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Alex Morgan might not show it much when she's being the PR face of women's soccer, but you can catch more candid moments when she shows that the Thorns mean a lot to her. She didn't request a move to FCKC when Servando was there, and I doubt she will now. Merritt Paulson would also hate to let go of her- the thorns would turn a profit without her, but as of last season, her jersey was still the highest selling, and people will travel to see her. Unless an LA expansion happens, Alex isn't leaving

…you might’ve just jinxed it, I’m kidding 😂😂


The Weirdest Of Google Street View Images

As you know, Google Earth is candid camera for unsuspecting pedestrians and animals, and artist Jon Rafman has made it his duty to search the virtual streets for the most bizarre and fleeting moments captured by Google’s army of hybrid vehicles.


So since I haven’t had the chance to play ‘A Noble Tale’ I decided to share some moments that did not quite make the story. Like these 3 photos above..

As you can see Don proposed to Dori multiple times. However, Dori wasn’t really feeling the idea of marrying Don. Before Don could get the rest of his endearing most sincere proposal out,  “Wtf Don? Marry you? Seriously? This was a one night fling we had here and I just so happened to get pregnant! No, I won’t marry you, now get off your knees you look pathetic.” Dori screeched as she slapped his ring out the window. “The nerve!” she said as she shrugged her shoulders. Poor Don was mortified, he dropped his head in shame.


Another proposal not added into the story, was a sympathy proposal by Dori to Don shortly after he proposed to her…

Obviously he was still in a hurt place and quickly rejected Dori’s proposal as she did his. This left both of them humiliated and they both hid under the blankets in the same bed. Don was so hurt, he needed to call the sadness hotline afterwards before leaving for work. 


I adore this home video of Diana where she is being trained to give public speeches. It’s from the NBC special many years ago on the secret tapes. I just adore this though. And at the end where William is like, “she’s awful, take two!” and her laugh.

Jensen Ackles Is The Most Adorkable Sweetheart

As I was waiting in line to get Jensen’s autograph, I witnessed one of the highlights of my VanCon experience - a candid moment where Jensen was just his adorable dorky self…

Jensen and Jared don’t personalize autographs (it takes so much time already to get through them all), but a girl 2 places ahead of me brought an image of her name in her native language – I couldn’t tell which language, but I could tell it was character-based (Korean maybe?) – and asked Jensen to personalize her autograph.

He looked at the printed name for a moment and began writing. He looked back and forth from the name to the photo he was autographing. The concentration and determination on his face was amazing.

He finished her name, signed his own, and handed the autographed photo back to the girl. He then turned to those of us still waiting in line clapped his hands and said with the joy of a child “I can draw.”

I need you to imagine this:
Jensen Ackles, clearly very pleased with himself, clapping in triumph, and (in almost the same voice/tone as “Pudding!”) saying “I can draw.”

Then he went back to signing autographs like the pro that he is. I got my autograph and chatted with him for a moment about my photo op with him and Misha (that’s another post).

I will probably never stop saying it, but these guys are the absolute best!