaign even with your background because you are so well protected now. People came to excuse every nasty thing you’ve ever done because you pretend to be some champion for women.

You’re a villain. You have manipulated and fooled many women into believing you give a shit and are fighting for the greater good. The only thing you’re fighting for is adding an extra digit to your bank balance. Your fight for women is nothing more than a self serving lie that you have managed to wrap up in a pretty package.

We aren’t your sisters.

We aren’t your friends.

We’re you’re customers.

When you made this apology it wasn’t because you saw all the women who naively looked up to you seeing thier hero betray them. What you saw was money walking out the door.