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Ok I literally never blog about the Whedon family farm cluster fuck of a bad decision but I’d like to point something out.

These two gifs. Try your best to ignore the glory that is Tony, and awkward turtle that is Bruce, for a moment and look behind them at the wall. More specifically the pictures. Every single one of them are a silhouette. There’s not a single family portrait anywhere. No school pictures. No wedding portrait. No candid moments of the kids outside playing, or baby pictures on the fridge. Which is instead covered in art work (if my memory serves me right i’ve only seen the film once so i could be wrong). Being a mom of one and an aunt of five that’s bullshit right there. There’s a least one picture somewhere on your fridge of ur kid(s). I don’t care how much artwork you’ve got to display.

Anyways back on topic. The pictures behind Tony - They are all profile cut outs. Right next to (look directly behind Bruce’s head for this one in the second gif) what appears to be a vintage picture of a circus poster. This entire house, (memory wise) is completely staged. And they (marvel) didn’t even try to hide that fact. 

Marvel doesn’t make accidental errors. (ie if they error they meant to do it. point in case my muse.) To position Tony right in front of these pictures with the lines he has, they gave themselves a way out…these two lines and two split frames gave them a way to allow the russo brothers to clean up Whedon’s cluster fuck. But that’s just my two cents. The anger over this insertion will never go away. I’m as mad about as I am about the decision to use my favorite Avenger as a god damn tragic backstory tool.

Marvel you’ve given yourself wiggle room to correct both of these bad decisions. Fucking fix your shit.

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