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Reasons to go see Ant-Man

Hey everyone! I had the privilege of seeing an advance screening of Marvel’s ant-man and just want to prove to everyone unnecessarily hating on the movie for not being a black widow movie or having a stupid “shrinking” superpower to shut the fuck up. THE MOVIE IS AMAZING! 

This may be just a little spoilery but I won’t reveal anything important. 

1.) We get to see a little of what SHIELD was like in the late 80s including a lovely cameo of Hayley Atwell as an aged Peggy and older Howard Stark (not the same actor that shows up in Agent Carter or the First Captain America the one in Iron Man 2 I believe) 

2.) It portrays that not all criminals are bad 

3.) It shows how hard it is for people now out of jail to get a decent job 

4.) Scott’s friend group is made up of different POC guys who normally wouldn’t be friends and Mexican’s are finally being represented thanks to Louis, Michael Pena’s character 

5.) It IS funny - I wouldn’t say it’s as funny as Guardians but it’s still has a great sense of humor throughout the whole movie

6.) It has good pacing, which to me was one of the problems Age of Ultron had

7.) Awesome training scenes involving ants

8.) The movie legit asks why isn’t Hope (Hank’s daughter) Ant-Man seeing as she has more experience with ants and has training in Martial Arts, which would make her a better superhero candidate than Scott - which gives the nudge for more female superheroes (p.s. stay for the end credit scene ;) ) 

9.) It has awesome, complex father/daughter relationships

10.) You get some serious Wasp feels (Wasp and Ant-Man were original Avengers in the comics before Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, etc. joined btw)


12.) The acting is really good. Paul Rudd SHINES as Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly kicks ass just like she always does, Michael Douglas was phenomenal, and Michael Pena stole the show. 


14.) and yes the second end credit scene is the sam, steve, and bucky all together 

Seriously Ant-Man’s powers are really not that stupid. And though they may sound a little stupid, the movie just shows how Ant-Man can really be an advantage to the Avenger’s. I thought this movie was absolutely WONDERFUL! SO GO GIVE IT YOUR MONEY.

peteyprker  asked:

hey! what are your peter + photography headcanons? (just because it pays the bills doesn't mean he can't enjoy it, right?)

Peter enjoying photography!! Yes, yes, here we go:

  • His favourite thing to photography is people/places. Specifically, people/places that mean a lot to him. He doesn’t have many friends, but the ones he does have definitely have to deal with him snapping candids of them. They can’t really say much, bc Peter always takes really nice photos, and he gets this pleased smile as he looks at cute photos of his friends smiling or laughing or in a quiet moment of contentment
  • (After Peter loses people - his Uncle, Gwen, Harry - he takes more photos. He keeps them all. The ones of the people he’s lost become very, very important. Like, a little sacred. Biromantic_Nerd wrote a fic about Peter having a panic attack bc he accidentally deleted one of Gwen’s photos that I’m plugging here)
  • If Peter remained a photojournalist post any identity reveals, he could create the most wonderful, humanising series because he has so many candids of superheroes. He takes heaps professionally, sure, but he has lots of photos of his superhero friends in normal situations. He sometimes ends up taking his backpack full of civvies, his keys, his wallet, his camera, with him after he changes into costume, so whenever he’s in quiet, happy moments, it becomes habit to just. Take a photo. Frozen moments in time.
  • Consider: Johnny Storm atop the Statue of Liberty, snorting into his soda at Peter’s bad jokes. Matt Murdock in pyjamas, half asleep, barely coherent, face bruised, looking annoyed at Peter’s charred attempts to make ‘thanks for letting me crash on your couch after we almost died last night! breakfast. Thor and Bucky and Nat braiding hair in the Tower, trading tips, trading smiles (Peter had to hang upside down for that one, and even then, Nat and Bucky looked up and rolled their eyes at him when the shutter went off.) Tony involved in his work, holos glowing blue around him, chewed pencil sticking out of his mouth, eyebrows furrowed. She-Hulk tearing off a piece of her hot dog and feeding it to a stray dog. She almost crushed his camera when she saw him. Peter had to fight her off with one ketchup stained hand. That was not a fight he won. (She-Hulk is nice; she returned the camera, even if she did steal half his hot dog to feed more stray dogs.) 
  • Consider: Peter keeping all of these photos somewhere safe. They’re kind of damning as far as his secret identity goes, but they also mean a lot to him.

Actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor are spotted in full costume filming scenes for the latest Marvel superhero movie, ‘Doctor Strange’ in New York City, New York on April 2, 2106. The movie tells the story of Stephen Strange, played by Cumberbatch, a brilliant but arrogant and conceited surgeon who gets a new lease on life when a sorcerer takes him under his wing and trains him to defend the world against evil.