candid runway


That thing where you’re so gorgeous that just the image of you walking down the sidewalk, causes grown men to literally fly out of their Adidas slip-on sandals….

p.s. I love that he was allegedly leaving lunch with Scarlett, and rang up Shan, Matt and Tomo to come escort him down the sidewalk. Cause like, hunni knew how to work those paparazzi to his advantage. *Snaps*.

p.p.s. His silver nail polish is my air right now.

p.p.p.s. That relaxed jean shirt should be given a Lifetime Achievement Award. For being 10 years old and still being able to bring-it front row at Chanel during the 2014 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, and for pairing so beautifully with women’s gold tweed jeggings and ombré. That is no easy task.

p.p.p.p.s. white anklet socks with slip-on sandals. no.